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Golden Scissor [Quest|Ariel]

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#1Ariel Myatzuki 

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Ariel Myatzuki
Ariel had been doing another quest again. The last one she had done had been while ago, and she brought herself to do another one. It wasn't easy though, as she was arguing with herself for a few days before she finally decided that she needed more money to survive, and she would have to go work to get the money that she needed. Today she would be working for Fernando again, as she seemed to have fun doing his last request. Searching through the marketplace was something that she happened to be quite good at, and it was fun doing what she was good at.

She walked into the boutique and had seen that Fernando had been going through some of his fabrics. He hadn't noticed she was there until the bell had rang on the door. She really couldn't understand why everyone had those small bells in their shops, all they did was make noise. There was honestly no point in having something that made noise every time someone walked in or out of the shop. No matter, she was here to do her job, and that's all she was going to do.

Fernando had looked up from his fabrics with a smile and greeted her happily. She had never seen someone so happy to see her, so this was a bit odd. Turns out he was just excited to tell her about the job she was to be doing today. She had been told that there was a special magic tool called the Golden Scissor, and it was her job to get one for him. He had told her that it is used by some of the best designers, but he doesn't have one. So the reason Ariel is there is to go out and get these scissors for Fernando and get her money. It didn't seem too hard, as she was also told that one of the traveling merchants today coming into town this afternoon might be in possession of a Golden Scissor. More searching through the marketplace seemed fun, so in her mind she imagined it was going to be very easy, assuming that they weren't as important as Fernando made them sound, but it turns out that they really were. Fernando had told her that the rumor had been spread all around Baska, and there were going to be many, many people after it. This made Ariel's part that much harder, and she would have to use her smooth talking to get those scissors.

It was time for her to go, as she wanted to be one of the earliest ones, so she left the boutique and set out to find the merchant who had the scissors. The streets had been quite lively today, and she had assumed this was because of all of the merchants today. There were many good things that they were bringing today, and hopefully all these people weren't after the scissors like she was. If they were, this was going to be one hell of a job.


Golden Scissor [Quest|Ariel] R7kthk
#2Ariel Myatzuki 

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Ariel Myatzuki
She had made it to the maketplace, and there had already been a group of people gathered around one merchant, which she had assumed was the one who had a Golden Scissor. She needed to get in there somehow, and the only logical thing she could think of was pushing everyone out of the way and forcing her way in there, and that's what she ended up doing. There were mumbled complaints, and everyone she heard she gave a look that said "you better shut up before I do more than do more than just shove you" and then the mumbles died away, and soon enough, she was at the front of the crowd.

She wasn't really sure how she was going to get the scissors, but she wasn't planning on leaving without them. There was a lot of competiton though, so it wasn't going to be as easy as she had wanted it to be. She was wondering if it would have been easier to get the item if she would have come even earlier, but then that thought was discarded, seeing as it would take a bit for them to set up, and no one would be able to buy anything until they were done. It was now though that she would have to think fast to come up with a plan, as if she didn't think fast enough the item would be sold before she could even make an attempt at getting them. Eventually she had figured she would try to seduce the merchant into selling it to her, and normally it worked. She walked up to the merchant and had whispered something into his ear to make him turn a bright red, and then he backed up a bit.

She had thought that she had won, but it seemed he wasn't completely sure on who to sell it to, which Ariel found quite unbelievible. It would have been easy for her to choose herself over anyone else, but it had seemed that this man hadn't made up his mind. She leaned towards him yet again and had said something else, he then scooting back, pulling out the scissors, then giving them to her. She handed him the money and walked out of the marketplace, heading back to the boutique.

Really she hadn't said anything that was sexual or anything like that, she had said she would give him a small gift later on which was very valuable to her and her family. She never said what the thing was, but it had seemed he had been very eager to get his hands on the item. Of course Ariel knew that she would never see the man again, and she would never give away something so important.

She walked into the boutique and had handed the scissors to Fernando, his face not filled with joy. He thanked her a bunch and gave her the money she was owed and she walked home, ready to get some sleep.


Golden Scissor [Quest|Ariel] R7kthk

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