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Leisure Activities [Chelflake]

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#1Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Running through the massive realm of woodland, the assassin felt the cold breeze brushing against her skin. Her chest rose and fell with each shallow breath and she travelled as fast as her legs could carry. Patches of snow crunched beneath her foot, followed by sounds of branches snapping underneath. Her pace was much slower compared to when she first entered the forest, now that she had just recently completed her training. Several minutes ago, she was battling against her lover to serve as a training for both their magics and their bodies. The outcome was splendid, and she was slowly beginning to understand how her magic worked. Though some parts were still confusing to her, so far, she had been coping well with everything she’d learnt.

The work would have been less exhausting and mundane if the demon that resided within her would hint her about Ivana’s magic at the very least, although that was very unlikely to happen, for the demon ignored her attempts to get through to him. The walls around the demon—she wondered how long it would take her to break through them. Breath pale against the numbing air, she blinked thoughtfully as the heavy wet flurries swept across the vicinity, melting slightly during the day, only to refreeze at night and making a thin crust of ice. The frost patiently kissed her face, captivated by the soft, dusty illusions of light that sat heavy on her eyelashes.

As a reward for successfully completing their training, Snowflake had conjured up an idea for relaxation for the two of them, and the only way to do so was to submerge herself in a large body of water. Upon exiting the forest, a large building looms nearby, only a few meters away from the main city. She’d discovered this area when she had taken a morning jog around the town and unintentionally got lost, which was to be expected from her. Thankfully, her journeys always seem to accompany something interesting, whether it was providing new places to be divulged or new encounters and allies to be met.

A soundless sigh escaped her lips as she took in the sight before her. The building was built in a very fascinating way that almost appear quite eccentric to her; glass windows filled every spot of the location, the structure seemed completely naked to her. One could see everything that occurred inside the building, including the massive swimming pool and chairs that adorned the sides of the pool. Seeing a body of water right in front of her eyes peaked her desire to throw herself right into the pool and she’d turn around to her lover, who followed right behind her, ”Come on, let’s go swimming.”

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvarics body was aching from the battle they just had and he could use some relaxation to get the tense feeling from his body. That’s why they were walking through the forest now to a destination that was still unknown to him. He still felt a bit bad that he hurt his lover in their battle since he didn’t like to hurt her at all. She didn’t see it as a bad deed though so it wasn’t like he had to feel bad for it. That’s also probably why they stopped the fight the moment she was close enough to him to punch him. They both didn’t want to hurt each other. It was an anathema idea to him and that’s why he was glad it was over.

On the other side he had learned a lot about the magic he was given by the spider queen. He wondered if he would see her again and looked around him when he saw some spider sitting in a cobweb looking at him. He nodded his head to it as in a greeting and it sort of did the same thing back. He rubbed his eyes and looked again but the spider was gone. Was he imagining things now or was he just going crazy? Maybe the poison she used on him wasn’t gone yet.

He sighed and followed Snow to the building that arrived into their view. It was quite modern for Fiore. The walls were all see through because it was filled with glass that it nearly looked like you could just walk into it without any door. He liked although this wasn’t a place where you would bathe naked as people could just see you which gave a blush on his cheeks from the thought. He coughed to make his embarrassed feeling go away and followed snow through the nice wooden glass door that was separating the inside from the outside.

The inside was quite warm and he couldn’t wait to throw his body into the hot steaming water of the swimming pool. “I'll pay for us babe, you go change already”, he said to her and went up to the counter where a young lady was sitting. After greeting her and paying the fee for two people he went to the changing room where he couldn’t wait to dip into the water together with his love.

Leisure Activities [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé

”If you say so,” she stood on her toes and gave a gentle peck on his cheek, causing the young lady seated by the counter to go crimson in her ears and cheeks. Stormy hues idly glossed over the area, studying the lounge located inside a glass room with fancy couches and desks. The design for this entire building must have been completed by someone extraordinarily talented; she had never seen such a sophisticated building in Fiore ever before. She wondered who the owner of this building was, though that was the least of her concerns for the moment. Snowflake was more than thrilled to summersault into the pool and luckily, there seems to be hardly any people inside the building. Perhaps it was still quite early in the morning for people to swim. Besides, it was winter season—who in the right mind would go swimming in the cold weather?

”I’ll borrow one of the swimsuits from the ladies’ room.”

The icy maiden waved nonchalantly at woman by the counter, who nodded repeatedly in response as she scuttled away quickly. A shower ran from one of the locked rooms by the corner, and another girl seems to be just dressing up after taking a swim. There were also hardly any girls from what she perceived. Good, she thought. Less people to bother them. Grabbing a set of dry two-piece swimsuit from the hangers, she’d slide into a cubicle to get dressed. The outfit appears slightly tight on her figure—not that she minded much, but that’ll do for the moment. Throwing her worn training clothes into an empty locker, she strode out of the changing rooms to see if her lover would be waiting for her.

Her attire was simple yet, seductive on its own; a black bikini with white stripes going down the middle, showing off her curves in appropriate areas. Despite it being a plain outfit, it complimented her slender figure quite well as she sashayed across the pool confidently with a towel wrapped around her waist. Somehow, she appeared to have brought attention to herself as multiple set of eyes from around the pool turned towards her direction while she searched for the only person that occupied her mind.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric felt the soft peck on his cheek and he looked after Snow and sighed he loved her so much. He was always so surprised when she showed it on random moments. But he loved it when she did it so he was quite happy with it. After paying he was changing into his normal blue trunks which had nothing special about it. it was just some normal trunks he put on and he started to put his stuff in a locker. It seemed he was the only one that came. It was not that much of a problem as he rather have some alone time with his girlfriend than with other people around and he knew that Snow was more of a loner than a social person so it would be better for her too. He walked out and was looking for his one and only obsession and he quickly found her as she seemed to be looking for him as well.

He walked slowly towards her while he saw how good she looked in her black bikini with a white stripe in the middle. Her long slender legs were sticking out of the bikini and her waist was quite slim too while you could see the abs on her belly as she was a trained warrior after all. while he wasn’t a super muscled person he did have a bit of an athletic body since he was running. He was more of a scholar after all. He walked up to her and started to endorse her appearance,“You look amazing babe, the color black really compliments your light skin tone and shows your body shape nicely. You really pick the best clothes always.”, he said and he grabbed her close gave her a kiss and then fell with her into the water as they had been standing next to the pool and peple were staring at his babe tooo much.

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Venus Rosé

As her silvery hues landed on Chelvaric, a small smile crawled onto her lips while she strode towards him. While he was not very muscled, she loved his lean figure and his bare chest and arms displayed how toned they were from his daily training. ”Thank you,” she uttered, a tint of crimson growing on her cheeks. Sigh. This man always knew how to get her easily in different ways. Although the swimsuit was not even something that she made an effort to get, she had just selected one of the similar ones from the hanger. Whoever designed the swimsuits does have a good sense of fashion apparently. A short gasp escaped her lips as her lover grabbed her by the waist to deliver a kiss.

Many faces turned red due to the action and before she knew, she was already dragged into the pool. The woman let out a screech, thinking the temperature of the water might have been a bit cold for her, but surprisingly, it was nicely warm, almost like a jacuzzi excluding the excessive bubbles. She’d been to numerous beaches on multiple occasions, but not once had she ever been to a swimming pool, which also meant that she had no experience in swimming, apart from making herself float in the water. ”Do you know how to swim?” she asked, grabbing onto the rail provided on the all sides of the swimming pool. The water level wasn’t as deep as she’d imagined, but that was only because they were by the shallow section of the pool.

Normally, people wouldn’t visit to swimming pools in winter but, this was a different case. With how freezing it was outside, she could remain in the warm water for as long as she could and relax the entire day with Chelvaric. There was even a small pool by the side—or rather, a jacuzzi, where people could simply chat and sip wine provided by the building. It was almost as if they were in a very luxurious hotel, although she wondered if they do actually have rooms to stay in. She doubted that; the entire building was specifically made for swimming and other sport activities after all—in other words, a gym.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric regretted his decision to pull her into the water quite fast as he had forgotten that he doesn’t know how to swim. Till not that long ago he had been afraid off water and that’s why he has never swum before. So now that he was in the water, he was helpless like a puppy and he tried to get to the side while throwing his arms around and going under like he's drowning. He finally grabbed the railing and held himself on to it. luckily the water wasn’t deep here and he could stand up while he was in the water so he didn’t need to swim. When Snow asked if he could swim he looked at her and said firmly. “No, I definitely can not swim. You know that when I was a kitty I didn’t go near water so this is actually my first time in a swimming pooll”, he said to her and held on the railing really tight.

Can you teach me to swim babe?”, he asked her as he looked over the water. His old fears started to creep back onto him and he wanted to leave the pool but when he looked into her eyes it was calming him down again and he didn’t want to leave it yet. He wanted to spend more time with her so he pushed himself to stay waiting for her answer on his question.

He was quite weirded out with the weird water sense. It didn’t feel wet? If that made any sense at all. It was sort of a warm embrace around his body and it only slightly felt like it was wet. What was the feeling wet anyway it’s not something you could describe easy and since this was the first time he was in a pool it was hard to know, if what he was feeling, was the description of wet.

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Venus Rosé

”Oh, right,” the woman let out a exasperated sigh. Of course, Chelvaric wouldn’t know how to swim. Out of all the people in the world, she had to ask him if he knew how to swim. Snowflake remembered how much he loathed water when he was a Neko, and he would refuse to enter the water when they visited the beaches. That was also one of the reasons why she hated him being a Neko; she could never enjoy going to the beaches with him, though that was finally out of the way. ”I hardly know how to swim either…,” she mumbled under her breath, flopping her legs around so that she would float. Having short legs wasn’t that fun, especially in a swimming pool.

Perhaps visiting the swimming pool was a terrible idea.

Snowflake could have gone to all the other places, but she just had to choose to go swimming. A sauna might have been a better option, mayhap. It wasn’t until a young man, possibly in his mid-twenties entered the scene, with a plain white shirt and some bright coloured pants. Judging from his appearance, he appeared to be working at this area. Perhaps he was a life guard? Their eyes locked unintentionally, and the man studied her carefully. His gaze pierced through hers and it was almost as if he was trying to read her thoughts. She adverted her eyes, but it was too late. The man was already walking towards their direction.

”What’re you guys doing in a pool if you don’t know how to swim?”

His voice was loud and harsh, almost scolding them for entering the pool without having any experience of swimming. It made her furious. What was wrong with them wanting to swim? She wanted to retort, yell back at his face that it was none of his business, albeit, it would only make a person like her very unprofessional.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was cursing a bit under his breath as he was now a bit useless to his lover. He couldn’t teach her to swim and he couldn’t teach himself right now either. Well, he was sure that if he kept long enough in the pool that he could have learned by himself eventually. I mean their ancestors had done it by instinct too, so why wouldn’t he be able to do it. But luckily it that wasn’t necessary as he saw a lifeguard around his mid-twenties come to them. it seemed that he wanted to know what they were doing as he was locking onto there gazes. A bit too much into his lover's direction if you would ask him.

The man asked a quite normal question as it was indeed a bit weird to come to a swimming pool if you didn’t know how to swim. “Well until recently I had an enormous fear of water but I got rid of it now and I could finally go swim that we couldn’t resist the thought of it. But we sort of forgot that both of us can’t swim.”, Chelvaric explained to the man so that he would understand why they couldn’t swim. The man looked at them slowly before he cracked a smile. “Luckily for you I am a person who loves to share the skill of swimming with other people. Just wait here ill be back with some safeguards so that you don’t drown during the class.”, the man said and he walked away to the closet at the back of the pool.

That was probably the place where they kept all the pool equipment. He looked at Snow and said to her, “At least we'll finally be able to swim. It’s maybe not with the two of us alone but well finally be over this and be able to swim.” He looked at her with a smile and looked forward to be able to swim.

Leisure Activities [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé

Despite herself, Snowflake remained silent and did not let her thoughts pass her lips. Thankfully, Chelvaric came to the rescue and spoke for her stead, claiming that they only wish to learn a bit of swimming. Upon the man asking the question, her lover gave him the answer, but she didn’t have to, right? There was no need to provide him a reason of her inability to swim, though it was a quite a simple answer; she never went to a pool in her younger days, not even beaches. Perhaps burying herself in books wasn’t the best option to grow up as a child. The man nodded in acknowledge at Chelvaric’s explanation and the frown that was once on his lips twitched into a large grin—it almost took her by surprise.

According to him, he was a swimming coach apparently, and is just as eager to teach swimming to people as much as they wish to learn. The man went over to retrieve some floating pieces and as much as she hated to admit, she was a beginner and she didn’t want to hold onto those pieces and float like a child. That was a horrendous sight for herself. Nevertheless, she had no other choice but to agree with whatever the coach came with. ”I’m Borris, by the way,” said the coach, handing them each a swimming aid.

”Snow.” That was it, short and simple.

Chelvaric was right, if they heed this coach’s advice properly, they might be successful in learning the swimming basics in just a single day and considering how keen she was for this moment, she wanted to accomplish this task.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
The man came back with two boards that were made from foam. They had a round nose and were not too long. He gave a blue one to Chelvaric and a pink one to Snow. That was quite typical he thought. Most cultures put males and females under these colors. He wondered why the man did though or maybe it was just a weird coincidence. He took the boards and gave one to Snow before he looked at the man who was apparently called Boris and what he should do with it. The man waited till they were settled and then started to explain what they needed to do.

Okay, now you both take the board and use it to float while not holding the bars on the side of the pool okay. We’ll first start with some easy movements of the lag. Just kick it up and down for now and try to do two lengths of the pool.”, the man said and waited for them to go away from the railig of the swimming pool. Chelvaric rubbed Snow’s back and then let loose holding his board like his live depended on it. he was kicking his legs randomly at first and that was quite wrong of him as he was drifting away in all directions which made him panic a bit more. Boris quickly shouted some instructions to Chelvaric so that he could regain control of the situation.

Apparently, he had to kick his legs one by one in a steady rhythm so that he would move forward and not to sides. He started doing that beating one leg into the water before the other like a drum player would beat with his drumsticks and not much later he was making his way to the other side of the pool. He smiled excitingly and looked at snow how she was faring with the teaching.

Leisure Activities [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé

Snowflake took a pink coloured board that was handed over to her. Pink had never been her favourite colour, though it wasn’t time to be picky about this. The coach, named Boris, gave a few instructions of how they should begin their lesson. According to his explanation, it didn’t seem that hard—or so she thought. Chelvaric volunteered to be the first to take the instructions to practice and she simply watched him do so first. Her elven lover struggled a bit first, although that was to be expected. To be honest, she was surprised he could even go that far, without having the slightest experience of being in water. That’s my man, she thought, smiling to herself.

Finally, it was her turn.

The frosty maiden stretched her hand outwards, while still clutching onto the board and let her feet slip off the ground of the pool. It was hard to balance herself, and she could be seen waddling through the water like a duck. The good side of Boris that emerged a moment ago immediately disappeared as he began yelling at her for her mistakes. Out of embarrassment, a blush rose onto her neck and cheeks. Gosh, she wouldn’t want anyone else to witness her in this state. Doing this in front of her own lover was embarrassing enough. While still half waddling and half balancing, she somehow made it through the middle section of the pool before Boris stripped off his shirt and entered the water.

”Watch me, you two.”

With that, he began to instruct carefully of how they should move their legs. Specifically stated, it was a flutter kick, but it was hard to keep her legs straight in the water. Alright, I can do this!

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was done for his turn and he paddled back to the side so that he could see his lover paddle through the water. She was quite bad at first but it went better over time. She was paddling a bit like a duck but in a more gracious way than a duck. She looked quite beautiful his cold lover. Although he was sure she had more experience with the frozen kind of water than the fluid kind. As she was a frost mage after all. He was sure she would become better over time but it seemed that their teacher didn’t have that time and started to scold.

He was quite surprised he would do that. Teachers at his school always condemned people that used scolding when you thought someone as that would discourage a student from studying or learn them that scolding is okay to do against other people who learn a bit slower than others. He should scold the man too but he had to keep calm as he was giving the lessons for free. Chelvaric scoffed inside and looked at the man coming into the water. You could immediately see that he was like a fish in the water as he swam quite fast to the both of them to show something.

The man showed that they had brought there feet together and then pull it in till their legs made an o shape before pushing it out. A bit how a frog jumped he guessed. He was trying what the man did but he had troubles pulling his legs together and then pushing them out as he couldn’t do it that good. It was hard to move your legs in the water the way you wanted it at times. He sighed and looked at Snow since she was the finer moving person of them.

Leisure Activities [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé

Once provided an example, the coach claimed that they should follow his steps and try it out as well and thus, here she was, holding onto the railing of the pool, her legs stretched out behind her. Floating seems much easier at this point, but perhaps not the flutter kicks; she always have her legs wrong that the coach had to hold them still and move them for her. Well, she was learning—very slowly—at the least. Chelvaric, on the other hand, appears to be coping easier than her. How come he was doing so well and not her? Not to mention, he hated water back then, and had never been in the pool as well. Apparently, each person’s learning techniques seem to differ.

After getting the basics, right, she finally knew how to kick her legs properly in the water, but with a floating board. There was still one left; swinging arms, and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to do it. The coach displayed an example of every swimming method that existed, the frog, the butterfly, the backflip and so on. Everything looked so hard to her—not to mention, she is also required to come up to the surface to breathe while moving her arms and legs at the same time. How ridiculous was this?

They decided to try the frog position first, since it seemed to be the easiest one and looking at her lover, he appeared to be enjoying this more than her. She approached Chelvaric and gently tugged at his arm. ”Sweet, can you watch me and see if I’m doing it correctly?” She knew that if she were to ask the coach, she would only end up getting scolded. After giving a few instructions, Boris climbed out of the water. ”Alright, you two practice the frog and go on a few laps across the pool. I’ll be back in a moment.” With that he walked out with a towel draped over his shoulder.

Are coaches supposed to leave beginners in a pool alone? What an irresponsible teacher!

Anyhow, they finally have some time alone together. Chelvaric could teach her his methods, and at the same time, she wouldn’t have to force down her urges to kiss the man anymore.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was still swimming around in the swimming pool as he was practicing his moves. It was going quite okay and he was happy about it. It was amazing how fast he was learning and how fun he found it. He still wasn’t too happy about the wet feeling that water gave him but that was something he would be able to overcome once he had swam a lot. At least he hoped that, he wasn’t sure that this would happen, maybe he would hate water forever.  He sighed and paddled further as he was nearly done with his two laps. He was quite proud of himself.

He suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder and it was Snow who was tugging at him. It seemed she had problems with swimming and asked him to look at her to see what she did wrong. "Of course babe I’ll look at you don’t worry”, he said and he swam to the side to hold onto the railing while he was looking at her. She was swimming in a very elegant way as he had come to expect from her as she also ran and fought like that. He was quite impressed as how she swam but he did see that she wasn’t kicking in the correct way. It seemed she kicked a bit too soon.

He swam to her and patted her on the back. “Babe, I am going to hold your legs to show you okay”, he said to her and he grabbed her tender but muscled legs. They were quite firm and he liked to touch of them. But he had to focus at the moment. He pushed her legs into the o shape and waited till they were perfectly together. “Now kick babe. Always wait till their perfectly closed before you kick them out”, he said to her and did the movement a couple of times till he noticed that she was getting the hang of it.

Leisure Activities [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé

Upon Chelvaric’s agreement, Snowflake began to swim over the distance to show as an example of how she swam like. Clearly, her movements were wrong since she was struggling with each and every movement she made. Multi-tasking your own entire body wasn’t as easy as she’d expected. After seeing how frequent she failed to do it correctly, she was already beginning to get frustrated with herself. The situation reminded her of when she struggled to use magic many years ago. At least she had Chelvaric by her side to support her through this lesson.

The woman nodded when the elf man indicated that he would be holding her legs to give a proper instruction of the swimming technique. While holding onto the floating board, she’d stretch herself out in the water and relaxed her muscles so as to allow Chelvaric to let him control with ease. He patiently guided her through the process and slowly, she was starting to understand how she should move her legs. ”Hm, I see,” she nodded to herself, and figured that she should try the technique alone without the help of her lover to see if her methods did improve.

”Watch me, okay.”

Walking over the shallowest end of the pool, she’d kicked the wall, shooting off through the water like a rocket before she began to slow down. Picking the right momentum, she’d began to kick her legs the way Chelvaric had taught her; shape her legs and kick. Breathe. She’d resurface just her head just for a second, only to enter the pool again and repeat the procedure. She’d swim until the furthest end of the pool; the deepest part and honestly, she feared she was going to drown, especially with her height when she could barely feel the ground with her feet. Nevertheless, she pushed her thoughts to the back of her mind and merely focused on getting the correct technique.

She’d swim back to Chelvaric and held onto his body for support. Their skins touched, and rosy cheeks dawned upon her, giving her lifeless body some colour. Intimacy wasn’t her best suite and things like these would make her blush every now and then, despite the fact that they’d been together for months.

"How did I do?"

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Snow asked again that he had to watch her and he did as he climbed out of the water and sat down by the edge of the pool so he could see her better from above. Snow swam to the wall of the pool and pushed herself off like an electric crayfish. It was so fast and he couldn’t see her nearly move. Her body was moving so fluently now It was even better than before it looked amazing and it was a real sight to behold. He didn’t see anything wrong anymore with her swimming techniques and was quite amazed that she even swam in the deep part of the pool. He liked how she was so fearless at times and always had loved her for it.

He got into the water as Snow was swimming back and he wanted to be back in the water so she could hold him while they were paddling in place. He knew that he had more room to stand than her since he was taller then her. he wondered how it would feel like to swim in the deep when you barely can stand in most of the pool. That was a thought that had been spooking through his mind for a while now.

Snow came back swimming towards him and clanged herself to his body. She was slightly blushing and he wondered why he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead softly.

Great job babe you did it perfectly already. I have to say if I was a swimming jury I would have you a 12/10”, he said to her and smiled softly. He looked around and saw a small water slide not far from them. “Do you want to try out the slide?”, he said to her and pointed at it in the distance. He was quite curious how it would be like. It looked like a piece of plastic tube that was painted very pale green and it looked quite inviting to try it out.

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Venus Rosé

It certainly seemed like Snowflake improved within a few hours, seeing how smoothly she swam laps around the pool, though with just one technique. She was sure she could learn more, but it would have taken the entire day, or maybe even a week. As long as she practiced and train every now and then, she should be able to get a hang of this. For now, she was satisfied with just getting the basics completed. It made her feel elated, when Chelvaric complimented on her swimming skills. She still wasn’t as good as him and compared to her lover, he was a much faster learner than herself. The woman slightly nudged him in his ribcage out of embarrassment, her lips curved into a small grin.

Forehead kisses were her favourite, and she loved how he would randomly give them to her at times—it always took her by surprise. ”The slide?” she questioned, her eyes drifting towards the direction his finger was pointed at. It was a small one anyhow, possibly meant for children. She didn’t find it any special, but she might as well try it out while she got the chance. Chelvaric, on the other hand, seemed quite eager to ride on the slide. The thought crossed her mind: was he an adult or a child? It made her chuckle inwardly. ”Sure,” she’d say as she climbed out of the pool and headed over to the plastic slide.

Reluctant to try first, she gestured Chelvaric to take his turn before her. ”Go ahead.”

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric climbed out of the pool and started to walk towards the slide. He wondered if Snow even anted to go on the ride as she didn’t seem super eager. She even let him go first which was quite nice of her. He knew that she was always friendly and nice to him and he liked it when he saw her chuckle about some inside joke he didn’t know about. But the smile made her face light up and she looked so gorgeous when it happened. He could stare long at her when she was like this.

Snow said that he could slide first so he nodded to her and started to climb the small ladder next to the slide. When he arrived at the top, which wasn’t super high, he could see some boards that explained the rules to him about how to use the slide so that he wouldn’t hurt himself or anything like that. They were quite common and the usual. Like go alone and don’t go with your face forward. Most little boys would ignore it and now and then one of them would get injured. Well that was how young kids were after all.

He waved to Snow before he jumped into the tube sliding downwards towards the water. But it seemed it was a magical slide as it suddenly started to twist and turn and he went faster and faster. When he suddenly flew out of the slide and skipped over the water till he ended in a splash into it. it had been an unexpected turn of events. “your turn babe!”, he shouted at her while he waved to show that he was alright.

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Venus Rosé

It was ridiculous how Chelvaric looked more like a child to her than an adult, seeing how he would wave at her before he slid down the structure. It let out a loud squeak, like the tyres scraping against the concrete ground—it was horrible for her ears and that sounded like it would hurt. ”Are you okay?” Followed by the deafening noise was a splash and droplets of excess water would wash over her. Now that she was out of the warm water, she felt the chill seeping into her bones, somewhat.

Her body used to be completely immune to the cold, but there has been a slight difference in the recent days. What was wrong with her body? Back then, she would be able to walk naked in the streets—not that she would actually do it—without being bothered about the freezing temperatures outside, albeit, these days the cold had been getting to her more than she expected.

”Your turn, babe!”

The elf’s voice finally registered into her mind, as she shoved down her thoughts to the back of her mind. It was her turn. Her eyes idly glossed over the words written on the boards, barely reading the instructions before she climbed up the ladder. It wasn’t that high up from the ground—it shouldn’t be scary. Positioning herself on the highest point of the slide, she stared into the water, and silently counted the numbers in her head. On the count of three!


The impact struck her like a thunder as she plunged into the deepest part of the pool. Kicking her legs, she’d slowly resurface herself with a satisfied grin on her face. ”That was fun!” Adrenaline was still rushing through her body; she wasn’t aware a small slide could make her heart beat so fast. She’d cling herself onto Chelvaric’s body since her legs was growing tired from all the kicking she’d did in the lesson before. The benefit of doing so was that she could have his skin pressed against hers.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric had enjoyed the slide and liked how it had thrown him out like a giant throwing a rock. It had been maybe a bit too fast as his back was quite sore from it. He wondered if old men felt like this. he wouldn’t want to feel like that all the time though. He looked at Snow as she was ready to slide all the way through it in one fell swoop. He wondered if she would like it. “I am fine babe just go!”, he shouted at her it seemed she was a bit worried but that was fine he liked how she could be worrying about such small things at times.

He saw her coming and she flew quite far with her tiny weight. Being catapulted into the deeps of the pool. He started to swim towards her as she emerged from the water. Her wet hair flowing everywhere as she looked so amazing while being wet.

I know right. The best fun I had in a pool so far.”, he said to her and she clamped herself close to him. He could feel her soft skin pressed against him and it was driving him mad. Why did she have to be so seductive? He stroked his hand through her hair and kissed her softly on her lips. Stealing it from her. On a bad moment as the lifeguard entered the pool again and was yelling to get out and that there were kids in the pool at days they should have manners. They swam to the edge and apologized before leaving the pool. He was a bit tired from all the swimming anyway.


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Venus Rosé

With a lift of his finger on her chin, silvery pools crossed over a gaze of blue, fused with diversity as she remained lost in his eyes for a brief moment until she felt a soft touch brushing against her lips. His lips were moist from the water as she gently nibbled onto his mouth before parting their kiss with a twisted grin, almost as if she had done something evil. The woman leaned in for more, and a forced cough resounded against the walls of the swimming pool. Her eyes flew open in surprise and as she turned around, she’d see the coach staring at them with eyebrows raised, hands resting on his waist. His look indicated, ”What’re you guys doing in the middle of the swimming pool?” Embarrassed from what had just occurred, the demon remained silent and simply waited for what he has to say.

”Seems like you two have been working very hard, am I right?” His voice sounded sarcastic, though a hint of smile lingered on his lips. She wasn’t going to lie, they did slack off a bit by the end of the lesson, but that was only because they practiced well. ”Anyhow, I just came back to say that once you’re done with the lesson, feel free to leave the pool or well, you may stay here longer if you want.” The coach finally concluded his lesson, much to her relief. She had been wanting to get over with the lessons quickly and truthfully, she didn’t wish to remain in the water for any longer since her hands were already looking similar to that of a frog.

”Don’t play around too much!”

With that, the coach meandered off, waving his towel behind him. Snowflake climbed out of the swimming pool once again, heading straight off into the females’ room to dry herself off and change back into her clothes, in hope that they continue the little session later in the day.

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