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Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:31 pm

Nastasya Crowe
So much seemed to have changed yet her slow mind didn't seem to understand what or where and she had basically given up to find it. And with it she meant everything, some guy had known her as Lilja Oswald and that's how she got here and stayed here, no one asking her questions and no one sending her messages. The loneliness that she felt in her body only got worse but she had nothing much to do. She was sitting on a short wall in the townsquare, it was actually a pathway line towards the church and it was rather cold. Something she couldn't remember that she had ever felt, nor that she had felt short but she was moving her short legs back and forth, staring at her red all stars. She felt like such a child. A child that could do nothing when there was no parents.

But she was an adult herself and she only vaguely remembered that she promised someone to be an interesting adventurer and yet she sat here doing nothing. She had to find someone to give her a job and she thought that's perhaps why she was finding the bar, to become a waitress or so? She sighed and looked at her red shoes again, stopping them from dangeling too much, what should she do?

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#2Thorn Vancarr 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:23 pm

Thorn Vancarr
Thorn was wandering around town, finding herself vaguely bored. She had finished her work for her employer today and despite her insistence, he wouldn’t give her anymore. Something about wanting her to slowly drain his funds away, not quickly. So she was on the prowl for something else to do, ideally something that involved making jewels. Or eating. She would like either one. Action decided the Curse mage headed off to check the job board to see if there was any quick job for her to do with a single-minded intent, her tattered rags she called clothes flapping around her as she moved with her equally messy but long hair trailing behind her.

Actually, her focus was so deep that when Thorn turned a corner into a town square near the church she completely missed the lonely looking girl sitting down on a ledge. Her tunnel vision was so bad that the dark mage actually ended up walking much to close to the girl and tripping over her leg. Confused as to why the ground was coming up from below her Thorn stumbled and reached out with her demonic bandaged hand, using it as a springboard for a summersault with it hit the ground. As soon as she repositioned herself in a crouch Thorn whirled around and growls a quick “Watch where you’re going!” to the girl, mind still not caught up enough to fully comprehend the hypocrisy of the statement.

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#3Nastasya Crowe 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:07 am

Nastasya Crowe
This young lady might have lost her memory but Lilja her personality was just the same as Nastasya's. Shame she wouldn't remember that it was her name. She simply stared at girl in a way that made the normal Lilja a lot sweeter. But someone tripped over her feet and told her she should be watching where she was going. Which made her laugh in a cold way, "Deary, you better watch yourself. You stumbled over the air if you go on like this." She brushed her hair behind her left ear and stared at the girl, "I would say you are lucky to find me in a good mood. I hope you didn't hurt yourself." She needed people to help her, so she wondered if she could be able to manipulate her way into this.

With no memory about anything or magic, she needed to be very careful in the game that was live. She needed to find a balance and work out things, she needed to get stronger in this whole aspect of being a part of nothing. That's what she felt anyway, some sort of loneliness and understanding for nothing, "If you really want to up your game with being impressive and blaming things on other people, you got to learn girl." She had a smile on her face, an amusing one, how would this go.

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#4Thorn Vancarr 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:20 am

Thorn Vancarr
Thorn took a moment to reorient herself after the fall and take in the odd girls words. She had guts, Thorn gave her that. The woman knew herself to be intimidating just by appearances alone, though not particularly on purpose. She was just too cheap to get better clothes than the almost rags she was wearing, too lazy to do anything with her long black hair, and the bandages covering her left arm was literally sealing demonic essence. She was told by a few people that this assemble made it hard to speak with her, yet this chick actually laughed at the woman! ‘…Okay, that near face plant was pretty stupid.’ Thorn had to admit, but only within the safety of her own mind.

After getting up properly and wiping non-existent dirt off her cape Thorn gave the pale girl a hard look, her yellow eyes narrowed in a sharp glare. Then she promptly apologized. “Ya, sorry, wasn’t thinking after that tumble. It just sort of came out. And no I didn’t hurt myself, thanks for asking” The Curse Mage grunts out, hands on her hip and now looking away from the young woman, almost embarrassed. But that was all the girls going to get. Thorn might be lucky to not have a lot of pride that could kill in her line of work but she still had an image to keep up.

Looking closely at the red-eyed girl Thorn noted that she was sitting in a rather lonesome place on an uncomfortable looking ledge. This sparked the woman’s curiosity and before she could leave to continue what she was doing before the mercenary found herself asking “You waiting for someone kid?” which was a bit out of character for her. But Oak Town was having a weird effect on Thorn.

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#5Nastasya Crowe 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:21 am

Nastasya Crowe
She might have loss of memory but Lilja knew very well that she wasn't one of the weaker ones. She stared at this young woman, probably around her age. Not that Lilja believed she looked her age, which was proven only later on in the conversation. But she looked down on the person that fell before her, mostly because of her attitude and probably her assumptions that Lilja was a nobody. Well she was, only because she couldn't remember. She bit her lip softly on the inside to not laugh, this sharp gaze that the fallen woman send towards Lilja was hilareous. She didn't say anything but looked at her amused and only lifted up an eyebrow as the woman apologized to her. How very interesting.

She flinched a little when she was called a kid and actually wanted to say that she was old enough for someone like her not to worry. But than again, she wasn't exactly sure what her age was, there was probably a sense for it. "I was watching the world as it turns around, that means not waiting on anything or anyone but probably a new adventure to show up." Her red eyes stared at the yellow ones, maybe this was her invitation but Lilja wasn't sure how she would turn this around to something interesting as this young woman already annoyed her, "Name is Lilja Oswald." She said, not assuming to get an introduction back, but where were people their manners in this time a day.

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#6Thorn Vancarr 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:36 pm

Thorn Vancarr
‘Well, that was a vague enough answer to keep me interested.’ Thorn notes to herself half-heartedly. Was she really bored enough to stop to chat with some random kid? No, maybe not a kid going by the annoyed twitch when the mage called her that. Or she could just be a really prideful kid. Deciding to stick around a bit and see if she could get anything useful or interesting out of this girl Thorn leans her back against a nearby wall and crosses her arms in front of her chest in a casual stance. The Curse Mage knew that it was the quiet thoughtful type that liked to people watch that tended to know the most.

“… Thorn Vancarr.” The mercenary finally introduces herself as after a moment of deliberation and silence. There probably wasn’t any harm to it, she was getting noticed in town anyways so there was no reason to hide her identity here. “An adventure huh? Not sure if I can provide you with one but I happen to be a mercenary, so if you’re ever in need of hired help… well, just be sure to pay me and we’ll have no problems.” She finishes off with a smirk thrown at Lilija. “I’m new to Oak so I’ve been trying to network. You from around here?” Thorn drawls out the question, keeping an eye on the Oswald girl from the corner of her vision.

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#7Nastasya Crowe 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:05 pm

Nastasya Crowe
It was an interesting sight, she wasn't sure if hate was the right word but this girl, (as she called her a kid, Lilja could do the same), decided to stick around and pretend as if nothing happened by casually leaning against the wall next to the one she was sitting on. She wasn't sure what to say herself because what was this person expecting from her, some adventure?

Some.. adventure.. She first introduced herself but surely got distracted by a feeling of familiarty as she stared at the buildings in front of her, but the pub with a name that she couldn't remember didn't show up in her sight. She needed to figure something out. But she didn't plan to go alone without any magic and she looked at the now named individual: Perhaps she could take Thorn along.

This time she wouldn't make the mistake to say that she couldn't remember, "I come here often but it's rather dull. I don't plan to hire you for anything at the moment but it's good to know. I only know that there are some interesting spots for adventures, like the church over here, they have very interesting catacombs."

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] KTbQ0X3N_o
#8Thorn Vancarr 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:32 pm

Thorn Vancarr
For a second Thorn didn’t really get what Lilja was saying. “If sitting around here is dull why don’t you sit somewhere else? The Swineherd pub is always a riot, there’s the marketplace, and isn’t there an art gallery or something as well? Or are you saying Oak, in general, is dull?” Thorn questions, genuinely not meaning any harm but curious enough to ask. “And yet out of all places you want to go visit some dark and creepy catacombs and possibly get eaten by zombies?” Thorn questions again, this time a bit more critical, words laced with disbelief and the Curse Mage eyeing the girl with the same emotion. Is she even a mage? Could she even defend herself?

Thorn starred hard at the Oswald girl and took her in. She had a general poise of confidence with her body language is a bit closed off. Her red eyes had a dull look to them, though Thorn couldn’t tell why. By the way she introduced the idea Lilja didn’t seem to dislike the idea of wanting to go to such a spooky and dangerous place, so eager for an adventure as she was. Yet despite her meek appearance she didn’t seem naïve and probably knew that they might encounter danger, so she had courage at least. Decision made and smirk sliding onto her face Thorn gets off of the wall and looks at the other woman. “Aw, why the hell not, it’s not like I have anything else to do today and I could use a bit of excitement in my life.” She drawls out with a confident smirk, waiting for Lilja’s next move.

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#9Nastasya Crowe 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:46 am

Nastasya Crowe
Because sitting everywhere was dull, but she didn't plan to inform Thorn about that because no one would understand, or so she believed, perhaps people with amnesia would and she was definitely looking for a healer but at the moment, she had to deal with it and try to find answers herself. "The what?" She turned her red eyes at the young woman, what pub? That name? It triggered something, a feeling, a memory that she couldn't see. She had not meant to say that Oak was dull, it would sure have its moments as long as she would participate in them. Which made her feel like she originally belonged somewhere in a guild or so but she couldn't remember nor did anyone came to look for her so it probably wasn't Phantom Lord or so.

It wasn't the marketplace, nor the gallery that didn't even gave her a feeling, the pub did though, but she wouldn't visit it with Thorn next to her side so she mentioned the catacombs. She laughed, "You believe in zombies?" She had never bumped into any, that was for sure even without her memory. The catacombs had done something to her but she couldn't remember. The circumstances at that point had to be very different but now she just had a feeling and she hoped that there were answers hidden in there.

But the other woman agreed and Lilja jumped off the little wall and stood up, shame she wasn't so tall but tall enough, not even that much shorter than Thorn, "Well to the church it is then!" Which meant that they would have to walk to the huge haunting looking building but it only got her more enthusiastic and motivated, she could have always gone alone but for some reason she didn't. Perhaps there were zombies.

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#10Thorn Vancarr 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:05 pm

Thorn Vancarr
Thorn took a step back as Lilja stood up to give her room, still smirking in amusement at such an unassuming looking girl being so eager to go tomb raiding. Or exploring if stealing from dead people wasn’t her thing, which was possible since unlike Thorn Lilja could have a good set of morals.

“Oh, zombies are real. Just came from Dahlia Town, the forest nearby is full of them.” The bandaged mage says in a conversational tone of voice as they head toward the towering church. “Where there are dark mages there are necromancers and where there are necromancers there are zombies. So this being Oak there is a possibility there are zombies. Or not since supposedly the ruling lords here have their shits together and Phantom Lord may not like that kind of stuff.” Jeremiah didn’t seem like the type from what Thorn got from him so she was making a guess about his guild from that. Wait she should probably check something first. “You wouldn’t happen to be a Phantom Lord mage or something right?” Based on her answer Thorn could also guess at whether she was being led into a trap or not.

“Also how are you planning to get into the catacombs?” The mercenary questions as they approach the church doors, thus about to enter the place of worship itself. She wasn’t entirely sure if the public was allowed down there, though they could just claim to be visiting deceased relatives. Though with how out of place they looked together that might be a bit of a sketchy claim.

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#11Nastasya Crowe 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:36 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Lilja moved her head a little to the left as her red eyes looked at Thorn, this could be an interesting acquintance thing going on. But that also was hoping that she would get some of her memory back. She had a freak out moment though, there was a moment that triggered a longing in Lilja her heart but also a sort of empty feeling that made the loneliness hit her heard, as if that place was something she was looking for but wouldn't give her what she wanted as it no longer excisted? How that worked or what it meant was difficult. "No no I don't mean the zombies, what pub did you say and where is it? I might want to visit later." Perhaps she should just tell Thorn that she had a memory loss, but it might make her vunerable and she didn't want that. For some reason though that same feeling returned when the word Dahlia was mentioned and she was getting too confused by these stupid sensitive feelings, she half thought that it wasn't her track of thoughts. She knew herself well enough even with amnesia that she wouldn't change thoughts because she didn't like being sensitive, so what could Dahlia provide her or this pub?

She fell against the wall as if losing her mind, there was a massive headache because of this talk and pushed her hands against her head and let out a silent scream, Pub.. Dahlia.. Necromancer.. She leaned forward as her eyes tried to hold on to something but this messive headache made it only more horrible, she felt tears well up, screw being sensitive, this hurt too much to try to hide it. "Who are you." she whispered to a picture that was too far out of her reach to understand, to a feeling that was overwhelming, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." she said a bit clearer but with a hoarse voice, "I have amnesia and these things.. you said, it hurts my head, there must be something." she let out a sob, the pain was unbearable. She shook her head though, "No, no Phantom Lord but I have no idea what I used to be." as Jeremiah had said, some guild because of her hidden or forgotten title, but how did all this work in that case; a mystery.

When the headache moved away, she walked with Thorn towards the church and shrugged with the next question, "Bluff our way in?" She didn't thought about it, she had been there before perhaps? She could just figure out, "First figure out where the entrance is of course."

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#12Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
Thorn pauses in her steps as she throws an almost worried glance at Lilija at her shaky words about the pub. “The Swineherd? It’s a pub on the east side of town, near the entrance. First one I visited actually, heard the owners got quite a reputation, though I haven’t heard much about it other than that. A good place to network, met a nice drinking buddy myself there.” Thorn says conversationally, feeling a tad awkward for some reason.

That feeling only grew as the shorter woman
leaned into a nearby wall, overshadowed by the church above them. ‘Didn’t I already introduce myself?’ Thorn thinks in a swell of social panic, though her face doesn’t even twitch. ‘Oh shit is she having a meltdown?’ The demon hand thinks next as the girl seems to start to cry, face tense with pain as she apologized to someone, possibly the ragged woman but who could be sure at this point? It took something like this for the curse Mage to realized completely isolating yourself for six years and putting emotional dampeners on yourself hampers one's ability to deal with these kinds of situations.

While standing completely stock still with a rocklike face over Lilija, trying to think about what she did when her younger brother was still alive and having a meltdown, the woman seemed to get a hold of herself quite skillfully. Thorn almost breathes a sigh of relief and immediately rids all traces of her past life from her mind, her full attention on the amnesiac girl. “Uh, ya, no problem. I’ll give you directions to the pub after this or something. Must be tough having amnesia. I guess.” Thorn replies awkwardly as they continue to walk toward the church when something occurs to her. “You know I’m a mage who specializes in Curse Magic. I could use it to check you out to see if you’ve been under the influence of dark magic’s or not. But it’ll cost ya.” The mercenary drawls out, much more comfortable with this line of conversation. Most would feel bad for charging someone with such a problem, but if people heard Thorn gave a pity freebee she’d be out of business.

Thorn them hums at Lilija’s suggestion since it was better than what she could come up with. “You do it, priests would more likely to believe your kind of face than mine. Say I’m your bodyguard or something.” Thorn suggests. “Entrance is probably in the back with the graveyard? I think? Or maybe there’s an entrance inside. Might want to ask that as well.” Thorn suggests rather unhelpfully.

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#13Nastasya Crowe 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:54 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Her face turned, at the east side, she hadn't taken that road yet, of course she had not seen it, she had only been looking around blindly. The owners? Owner? She had to go there, first things first though she would have to talk to Thorn a bit more and figure out some more things but apparently that was all she knew about the owners. That was really a shame, she could go alone tomorrow, figure a few things out perhaps. Maybe even meet one of these owners of some sort that might know a few things about her. Not that she dared to believe that she had a reputation but she would see, not trying could only hurt the not knowing.

That's when she got the pain pinch in her brain, too many things that tried to trigger emotions and feelings, memories and that wasn't possible and thus not happening, having an overflow of feelings, mostly pain. A silhoutte that didn't say a thing, that wasn't even clear, she didn't understand the construction, Who are you, who are you, WHO ARE YOU, she cried inside her mind, she felt so much pain that it felt as if she would literally melt away in this meltdown, this panic attack, this frenzy of not understanding what was actually going on. When she finally could be able to grab a hold of herself, she stood up straight again, brush away the tears that had showed up in the corners of her eyes and looked at the ground, explaining to Thorn what happened and she nodded. "I know I have been in Oak before but I can't get any anwers yet. I don't know why, all I know is that I remember my name." Again; confirmed by the hotel people. Miss Oswald, Lilja Oswald. If only she knew the truth. She was glad that Thorn could give her the address of something that felt so heavy upon her heart, it might provide her answers.

As they walked on towards the church, she listened to Thorn say something about curse magic, "I don't mind money." For some reason she always seemed to have enough and else she could work for it, she wouldn't be too lazy to do that. She walked into the church, just when Thorn finished talking, for some reason she had the idea that the entrance to the catacombs were inside the church, as if she remembered another version of herself sneak in there with someone else. Some sort of child play that danced in front of her eyes. There were some people inside, praying, talking to the priests about the emperor perhaps, asking for their sins and so on. Wasn't Oak a town like that? Suddenly turning to the church now that they were afraid; pathetic.

But now that the priests were distracted, "Let's just find a door, if we are in and no one spots us, easy. If someone asks what we are doing we can say we need a toilet, or lost or dog I don't know, we think of something."

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#14Thorn Vancarr 

Let the Flames Begin [Thorn & Lilja] Empty Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:19 pm

Thorn Vancarr
The bandaged woman took a moment to turn around when she noticed her companion falling behind and her eyes widened in shock at the teary distressed look in Lilja’s eyes, causing the bandaged and to rise into the air as if it was about to reach out and help the other woman. An old instinct rose up in Thorn, an instinct she had thought had died when she received this cursed arm. It was the instinct of an older sister worrying about the ones younger than her, which used to be her two brothers. But seeing this confused young girl (she was becoming a terrible judge of age) caused those feelings to resurface and direst themselves to her. They must be stopped. The demonic woman had to physically pause in her steps to allow herself to drag such weak emotions down lest they destroy all she worked for. This girl was dangerous in her own way.

Returning the bandaged hand to her side tightly clenched Thorn gives a terse nod at her explanation since it made sense through the Curse Mage could sympathize much. She’s never had amnesia. But it seemed like a pain in the ass to have, mostly if you got horrible headaches every time something familiar is brought up. “Cool. Let me know if and when you ever need me to look at you. We’ll talk prices then.” She says in a clipped tone at Lilja’s talk of money, the thought of it lifting Thorn’s mood. "And at least you have a full name. It's easier to track somebody if you have that. This country tasks a census right? Ever thought of going to Crocus and looking in the records or something?" She says conversationally, her good mood lasting long enough to give some advice she may or may not have used to track targets in the past.

The church was relatively busy for this time of day and Thorn was preparing for many eyes to be on them any second.  After all, a person like her wasn’t usually found in a church. Suddenly an idea from earlier occurred to her. “Wait here for a moment.” The Curse Mage says to her companion and quickly leaves. It takes only a few moments for her to return with a bundle of white lilies in her hand just before a priest notices them and starts to walk in their direction. Quickly thrusting the flowers at Lilja to hold Thorn takes a military-like stance just a few inches behind the girl, also off to the right a bit.

“My children, how may I help you?” He asks arms outstretched welcomingly. For a moment Thorn is tongue tied since as someone unfamiliar with the Illuim religion she wasn’t sure what to call this man. Wasn’t it something like brother? Or was it father? That made her feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. “Sir Priest, my lady is from out of town and would be pleased if you could allow her to visit your catacombs to pay respects to her ancestors.” She decides on, hoping that she got it right and that Lilja would follow along.

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#15Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Lilja nodded, it would be a nice way to make at least sure that she wasn't cursed or anything but it would have to wait, "I shall." she said which would have to mean that she would have to at least know where Thorn stayed later but she would also later get the directions to the Swineherd pub that Thorn had mentioned before, and even though going towards the catacombs had sound like fun, she suddenly wanted to turn around and go find the answers that seemed to be close, the headache eased a little but was still there, better to ingore and so Lilja would continue. She nodded when Thorn mentioned she got a name, yes Lilja Oswald, it would get somewhere. She could even pretend to be a goody too shoes and ask a Rune Knight or something, but she would figure that one out later. The sand haired girl walked on to catch up with Thorn to the church of Oak.

When they stepped inside, her red eyes looked at each and everyone in the church for as long as she gave herself the time. She heard Thorn whisper and leave, but didn't think she would leave completely so she stayed where she stood, three steps away from the door and looked around, to see if she could remember, the silhoutte and herself, running towards a door, her hair bright red, she didn't know why but it suddenly felt nice to dye it like that again, even though it felt silly, so she didn't even consider for much longer. When she finished that track of thoughts Thorn showed up again, She held on to the flowers that her companion gave her and looked at them a bit surprised, what the hell?

Lilja whose face was most of the time showing a neutral expression looked up with her red eyes, which seemed to take the priest a step back, "It would be an honour my lord if I could have a moment." To which he seemed to agree, muttering something about that it was very nice for her to do so. She wasn't sure what got the person to be scared and she wanted to know, if she would be brave enough to ask if there was something on her face, because she was a hundred percent sure it was her eyes, the priest tried to wave it away, either with Thorn her help or her own stubbornness, the priest told her that there was a woman he found scary that happened to be here twice or thrice and she had just as bright red eyes as Lilja, but he assured her, that she couldn't be that woman and he walked her to the door of the catacombs. With one last look at the priest, the sand haired lady decended the stairs, poundering about the lady with the red eyes.

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#16Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
As they descended down into the eerie catacombs Thorn noted that the priest looked oddly spooked. Usually, she would just say it was her appearance and attitude that put him off but it seemed to be something else. Maybe as a holy person, he sensed her demonic arm? No, he didn’t seem to be even paying attention to her, only to the shorter woman beside her. Did he see something in Lilja that Thorn couldn’t? Or did he recognize her? That would probably be useful for this chick’s memory loss problem… Naw, it was probably nothing, the priest said it himself.

Torches lined the stairwell and Thorn grabbed one as they climbed down, raising it into the air so they could better see where they were headed. “So what’s the plan? Raid some tombs? Nab some offerings? Or are we just here to wonder and seek trouble? I wouldn’t mind a fight, mostly if this is just some sort of overzealous scheme to lead me off somewhere and murder me.” The Curse Mage half-joked, she had made enough enemies for it to be possible but this was such a chance thing that she doubted it. “Or just to mug me, though I’d have to warn you to stay away from my money. I can be a little protective of it.” She was mostly trying to make conversation as they went down the long line of stairs. “So what of it? You seem all nice and innocent at first but anyone with sense knows you got an air of danger around you. You don’t need memories to know what kind of dirty work you like to do, just ambition and a bit of imagination I guess.” They had reached the end of the stairs and Thorn’ raised torch let them see a tablet in front of them, probably giving information about the tomb and a desk with a book below it that probably transcribed who was laid to rest here and why.

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#17Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Something felt wrong, she didn't know but considering the expression of the priest, as if he wanted to yell at her, scream blood and murder at her but yet he didn't. Perhaps it was their little act and because Thorn was there that the man didn't seem to be sure about it. She simply walked down the stairs as she had got the ability to walk down, she ignored the priest, but her mind asking questions, feeling this eerie feeling of understanding and yet unknowing, so she didn't know what to do.

She wasn't sure what to do now that Thorn burst her bubble of thinking. She walked on, those stairs seemed to be going on for forever, beneath the church where the catacombs start, she would have to find her way beyond the graves that she didn't plan to see, "I just want to see. Nothing else." she muttered now that this sense of regret washed over her. What had gone wrong here? Why did she even come here? "I don't need your money." she didn't need money apparently her former self had pretty much enough taken care of that and she was alright, enough to eat for at least a couple of more months and she could always pick up a job here and there, although.. she also had not done that since she seemed to have lost her memory. Unless she already had forgotten that.

She nodded even though she was unsure if Thorn could see it, but she was holding the fire to see by, perhaps she did, "Oh I know, a rune knight job sounds nothing to me. I would rather do whatever I want whenever I want it, but still I lost everything, I only got a roof above my head, which is a good start but no idea of my magic or how to use it, no weapons or what so ever. All I have is a fist and a nice kick for the rest." She wasn't annoyed by Thorn, she was annoyed by her own mind but she spoke softly and annoyed and she hoped the mage saw through it.

She didn't say anything, the walk went on in silence, nothing seemed to happen, there was nothing she remembered, perhaps by the limit amount of visibilty but apart from that, they seemed to have made it a dead end, a locked door after the graves. "Shit." She was sure that the answers could be behind the door, memories that she would be able to recall. She tried the door several times, hit it, kicked it and forced herself to refrain from letting out a scream. "It's no use. I'm sorry I wasted your time." And with that she walked back and on and on to her hotel, she felt like crying but Lilja Oswald didn't do crying.


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#18Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
Thorn nodded in agreement to Lilja’s words. Turns out they had more in common than she had previously thought. Freedom meant a lot to her, she didn’t like to be tied down at all. Doing what she wanted, when she wanted, it was exhilarating. It was also one of the reasons she didn’t like to think of her past, she didn’t want to be tied down by the memories. “I can get that. Fighting might be my job but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.” She says with a snort, raising the torch to look at some writing on the wall.

It was then she noticed Lilja’s struggle with the door. Putting the torch on a nearby banister she went over to help the kindred spirit. And had about as much successes as the other woman. Growling in frustration at the stubborn door she started to unlock her demonic arm, ready to rip it off it’s iron hinges when parts of the wall, runes by the looks of it, started to glow a golden light. Pain ripped through her arm and she stopped casting her curse magic. “Damn Illumin priests.” She growls, retreating from the area. The mage then looks over to her companion, a tad shock and a bit worried, not that she’ll ever admit it. Walking to catch up to her before she fled Thorn put a hand on her shoulder. “Might have been short but it was good adventuring with you… When we meet again, let’s try not to be enemies.” She finishes gruffly, looking away from the red-eyed girl before letting go for her to run away. Looking after her Thorn decided this day wasn’t so bad after all.


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