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Irresistible [Kon & Alice | Social]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Irresistible [Kon & Alice | Social] Empty on Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:49 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She had basically slept all day yesterday since her arrival in Crocus and taken care of the twins. But she needed to find him, it was like a sort of obsession now that they had to be in the same town. She stood in front of the window of the hotel, had they find each other easily in Orchidia months ago; Crocus was a lot bigger.

She made sure that she would be going alone and Hecate would stay here to take care of the twins, she would search through streets and inns before turning back, because she couldn't walk long anyway and besides she couldn't stay away too long. After going through the streets once and getting back, she felt a bit down because it was a difficult issue and that's when Jupiter suggestion to go to Cathedral. She took him with her for the sake of; if Midas was there, she might want to push him as well. Perhaps it was because she was able to kick again and at least not having to cower behind a protection shield anymore. Of course she wouldn't kick Midas but still, she needed to find Kon first.

So they hit the streets rather soon again and entered the Cathedral again, which looked even bigger than the one in Magnolia and she looked around to see if she could find anyone that she could talk to and ask if someone had seen either Midas or Kon. Why had she not thought about this before was beyond her..


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His weapon had been damaged during the recent attacks on Crocus with the rifle portion of the gun now unable to open smoothly requiring him to forcibly pull open the bottom section. Needing to repair The Punisher Kon took it to one of the more secure locations in Crocus largely unaffected by the Grimoire Heart which he still had access to, The Grand Cathedral. He had been given access to an room several floors up with a vast balcony as to see not just above but also from below featuring large telescopes pointed in both directions. He was not here for sightseeing and instead immediately went to work on seeing what was wrong. Taking the gun over his shoulder he placed it down on a hardwood table and began to unscrew the monstrosity beginning with the broken section. It was clear there was significant damage to the inner construction, some of the slides were now bent out of place while others weren’t moving in and out smoothly lacking sufficient lubrication after being in a state of negligence for a significant period of time.

He was curious as to how much of the weapon was like this from what it appeared so far it was everything. “Well, this is great….” He thought to himself as he bent his back up straight and wove his fingers between his pale white hair pulling it back to reveal his golden eye briefly. “It’s just luckily that this didn’t blow up in my face when I was using it earlier…” Reaching inside his pocket, he removed a leather bound box and a stylish silver lighter. “Yes, I probably shouldn’t be smoking here but oh well.” He said to no-one in particular as he moved away from the firearm and out onto the porch. Pulling out a thin cigar he placed it between his lips before return the box, lighting up the stick of tobacco, he moved over to the railing and looked out onto the public below. “Might be a good idea if I get a specialist within the church to take a look at this, I’m certainly not able to continue dismantling and restoring this….” Taking a puff he clasped the cigar removing it from his pale lips. “After this though.”

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Adelaide Sokolov
Just when Alice stepped forward to ask someone, the person took a step away from her and walked on. Everyone seemed damn busy and she felt the strange urge to stomp her foot down and yell so that someone would look at her and answer her damn question. Thank god she didn't, that would have been embarrassing. But just as she finally found someone that didn't seem busy to walk away from her, she looked up. Very smart to do, even if she did in frustration, she found her answer.

So she stopped moving, stared at the person she was looking for and quicky turned towards the stairs pulling Jupiter with her, without him knowing what was going on. At least she was a little better in moving now that she wasn't carrying babies anymore. Which made her nervous to say something about. But on one hand she was very happy to see him for obvious reasons. Jupiter still didn't seem to be very aware of what was going on, until he finally shut up about complaining that seeing people from above wouldn't help. "Kon?" Alice called out when she was close enough to not have to yell or so.

Thank god someone had given her the idea to go to the Cathedral. Now she didn't know what to say at the moment, because where would she start?


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Cigar having burnt to a snub with there being little to gain from holding it any longer, the Holy Knight removed it from his lips before flicking it away out into the city below him over the railing. “Right now that’s done I should get back to work.” Leaving the balcony he made his way through the room and leaving it completely locking it as he left. Scratching his chin, he pondered where best to look for a weapon specialist within the building, surely there would be one close at hand ready to fix any problems with equipment for the Holy Knight Order. Remembering back to his earlier visits to the building he recalled several sections that he had not been inside since seeming to house countless artefacts and sacred instruments someone had to be in charge of maintain all this even if they weren’t keeping everything at a pristine condition.

Where those sections where within the labyrinthian sized building was another question in of itself almost causing him to consider using another party outside the organisation to fix the numerous problems with his weapon. This would not be needed however as he was able to find a armour clad individual unmistakably another Holy Knight who appeared to look down at Kon’s unkempt appearance. “Ah you must be one of our new members, might want to consider taking a look at what you’re wearing after all you are in the halls of Illumin and one of its swords, you should at least look the part.”

Kon was not interested in making an enemies nor friends while he was within the building at least not for today because of this he took a more neutral stance towards the man’s remark. “I’ll take that under consideration however I need to find a weapon smith who can repair something that the church gave to me, a weapon called the punisher you might know it.” A sneer grew on the man’s face clearly annoyed by the decision of the church, perhaps he desired the weapon for himself. The sense of hatred had almost bottled over completely with both fists clenched however his strong sense of faith became equally apparent as he whispered under his breathe with clenched teeth and closed eyes. “Illumin please give me the strength to overcome this unholy temptations to bring pain towards my fellow man.”

Moments later opening his eyes the knight simply gestured out to his left and spoke once more through his still clenched teeth. “You’ll find the blacksmith downstairs and through a few rooms, know this however we will meet again, next time not in this holy walls and I will not show mercy.” While it had not been planned it was clear that he had just made an enemy within the organisation who seemed to actively desire his demise or at least his property. Sighing to himself, he followed the advice of the ill-tempered knight and made his way over to the stairs.

As he walked briskly to the stairs wanting to get these repairs done as soon as possible, a familiar voice called out his name, without hesitation Kon dashed towards the source equally calling out in response. “Alice?” Looking left then right it became clear she was not on the same level as him, dashing downstairs he was meet by a significantly slim Alice similar to how she appeared almost a year ago. A mixture of emotions drew upon Kon leaving him stunned for a brief moment before he rushed towards her taking her up in a gleeful hug twirling her around numerous times before putting her down and embracing her passionately. “Alice it’s so good to see you I was concerned that you would be unsafe considering the state of things now with the loss of our king and the lower castes rioting.”

Separating the connection between himself and her slightly, he looked down at the missing bump that had been growing steadily prior to him leaving her at Baska town. “Please tell me it's good news…” He plead with recent events taking a sudden and surprising toll on him, something like the loss of their child would be devastating new for the man and he didn’t know what he would do if such a thing were to occur.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Where she had thought that she had taken the right stairs, she didn't. This whole place was a maze of other rooms and stairways that she couldn't find so easily and neither Jupiter seemed to know where they came from or where they were headed in the end. Thing was that when she looked up at the balcony that she had spotted, it was empty. She felt a desperate feeling clinging towards her, she was sure she had seen him, she had sensed it. Did that make sense? She kept on walking until finally she simply called out his name, not yelling, but clearly enough. What else would she had to do. She already had the feeling people were staring at her with her bright orange coloured hair that it didn't matter anymore if they would look at her now after all, she needed to find him; desperately.

But even when she reached the floor, the one she thought had to be the good one, she didn't see him and she looked around to make sure not to miss another pair of stairs, it was on the other side of the balustrade and she made her way over there when she heard a familiar voice call out her own name. Her heart started to beat a little faster and a smile crept up on her face, they were close together, and she felt the need to find him even closer. Leaving Jupiter a bit behind as she walked quicker to the sound of her own name, and finally, he was there. She couldn't help but grin and slow her pace a little now that she was sure they were together again. How strange, how much her longing had been for a month apart.

The feeling seemed to be mutual as he picked her up, so much easier now and twirling her around and not one second did the smile on her face falter, she was so happy to see him. Even when he spoke about his concern, which had been the same for her, she couldn't stop smiling, holding on to him as well, a moment of sadness came over her, but more in a way that she understood that she was so happy to be in Crocus, she had made a good decision to com here, "I felt the same. There was no news at all, all I heard was about the new emperor. I had to come to Crocus as soon as I could."

She took a little space between them as he looked at her, she was perhaps not yet at the same weight yet but she had been working on it. She still didn't know what to say about it, what to feel about it but she couldn't help but bit her lip when he spoke, not hiding her grin even if she was trying, her eyes sparkling amusement, she wasn't afraid anymore. "It's good news but perhaps not what you expect." She said, starting clearly that it was good, "We need another name as well. Surprisingly," She couldn't hide a dumb chuckle, she was perhaps a little nervous still, "I have to say it's a girl and a boy." She stared at him with her golden eyes, wanting to spot the reaction he got to the news of having twins.

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Adelaide Sokolov
There was so many things that they had to talk about and she couldn't even care that they were in the grand cathedral and that not everyone could or should listen to them but as they moved into a room, they could talk. Being satisfied that the other wasn't hurt too bad, because that's why she came here so quickly after giving birth to the twin.

She needed to admit her surprise as well as the one he had to work around right now but she smiled, still everything was well, no pain, no wounds, no loss. So they needed names and as they already had struggled with that before and a girl name after they learned it would be only her, it wasn't an easy discussion but yet now that the issue was so real and needed to be fixed right now, it surely seemed to be easier;

Tanya, Anton

As well as discussing the issue of the wedding and many more things now that they finally found each other again. A relieve to at least Alice to be together and in the same town even if they wouldn't be together at that point. With the new emperor, which they discussed as well, perhaps not coming to answers but just to concerns as well as that Lacie was still around, she told him what Judina told her, getting eyes and ears everywhere.

So once everything was discussed a wedding postponed to the summer, no date set yet, it felt like a little bit of relieve. She could go back to the apartment that she rented, where Hecate was now babysitting, to sleep and perhaps finally peacefully.



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Kon was taken aback as Alice revealed fantastic news of them having not one but two children and thus unable to get a proper response for anything else he was asked only able to aid in naming their two children. Numerous matters were discussed with great length, Alice being primarily wanting to focus on their wedding and children though also informing him of their little mole within the Rune Knights who seemed more than capable of leaking bits and pieces to the two of them. Whether the information that they were given would come in handy would be another matter altogether. They remained with one another for a great deal of time at least until Alice departed the church to take care of their children while he remained within the great halls awhile longer to organise his weapon to be repaired. In spite of the great amount of work needed to be done on the firearm, the Smiths were able to restore it at an astounding speed. Due to his position within the Holy Knights he had not been required to pay for the repairs instead, he received a talking down to by the senior Smith as he handing his weapon to him. His weapon now in working order, Kon finally left the church to gather his things and meet up with Alice.


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