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Dis was in another dump and I pulled it

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Dis was in another dump and I pulled it Empty on Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:20 am


Fenrir, while at first shocked he was trounced was still elated that he had made such a fantastic new friend. Sure, she was a tiny bit blunt, but that mostly came from her serious expression, and there was nothing wrong with that! In fact, he appreciated Asura's deadpan expression as it, in a sense, kept him on his toes! He never knew what she was thinking or what she'd do next, and that made him all the more excited to spend time with her. Something like this was still a new experience for him, spending time with someone outside of Esperia's little group, but he was glad he was expanding out.

As he awaited her answer something odd happened. Her expression changed! Though he hadn't seen her giggle, he caught a full view of her flustered, red-faced expression. Now that was worth making a fool of himself. "Alright, sorry haha." he couldn't help but snicker at her. Fenrir was by no means making fun of her, but her change in tone and demeanor was just so exciting! One might even say it was kind of cute how she had allowed her cool exterior to melt when a few eyes were on her.

Completely unaware of his transformation his golden, spiky, locks shimmered in the sunlight before he realized what he had done. The Lycan would look down at his hands, realizing his muscles had expanded and his golden mana turned aura had been coating his form again. "Gosh darn it."

He'd lightly thump himself on the head with a closed fist; this was what Asmodeus had warned him about, whenever he had gotten too excited the blonde would turn on. It was a nagging ability that came with his magic. Truthfully Fenrir had thought he had full control of his skills by now; it seemed she was sadly mistaken. Wheneve3r he got thrilled, or sometimes even angry he'd unleash his magic's first form. He needed to get some self-control.

With her choice to not dance he'd cross his legs and sit back on the picnic blanket. Just as the question of his hair color arose, he'd cross his arms and laugh. "Well, you see uh..." he'd unfold his right arm and scratch the back of his head, "It's my magic." he raised a finger. How could he explain the legend of Saiyan magic to her? He barely believed it when Asmo told him the story, in fact, he was sure she was playing him for a fool at first, then again Asura was his friend surely she'd believe the short version.

"Ha, you look cute when you're all red." she reminded him of Mare, the little elf that wouldn't let Fenrir touch his ears. Honestly, he didn't have a clue how everyone turned so red; he'd have to seek out an answer later on perhaps.

"But yeah, my magic allows me to transform so far I've managed to activate three levels." he raised three fingers, "But from what I was told there's more to it. What about you? Do you have magic? Ooo, we could train together if you do!"

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