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A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria]

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#1Audrey Namatzu 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:24 am

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Audrey had been window shopping in the streets of Oak today. There was never anything interesting to do anymore, and she wasn't sure if she should pack up and leave. She had thought that there would always be stuff to do, but it seemed that her interest here was running out, and there would be no point of waiting around for something to happen. This was the home of the guild Phantom Lord though, so maybe she would attempt to do something with that. Snowy had been yipping next to her as she walked through the streets, and eventually Audrey just carried the small vulpix in her arms, and it hushed the small creature. The blue haired girl would have let the white furry companion make her little noises as she normally did, but she couldn't really do much to stop her once she got going, and she didn't want to draw too much attention to herself. She had been no longer looking at the shops at all, and only at her companion in her arms. She had still been walking though, and she wasn't sure why she was even though she didn't want to, but even then, she wasn't planning to stop looking at her companion, not for a second, in fear that she might start making a whole bunch of noise again. That was until she crashed into someone, and her head went straight up, seeing a towering figure above her.

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#2Jeremiah Ali 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:13 pm

Jeremiah Ali

"So that's what you were growing back home. I'm just glad I don't have to hear you grunt and groan all day." Jeremiah said as the two walked through the streets of Oak. It was around 12 and both him and his companion were hungry. "Master Ali, there are many things we need to speak about..." The Phantom sighed as he walked. Hearing Barunz talk was already shocking enough but now he was about to receive news? By the tone of his voice the news didn't sound too good either. "Barunz, you don't have to call me Master y'know." Master wasn't something he was used to. Sure "Daddy" was something he heard here and there, but master made him feel a little weird. However, the beast insisted that "Master" was correct. "I'm sure you'll want to know more about Savannah..." Barunz looked directly at his master trying to make this matter seem more important than Miah thought. The brown boy shrugged. "And about your real parents." Now that was enough to catch his interest. Jeremiah's head turned towards his companion in a snap. "What?


"M'bad. The sorcerer stopped when he bumped into someone. He looked down and noticed that it was a girl with blue hair holding a white animal, both beings radiated with Mana but the girl was far too small to be out here on her own, no? "Are you out here alone? Are you lost, kid?" He asked warmly but obviously genuinely concerned. Oak town was not safe for a little girl to be alone. The maroon colored beast folded his arms and proceeded to scold the girl despite not even knowing her. "This place is not safe for little ladies!"

#3Aria Scylar 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:58 pm

Aria Scylar
Aria had been walking through the streets of Oak today, yet again looking for something to do. Nothing had ever been going on at the guild and her mischeif had become a bit boring, as now everyone had the same annoyed reaction. She needed something better to do, and maybe something could happen around here that would distract her for a bit.

Just then she had seen a man and his companion talking to a small girl. She had found herself walking over to the two of them without even thinking about what she was going to do or what she was going to say, but she had heard the end of the conversation and had gotten an idea. She had walked up pretending that the small girl was her lost child, and she had wrapped her arms around her saying, "Oh I found you! How could you go running off like that again!" Yes, this was perfect... kind of. Honestly, she was too young to be a mother, so this might not be her best plan. She really just wanted to see what was going on, and this would be her way of getting into the conversation. She bent down and whispered into the girl's ear "I'm Aria, Phantom Lord member, nice to meet ya hehehe!" Then she looked up to the man and had said, "I'm Aria, nice to meet you, and you too" she said to the companion. This was going to be quite the conversation, and she weaseled her way right into the middle of it.

#4Audrey Namatzu 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:00 pm

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

One moment Audrey and Snowy were window shopping peacefully, now she was in front of a man and his talking compainion. "No I'm not lost! And don't call me a kid," she said in a harsh tone. She wasn't going to let anyone look down on her, even though this man was quite tall. "And well, yes, I am out here alone. I'm always out here alone, and I can take care of myself," she said putting Snowy on the ground.

Right after there was a woman who wrapped her arms around Audrey and had pretended to be her mother, then telling the blue haired girl her name and that she was a member of Phantom Lord. She looked up and saw that the woman seemed almost the same age as the man, and maybe he was a member of the infamous guild as well. He sure looked the part, but from what she had seen so far he didn't act it. Snowy growled and Audrey pushed her way out of the lady's arms, now standing between the lady and the man. This was exactly what she was trying to avoid, but it seemed there was no way of getting out of it now. "Well... I'm Audrey, and it's nice to meet all of you," she said with a smile. This actually might be what she wanted, and it might have been a good thing that she hadn't been paying attention after all.

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#5Jeremiah Ali 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:58 pm

Jeremiah Ali

"Hm?" Jeremiah raised an eyebrow as the little girl spoke. Already there were a few things he realized about this child. For one she wasn't alone which explained why she was so defensive. However, he also noticed that she was proud and confident, characteristics of someone strong. With a smirk he chuckled and stood straight. Another thing he learned was that she was on her own. The Savannian understood what it was like to be alone at such a young age, so he automatically had a soft spot for her. Soon this began to feel like some weird set up though when a girl approached them. It's like every girl he met had black hair but that wasn't a bad thing anyway.

Funny, the sorcerer thought while the girl began her monologue. Barunz stood beside him quietly waiting for his master to do something. "Hmmm." The new girl started claiming the little girl as her daughter but she looked nowhere near old enough to be a mother and if anything not the mother of this kid. Jeremiah watched, slightly intrigued in who she actually was now. She hugged the child before whispering something in her ear, the small pet obviously upset growling at the teen mother. Did they know each other or not? The Phantom couldn't really tell what was going on. Just like Barunz, this little creature was loyal and obviously as fierce as her owner. The Teen mother turned towards the Black Panther, her name was Aria and apparently she was a Phantom as well.

The blue haired girl was able to escape the arms of her teenage mother before smiling and introducing herself as Audrey. Aria and Audrey...It was fascinating how easy it was to talk to people. Jeremiah gave a friendly smirked before speaking, "Yo, I'm Jeremiah. I'm from Phantom Lord too Aria, nice to meet you." He told the purple eyed girl. He'd never seen her before, maybe she was a newer member, he thought. The bronze skinned teenager then turned towards Audrey. "Nice to meet you too, Audrey. It's okay to be a kid you know, Imma kid too."

"This is Barunz, My Guardian Dardian." The beast bowed his head towards the girls. He didn't speak much. "We were just on our way to get somethin' to eat, ya wanna tag along?" Who would have thought that becoming a Phantom Lord member would actually begin to warm his heart?

#6Aria Scylar 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:21 pm

Aria Scylar
Aria had slightly laughed. For a Phantom this man had seemed pretty kind-hearted, and this was something the dark mage found hard to believe. All the people she had met before from Phantom Lord seemed to be a bit rude, and this was a trait that Aria had herself. It was second nature to be rude for her, but being nice was just a game that she was good at, nothing more. The blue haired girl had slipped through her arms, and she had just ignored it, as it wasn't really a big deal. She was in the conversation now, and she didn't need the girl to be her fake daughter anymore. She smiled at them and had answered Jeremiah's question with "I'd love to go eat, it'd be a great way to get to know ya." She ended her statement with a smile, and figured that was enough to get away with. Talking normally was hard for her, and she wasn't really sure how long this conversation would last. She would try to stay in the game for as long as she could, and enjoy the good times while they lasted, as they might not last as long as she would hope for herself.


#7Audrey Namatzu 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:34 pm

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Audrey's view on the man had been changed from what it originally was. For some reason any time she had met someone new she was always harsh, and she never really knew why. She didn't mean to, that was for sure, but she had always felt that anyone new was trying to attack her in some way. Maybe she was just paranoid, living alone for so long, but she needed to stop being so defensive and try to be nice to peaople instead of trying to get them to leave her alone. Jeremiah had asked if they wanted to go get some food, and the blue haired girl replied with, "Yummy! That'd be great!" and in reply to his other statement she had said, "What's so great about being a kid? Everyone is constantly looking down on you, assuming you're weak or lost or something like that... no one believes I can live on my own..." her mood suddenly dropped down a bit. It was true, everyone thought she was a weakling, and couldn't fend for herself. They were all wrong though, and sometimes she really did want to show them that. She didn't like people at all though, so sometimes she didn't care enough to move a muscle for anyone else. These two people though, they were different. She could feel it. There was something about them that just wasn't the same as anyone else. Was it because they were Phantoms? No, that wasn't it. Was it because of their clothing? That wasn't it either... what was it? Maybe she would be able to figure it out as time went on, but for now she would enjoy the good time that she wa having right now. She smiled at them and had started to feel happy, a feeling that was coming back, one that she hadn't felt for a long, long time.

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#8Jeremiah Ali 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:16 am

Jeremiah Ali

Both girls agreed to have Lunch with the Phantom. Aria was a weird vibe, but he couldn't judge her solely off of what he felt, afterall she was a Phantom Lord Mage. Being one of Phantom Lords top mages and pretty well known throughout the guild people always seemed to expect him to be this rude or disrespectful dude, but in actuality he was far from that. Jeremiah had a heart of steel; usually hard and cold but could heat up and become warm as well. Besides his usual nonchalant facial expression, he wasn't that unapproachable anymore - he's grown since joining the dark guild. All of the innocent people he's killed because he didn't have control over the Phoenix and his failed attempt to get to the King during the war was enough to force him to self reflect. Those Knights because of his thirst for revenge but he was doing it wrong the whole time.

"Aight, I know just the place." Jeremiah placed his hands in his pocket before walking through the two girls.

"Come on." Audrey spoke once more. The small girl didn't believe that being a kid was a good thing, from her experience it only caused people to look down on her. They assumed that she was weak and incapable of living on her which was ironic because she was doing exactly what people thought she couldn't do. Maybe she didn't see that. Miah noticed the tone in her voice was different from earlier too, she was obviously saddened.

With a light sigh he faced forward, empathizing with the girl... he knew that feeling all too well. "No one believes that you can live on your own, huh? Well what the hell are you doing right now?" He paused for a moment. "Living on your own, right? So fuck what anybody else thinks, that makes you stronger than most adults already, kid." Jeremiah smirked at Audrey. She needed to give herself more credit, she was stronger than she knew. Barunz trailed only a few feet behind them with his arms crossed scanning the area for who knows what.

"How old are you two anyway?"

#9Aria Scylar 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:13 am

Aria Scylar
Aria had started to walk along near Jeremiah, leaving Audrey to walk towards the front. This had honestly felt a bit odd. She had never hung around people for this long before, and she had been starting to feel a little strange. It was a feeling that she had never felt before, and it had almost made her dizzy. It had made her chest start burning up, and it was something that she kind of didn't like. Was there something wrong with her right now? Did she have some kind of illness? She had wondered this, but maybe it was just another human emotion that she had not yet felt yet. She didn't know what to call it, but whatever it was it didn't feel the best. Jeremiah had asked how old she was, and Aria pondered that. Should she lie or tell the truth? She thought for another second and said "I'm Eighteen, what about you?" It was a bit odd that he was asking this question, as nobody had ever asked her this question before. Was it really that important? Did anything really matter? She didn't know, but as she walked along the street she had felt something forming, something meaningful. "So where exactly is this restaurant?" she asked.

#10Audrey Namatzu 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:34 am

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"
The blue haired girl had giggled at what Jeremiah had said as she walked down the street. It seemed he actually did care about her, and that really meant a lot. No one had ever said anything like that before to her, and the words that had just come out of the man's mouth would have a spot in her heart forever. She would remember this day as the first day she had ever really had a human friend, and it seemed that Snowy had felt almost the same way. She wasn't feeling uneasy about the two of them anymore, and she felt that these were people that she could trust. "Thank you, it means very much to me that you'd say something like that," she said smiling. He had then asked how old they both were, and Audrey had answered with, "I'm eight." It seemed there was a big age difference between Aria and herself, but it really didn't matter too much.

Snowy had been making small snowflakes, and they had seemed to be going up higher than they ever had before. One had hit Jeremiah in the face gently, then melted away. Another hit Aria's shoulder, landed on top of it, but stayed. This had been quite a lot more than odd, as Snowy's snowflakes normally never went higher than her own height. Maybe she really was feeling the same thing as Audrey was, the true feeling of friends.

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#11Jeremiah Ali 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:12 am

Jeremiah Ali

Welp it was official. Out of nowhere it was as if the young Savannian felt responsible for the little girl before him. His pride just couldn't allow a child to roam the world without anyone to watch over her, it just wasn't fair to her. The world was a dangerous place and no matter how mature she was there were always going to be people out there who were unbelievably sick in the head, anything could happen to a little girl. Of Course Aria was kinda his responsibility too since he was one of Phantoms authority figures. The Four of them began walking to the diner that was up ahead Aria told the two of them that she was eighteen - the same age as Jeremiah, and Audrey admitted to being eight. "Eight?!?" His eyes widened in pure shock. Honestly, he didn't realize she was that young. "You're even younger than I thought. Damn, you're one amazin' kid." Jeremiah turned towards Aria. "Aye, we're the same age Aria." As they moved forward Jeremiah watched the animal besides Audrey, snow began to rise from it even hitting Jeremiah's face. "Sn-"

"Here we are! Daisy's here I come!" Barunz shouted happily with his grumbling voice as the group approached the diner. Without even waiting for the others, the beast ran inside. Daisy's was a pink house-like structure with Daisy's Diner written on the sign above the door. "Don't mind Barunz, he get's a little excited about this place." Jeremiah said with a smile as he entered the diner as well. The Phantom found Barunz at a table by the window in the far corner of the diner and made his way towards him, hoping Aria and Audrey would follow as well. He'd then sit beside his companion leaving the opposite couch of the booth open for his new friends.

"Alright ladies, tell me about yourselves." His voice genuine and his golden eyes bright and warm within the suns light.

#12Aria Scylar 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:42 pm

Aria Scylar
Aria's eyes only widened when she heard what the girl had to say. She couldn't believe that she was out on the streets on her own, especially at the age of eight. It was such a young age, she really would have expected the girl to be a goner by now. She seemed very strong though, and with the little snowy fox thing at her side, she figured that she would be fine. Jeremiah seemed to be quite surprised as well, just not as much as Aria was. She was also surprised that the two phantoms had been the same age. He had seemed a lot more mature and experienced in life, making Aria see herself oblivious to life and what it would hold. This game was unpredictable, and Aria just happened to be another piece in it.

She could see the diner approaching, and she had felt something strange on her shoulder. It was cold, yet there was no snow coming any time soon. She looked down to see a snowflake on her shoulder, then looked at the snow fox thing. It seemed to be happy, so Aria picked up the snowflake and held it in her hand, smiling at the creature.

"Well let's see... I'm a phantom, I like all sorts of music, and I do love causing mischief. I was coming to mess with you guys and used the mom thing as a way to get into the conversation but... I see that I was wrong to try to mess with you. All of you are nice people and companions, and I realize now that I made a bad decision. Please forgive me..." she said when Jeremiah had asked about them. She knew she went over the line, but she needed to get it out of her mind before it would haunt her forever.

#13Audrey Namatzu 

A Hopeful Day [Social|Jeremiah|Aria] Empty on Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:58 am

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Audrey had smiled at Jeremiah. What happened to the cold attitude she had been expecting from the phantom? He seemed so nice, and this behavior was not something that she was expecting from him. It really didn't seem possible that anyone from a dark guild could ever be nice, but Jeremiah had proven her wrong. He was impressed with her, and that was most likely something other phantoms, like Aria, would keep to themselves. She could see that the woman's face was stone cold, unchanging. That was until Jeremiah's companion had ran ahead of them cheering about the diner, then she saw Aria laugh a bit silently. Audrey had giggled and smiled in the companion's direction even though he wasn't paying attention.

Jeremiah had asked her to tell him a few things about herself, and she really had to think about this. She could choose what she would say, and really that wasn't a good thing. These were the places were she would mess up and embarrass herself, and these were the times that she hated. "Well let's see... I love animals, I come from a different country which I can't remember the name of, and I have an older sister name Rishi." Hopefully that's enough, but she wasn't really sure. She had started to notice that she was bringing up Rishi more and more often. Maybe she should go visit her sometime, it would be nice to go see her white haired sister again.

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