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Clean Up Crew [Quest]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Clean Up Crew [Quest] Empty on Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:38 pm

Jeremiah Ali
It was extremely, extremely rare for Jeremiah to take such a quest, but when someone offered him quick cash for something so easy, he just couldn't deny. In actuality, the young Phantom hardly considered this a quest- it was in fact a simple "task."Nothing was happening for today's job. There was going to be no type of action or anything along those lines but today would be rather interesting. Remy Martello, the little brother of Martin Martello needed a Phantom Lord mage immediately. One of his people came to Phantom Lord and picked Jeremiah. Maybe this was all a set up for what he did to Martello gang members the other day for Jerr. The kid needed help and was an orphan, how could Miah reject him? As a result he killed a few Martello men and stole their loot for the child. Nobody was around to witness what the sorcerer had done so he was sure this had nothing to do with that. It was funny though...how he was doing a task that involved helping the gang who's blood was on his hands. Oh well. This whole thing kinda felt like a joke anyway. It was broad fucking daylight and Remy Martello figured it was best to meet now? Did the Martello gang really have no fucks to give? That's Oak for you He thought as he walked through the streets with his mask attached to his waist and Samehada on his back. Never would he leave his items...who knew when someone would try to attack?

"The Black Panther. I've heard a lot about you, hoho!" Remy called out as he casually approached the teen. The Black Panther was what everyone was calling him ever since he returned from Oak. It represented who he was as a person though, that was the irony. At heart he was a black panther. Remy Martello smiled warmly, he was way too happy for his liking.

"Nice to meet you too! Follow me." The man turned and walked as Jeremiah followed beside him. " I didn't know you'd be the Phantom Lord mage to take my job offer." "Wanted some quick cash, so here I am." Remy looked at him slightly embarrassed. It was true after all. Remy was trying to make small talk for some reason. He was doing more than he actually needed to at this point since Miah was only here for the money. He didn't really like associating with people like him too much, he didn't trust him. Remy faced forward with a nod as the two began to approach the building which was heavily under construction. The place was huge, not to mention there had been so many workers outside. Martello really had enough money to pay them for working on such a huge building? The eyes of the slayer gazed over the structure only a little in awe. Remy waved him over, walking to the front of he building.

WC: 500/1,000

#2Jeremiah Ali 

Clean Up Crew [Quest] Empty on Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:15 pm

Jeremiah Ali
"Don't mind the mess, we're in the middle of renovating, hoho!" Jeremiah remained silent as he approached Remy. The two entered the building together and there laid a total of seven lifeless bodies on the marble floor. The Black Panther's eyes bounced from one body to the next noticing that all of them were different sizes but none looked like they were any younger than an adult. It was a good thing for the Martello's too because if there was a child's body, even if it wasn't Jerr, Jeremiah probably would have murdered this man where he stood. Jerr was lucky that he found Miah that day or those Martello gang members would have murdered him on site. Remy smiled as he looked at the bodies. Seemed like he actually enjoyed what was in front of him. You had to be sick in the head to enjoy the presence of dead human bodies. These Martello guys were gonna be something scary in the future if they had plans on expanding outside of Oak. Of course the Rune Knights would do their jobs by then...hopefully. During the war Jeremiah got to see some Rune Knights actually put their lives on the line despite first seeing cowardly Rune Knight women flee from battle. Seeing that giant woman step in for her peers, the other girl work around the battle field and the selfless knights that blindly ran in to battle a Grimoire Heart mage his respect for the Knights themselves grew a bit. It was one of the reasons that he realized the Councilmen were the only problem. They sat back and allowed Light guild mages and Rune Knights risk their life while they did nothing. They weren't worthy of running the magic world.

Remy explained what was going to happen next. It wasn't hard to understand; pick up the bodies and give it to Remy to chop up in a bag. As the Martello spoke he made sure to point out that three of the bodies were from his own family and their bodies wouldn't suffer the same fate. Suffer? They weren't alive to suffer. Jeremiah did just that though. He brought each and every body to Remy martello who began to chop them up without hesitation. The smile that was there faded into a slight frown. The man was focused as he swung the axe onto the body parts of the dead bodies. After everything was done, now all Jeremiah had to do was bring three of the bodies to the back of the building to be picked up for proper burial. Fair enough. The not-so-dark mage picked up two bodies and placed them under his arms before bringing them outside, then came in to bring the last body outside. When all three bodies were outside, he clapped his hands as if he was dusting them off. Literally, the entire process only took about 15 minutes. It was well worth what he was going to get paid.

Remy walked outside about 5 minutes after Jeremiah with a huge bag full of chopped up bodies before paying and thanking him. Quick money.

~ EXIT ~

WC: 1,000/1,000

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