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Experimental Hexes [Quest]

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#1Farren Claret 

Experimental Hexes [Quest] Empty on Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:06 am

Farren Claret
Yet another day in the town of Oak, and Farren found himself once again in the employ of the mysterious Dr. Mabuz. Though he still felt a bit weary from the perils of the previous day, he felt noticeably better when compared to how he felt only two days ago. Before, it seemed as if all of his determination and willpower had been sapped from him. Now, though still a bit perturbed about the events that had occurred with the White Claudia serum, he felt a bit better than he normally did. Even though there were still things within his psyche that he felt he needed to overcome, the fact that he was now privy to the problem made all the difference. Knowing is half the battle, and not being aware that there's a problem that should be addressed can stifle even the strongest of men.

While he thought back on the previous day, he also found himself walking along the streets of Oak Town in search of potential targets. No, these weren't the usual targets that the cannibal usually had in mind. These targets were intended to be for the benefit of Dr. Mabuz and the hexes that he was currently paying Farren to experiment with. Apparently, these artificial hexes were imprinted with various effects and could be used on whomever the wielder willed them on. He'd been given two hexes in total. Once the wielder spoke the hex aloud, it would apparently be cast upon whomever the user envisioned within their mind. After the casting, the word upon the piece of paper would then fade away - implying that the casting of the hex had been a success.

Most of the time that Farren had spent traveling through the town was spent in an effort to find perfect candidates for experimentation. Farren had no intention of going back to the Doctor and finding out that the subjects that he'd tested the hexes on weren't "suitable" enough. Farren was the type of person that detested the idea of cutting corners when it came to completing any sort of task; especially if that meant he'd need to redo everything he'd done. Making sure that something was accomplished to the best of your abilities was better than having to do something over simply because you slacked off.

A few moments later, he began to get the idea that he'd managed to find the perfect candidate for his first hex. In the middle of town someone had managed to gather a large crowd of citizens. Apparently, someone had recently come into town in order to speak upon the new head of "government" within Fiore. This was in no way a speech meant to speak out against this new regime, in fact, it was quite the opposite. This person had come into town in order to speak about this new regime in high regards. Farren couldn't help but think that this man would make the perfect mark - especially with the fact that so many people were speaking during said speech. With so many words being flung about, it would be hard for someone to pinpoint the fact that Farren had spoken a hex aloud.

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#2Farren Claret 

Experimental Hexes [Quest] Empty on Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:08 am

Farren Claret
As he enmeshed himself amidst the crowd, he focused his attention on the man that stood atop the soap box. As the man reached a high point in the middle of his speech, Farren promptly spoke.


He made sure to speak this word in unison with the loudness of the crowd, making sure none would be aware of the fact that this word was spoken. Almost instantaneously after this hex was spoken, Farren was able to see the paper in which the word housed on the piece of paper dissipated as the speaker began to act abnormally. The weird actions started off with the man rubbing his arms as if something were on them. It then devolved into him full on slapping his arms as if there were a multitude of bugs crawling all over his body. His sanity took a turn for the worst as he began asking those within the crowd for help - his fingernails now digging into his own flesh as he attempted to rid himself of the invisible bugs that were assailing him.

Those with some sense made it a point to avoid him as the crowd began to disperse. Fear was now running rampant as many couldn't understand what exactly was going on. Many couldn't decide whether or not this man was crazy, or, if there was something attacking him that they simply couldn't see. If it was the former, they needed to avoid him before he ended up harming one of them. If it was the former, they needed to avoid whatever was attacking this poor man. Either of these options meant that these people would be leaving this man to fend for himself as they vacated the area in a manner reminiscent of a stampede.

With the crowd now dispersing, Farren took this opportunity to move along with them as he looked for yet another target. Cries and shouting filled the air as people began to disperse in a panic, and Farren recognize that this chaos and disorder was yet another great opportunity to test out the next hex that he'd been given. Though causing such mayhem was fun, he really wanted to get this quest over with. Farren was the sort of person that preferred his victim know who exactly was causing them so much suffering. Attacking people in such a sneaky manner was beneath him.

Deciding to end this quickly, Farren would target a nearby male that just so happened to run past Farren's field of vision. He was simply attempting to escape the mayhem in the area, but he'd now be afflicted with a hex as Farren spoke the necessary word.


With the word spoken, Farren expected that the man would lose all control of his ability to control the function of his legs. However, what occurred is that the man simply gained a notable limp. He himself was confused as to where this limp came from, but the fact that he acquired it gave him even more initiative to leave the area as soon as possible; fear contorting his face in a manner that caused Farren to laugh internally.

With his work done, Farren made his way back to the shop of Dr. Mabuz in order to report the results of the experiment and receive his payment.

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