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DAHLIA --> OAK[Foot travel]

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DAHLIA --> OAK[Foot travel] Empty on Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:00 am

Aniz was done in Dahlia. he was at a shrine and getting ready to leave the area as fast as he can because he wanted to join phantom Lord now but before it was Grimorie heart and it was disbanded now so he can't join it now. So, Aniz's next traget to join is Phantom Lord. Aniz then ready and getting out of the Dahlia and now he was at the border and before leaving he said "I will be back DAHLIA." after saying this Aniz leaves the area and heads towards Oak where phantom lord lies. Aniz then arrives magnolia where his former guild lies FAIRY TAIL but he ignored it and headed towards the oak where he knew that he has to pass many area where every one already know him. Then After a little longer run Aniz arrives to Era where he was a well known mage but he still ignored it and headed once again and then he arrives to crocus where he fought the demon of Grimorie heart to save crocus and the king but they still when and then he arrives the arena where he and a guy named sage trained together. Aniz still running without stopping any where. He then leaves Crocus also and arrives orchidia town where he was not known because he was never there. and then he leaves that place also and arrives to Worth Woodsea where Aniz stopped for some rest because it was night already. So, Aniz sleeped near a tree and the next morning he once again started to running until he reaches oak town. And after a little running Aniz arrives Nanuq town where he don't know anyone so he still running until he reachs' his destination. and after a another day Aniz was able to cross all the area's and arrived to his destination and said "HERE I AM OAK AND PHANTOM LORD." and then he headed towards phantom lord guild hall so he can join it.

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