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A New Mine [Quest/Bianca]

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A New Mine [Quest/Bianca] Empty Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:58 pm

Bianca Fleur †
The next day after Joan arrived in Baska, she immediately began with a mission after receiving a letter from the client, a Mattoro. She had never heard of him before, but he seemed to be holding a grudge against the contractors. He wanted her to completely destroy the mines that he and his men were supposed to be working at or something. Joan finished a cup of coffee as she read over his letter, and thought of how she would tackle this request. She was not supposed to meet him before the mission either, like how she would with the clients in Oak Town, like Dr. Stephen Mabuz. But the letter pretty much summed up everything that she needed to do. However, she would have to meet Mattoro in a shack somewhere near the mines to get the explosives. She was glad she did not have to find the explosives on her own. It would be annoying to go looking for explosives since she was not very familiar with Baska so she would not know where to find any type of explosive. She folded the letter and tucked it into her pocket before leaving the inn. It was time to meet Mattoro, in an abandoned shack that was about a mile from the mines. She was given directions by Mattoro in the letter, so that she could find the place without trouble, although she was supposed to start navigating from the towncenter. After the meal the night before, she did not need to get breakfast. Just a cup of coffee was enough.

Once she started walking, she noticed how quiet the town was, even though it was a weekday and there was supposed to be work and stuff. Maybe things were already starting to change with the change of ruler. Baska did not use to be this quiet. This was not her first time here, so she knew. The streets she walked through were pretty much deserted. The few people she met along the way gave her strange looks, probably because of the way she dressed. It was pretty...exotic? She had been dressing this way ever since she came back from the coma. In fact, when she woke up, she was already dressed this way. Of course Joan would not know why. The wizard who was using dark magic on her had an image in mind, and this was the result of his works. Once she arrived at the meeting point, she looked for the shack and there it was. She went in immediately and found her client waiting. He had been expecting her, it seemed. The vampyress revealed that she was here for the quest. Mattoro greeted her and began to talk about the quest, most of it was what Joan already knew though. She listened attentively for more details. The man explicitly stated that he did not want any of the workers there to get hurt, which put a frown on Joan’s face. “I’ll try my best.”

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Bianca Fleur †
Surely he did not think that explosives worked that way? Joan was not going to mention that she would not care if anyone got hurt because she was not going to go in with warning. Anyone within the radius of the explosion would get at least a bit hurt. It was his job to do the warning, if he did not want anyone to get hurt. But the vampyress did not say anything at the moment. She just listened. Mattoro did not have anything more to add and told her that it was all he had to say. The sorceress nodded and took the explosives from him. There were four in total, and she was supposed to place them in specific locations to completely collapse the whole mine. Once she arrived at a spot where she could get a scope of the mine, she noticed that there were miners literally everywhere. She thought of turning into a raven, but it was not exactly necessary since she could try to get in without getting noticed. After all, being sneaky was what she was good at. The vampyre took some time to find an opening for her to get into the mine through. Once she found it, she took no time to hesitate and went in. There was no telling if someone would suddenly show up and ruin it for her. The miners were basically swarming the whole place so it was quite difficult for Joan. Luckily she was able to get in through the opening she saw.

As soon as she got into the mine, she started to find the spots that Mattoro had instructed her to place the explosives at. Of course she had to try and make sure no one saw her while she was doing so; she had to be quick about it. It was pretty hot in the mines. The vampyress was not a fan of heat so she wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. After finishing placing the explosives, she headed out through an opening that was not the one from before, but it was somewhere the miners were not really paying attention to. She had to stay somewhere far before she set off the explosives. Once she was out of range, she set them off without hesitation. A loud boom would echo throughout the mine and cause a huge commotion. The miners panicked and started to run anywhere away from the mine and that was when Joan returned to the shack where Mattoro was waiting for her. He was watching from the shack, and he seemed pretty satisfied with her work, thankfully. “I don’t think anyone got badly hurt. I’m pretty sure no one died as well.” Mattoro nodded with a smile and handed her her reward for the job. He added that he probably needed to do more to bring the contractors down. The vampyress nodded and left the shack to return to her inn, to prepare for more missions.

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