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Blameshift [Quest]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Blameshift [Quest] Empty on Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:56 am

Jeremiah Ali
Blameshift [Quest] SbiZEk9

The moon was bright and full. The grounds were wet from the rain earlier today and it was the perfect time for trouble o arouse in Oak time. Jeremiah was no hero but he did know right from wrong. If an elderly man was being beaten up he'd be the one to help the elderly man, however he wasn't trying to stop crime or anything but he wasn't really a "Bad guy". His goal was to destroy the magic council and only those who got in his way would die - was that an evil thing to do? The council was full of corrupt mages. Phantom Lord wasn't an entirely "dark guild" is the point I'm making. There were people just like Miah who knew that the real evil wasn't them. Granted Jeremiah has taken innocent lives but it was only the lives of those who deserved it or those who got in his way - was that evil?

Every time he rested was a thinking moment. The young Phantom snapped back into reality as he looked about the town. From the building he was on, everything seemed so clear. The trees from this angle covered much of the area but he could still see a few townsfolk walking about. Barunz stood beside the Savannian who sat on the edge of the building, both beings watching the town. "It's been a week already, and I still don't know much about you. All I know is that you love vegetables and training." Jeremiah spoke to the beast. The creature's voice rumbled lightly. "Oh, and that weird plant you keep watering in the window." Barunz grumbled again. His form of communication kind of sounded like rumbling rocks or something along those lines, it was an oddly nice sound though.

A kid had been running, panting and struggling to catch his breath as he turned into the alleyway beside the building he duo had been on. "Hey kid! What's wrong?" Jeremiah shouted as he looked down. The boy looked up with widened eyes as if he'd just seen something terrible. "Hey mister! C-can you help me?? Some real bad guys are after me! I don't wanna die!" Barunz groaned and made his way towards the edge of the building to see the boy. Jeremiah leaped off the building and landed beside the boy, causing the ground to crack slightly. "Chill lil homie, tell me what happened?" Jeremiah spoke to the boy dressed in rags. Poor kid, it reminded the Phantom of when he was younger how he had o live for a little while before finding Fairy Tail. The boy admitted everything to Miah. His name was Jerr and his home was the local Orphanage. It was clear then what needed to be done. "Barunz take this boy to Maplewood Diner and get him something to eat."

The Phantom fished out jewels from his pocket for the boy to take. "I'll be back in half an hour at most, I just need you to watch him till then." He told his companion. Barunz nodded and picked Jerr up before leaving the area. Now it was time to get it popping. Jeremiah placed Ooga Booga onto his face and dashed through the town of Oak, making his way to the outskirts of the own as Samehada rested on his back.

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#2Jeremiah Ali 

Blameshift [Quest] Empty on Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:36 pm

Jeremiah Ali
This town is filled with gang bangers. Miah sprinted through the town of Oak, quickly making his way to the outskirts of the town. Jerr was an innocent kid and these guys really were gonna harm him for eavesdropping? Already, Jeremiah knew he would show these men no mercy when it came time to confront them. Scums like them deserved to die and that's exactly what he was going to do. At least he was killing people who didn't positively influence the world in anyway, having hem around would only cause more trouble for the townsfolk and possibly his Phantom peers. The brown skinned male stopped once he reached the outside of the town. Nothing but dirt and Oak trees, rocks and boulders and here and there and only about 30 meters in front of him there the Martello gang members were. Jeremiah analyzed the situation before him. Although it was probably going to be a pretty easy fight it was still always important to know how many people you were up against. One...two...three...four...five...six. Only six people guarding a cart full of money. The sorcerer wondered for a brief moment what they could have been doing with the money but his thoughts on it didn't last long as he began walking towards the group. With Ooga Booga attached his face he would approach them nonchalantly. Besides the fact that this mask absorbed any attack that came in contact with him, he did love the fact that any facial expression he created the mask would mimic.

"Well well, what do we have here?"

The nonchalant expression turned into a slight smirk when he men turned to face him in shock. They all wore top hats and suits bu their guns could easily be seen in their holsters. Once they saw the masked mage they all went to grab their guns. "Who the hell are you?!
Get outta here before shoot ya right in ya head!"
The other guards kept their guns up and waited. "Hakai." he said with a warm smile before dashing forward. The guns all shot at once, the first two hitting but absorbed by Ooga Booga, the others all missed. Jeremiah approached he man who spoke and kneed him directly in his stomach, causing spit to fly out his mouth and sending him flying 5 meters back, crashing into a tree and most likely breaking his back.

Two other men shot at Jeremiah, once again Ooga Booga absorbed the damage as the young Savannian dashed towards the first shooter, easily breaking his neck. He moved towards the second shooter and did the same thing he did to the previous shooter which meant there were only two more Martello gang members left and hey both trembled beside each other. By now they realized that their bullets couldn't hurt him...yet they knew that if they didn't try something they'd die. The two members sucked it up and charged towards Miah as last resort. When they were about to swing, the Phantom flipped over them, landed behind them and placed his hand on both their heads, squeezing tightly causing them to scream in pain as their life left their body. Skull crusher... he needed to use that more often.

After the deed was done, Jeremiah put his mask on waist beneath his coat and walked over towards the cart. A huge duffle bag sat in the cart, just waiting for the Phantom to take. With a smirk he zipped open the bag, eyes widening at the sum of jewels that rested inside. The Orphan boy would have a ball with all these jewels - there would be no need for him to wear rags for a while.

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#3Jeremiah Ali 

Blameshift [Quest] Empty on Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:01 am

Jeremiah Ali
Jeremiah swiftly ran back into the town with both Samehada on his back, and now the bag around his shoulder. Jeremiah always made sure he had his belongings before leaving a place since he did have some pretty valuable items. Recently he bought a ring that made him stronger which in turn made it easier for him to wield Samehada with one hand. The blade and Jeremiah began to form a bond despite the fact that Samehada drained his mana every time he used it but having a blade so strong made the cost worth it. It also helps that Jeremiah was lucky to be blessed with more mana than other mages his age and rank. His parents were strong mages so it made sense. As he town entrance approached Jeremiah slowed down. Maplewood Diner he thought to himself as moved forward. Up ahead he could see a footprints imprinted on the soft dirt. The rain made everything so sticky and gooey. The Phantom remembered the boy saying that there were people after him and he only managed to get away. It was possible that while he was off retrieving the bag of jewels, the other Martello gang members may have found Barunz and Jerr. Of course Barunz could probably handle whoever he was up against by himself. That beast was one hell of a fighter and he was truly not the creature you want to have a run in with. Jeremiah decided to pick up the pace, just in case he could prevent a run in.

The Phantom stopped dead in his racks when he saw two well dressed men running with guns in their hands. Upon seeing him, the two men stopped as well but also lifted their guns. For a brief second there was an awkward silence. Their eyes glanced down at the duffel bag on his shoulder, then back at him simultaneously. "Whaddya have there, kid?" One of the men spoke, weary of the young man in front of him and his buddy. The sword o Miah's back was fairly obvious from where they were standing so it was obvious that somebody wasn't going to leave here so easily."Hey, hey...chill out." The demon slayer raised his hands slowly to show the men that he meant no harm. The gang members inched forward, closing the distance between them and their opponent to only 7 meters.

Nowadays everything is so...

Once his opponents were close enough, the Phantom shot a ball of white fire between the Martello men. "Why you-" After the fireball missed and caused a small fire behind the men, they immediately began shooting at their target. It was then that Jeremiah placed his fingers on his forehead, vanishing instantly and rising out of the flame created by the fireball within a second.


Once he reappeared behind them he extended his arms and grabbed them by their skulls before crashing their heads into one another with full strength, immediately knocking them out. "Gah." Jeremiah winced at a sharp pain in his right bicep. I moved too slow.. he thought to himself. With Ooga Booga resting on his waist he was able to actually take damage now. Still, the pain was far from anything that would distract him from getting to his Companion and the boy.

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#4Jeremiah Ali 

Blameshift [Quest] Empty on Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:18 am

Jeremiah Ali
Everything seemed so much easier now. Thinking back to a few months ago, he was justa confused teenager dealing with the effects of being trapped inside his own body with another soul. The soul of the Phoenix, praised by many cultures and a beast idolized by many people. That creature literally lived within him. Thanks to Phantom Lord, their intense training grounds and more complex jobs pushed him to become stronger and in turn made it easier for him to slay the Phoenix spirit, causing him to absorb it's abilities and awakening his ability to use white fire. The very flames used to kill demons. For so long he believed himself to actually have blood DNA because of his mothers magic, but if he did then he wouldn't be able to have a the magic he has now. How Ironic was it though, that his mother was a mage who could transform into a demon and now he was a mage with demon slaying abilities. In a nutshell, everyday he was becoming stronger and soon he'd be able to completely destroy the council - but Fairy Tail was first. Jeremiah sprinted forward, swiftly moving through the streets of Oak, turning corners until eventually he could see Barunz and Jerr only meters away from the diner. In front of the boy was the Dardian readying himself for battle. The beast slammed his hand on he ground a pretty big rock to fly up, then with a punch forward the rock flew into one of the men. Instant defeat.

Jeremiah smirked with his hand resting on his hip as he watched his companion dash forward. Barunz was amazing when it came to fighting, it seemed to be natural for him. The last Martello gang member raised his gun to shoot but was far too slow. Barunz reached the man and with his left knocked the Martello Gang member's right hand upward which made him shoot into the air. That wasn't all. Immediately following the flow of movements, his rand fist crashed directly into the mans stomach. Jeremiah wasn't surprised. Barunz and his strength were nearly equally matched. The Martello gang banger flew back about 20 meters as light winds blew from the impact.

Both enemies were defeated and the Phantom didn't even need to help. After the short fight was over, Jeremiah called out from behind. "Yo." The boy turned with his jaw dropped, apparently amazed at what he just saw. Barunz also turned to see Jeremiah, his arms crossed as he let out a sigh."One of these days you'll have to explain to me exactly who you are, Barunz." The sorcerer chuckled, approaching he two. Jerr acknowledged he duffel bag on Mah;s shoulder and knew he succeeded. Jeremiah handed the boy the duffel bag before being given some jewels for helping Jerr. Seeing as the Orphan wasn't given any food to eat yet due to what just happened, Jeremiah still treated him to a meal but sent him straight home after.

~ EXIT ~

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