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Fantastic Fabrics (Quest: Notte Giornata)

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#1Notte Giornata 

Fantastic Fabrics (Quest: Notte Giornata) Empty Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:42 pm

Notte Giornata
Notte was the new kid in town just coming in from his home Hargeon Town he didn't really know what to expect or really what to do when he got there other than to find some work or some requests people needed to be done, either way, he needed cash and cash quickly, coming in with nothing but the clothes on his back the shoes on his feet and a backpack with nearly nothing inside but a bottle of water some food he had packed and supplies for some roll ups, nearly every town he had ever been to  had a request board and that was usually in the center so that was the first stop, while walking he reached into his bag and pulled out his pouch of tabacco and rolled up for a smoke, he admired his skills of rolling up cigarretes but then again practice makes perfect, but then again Is that really a good thing.

Finding his way throughout the streets he eventually found the center and eventually with that discovery he found the local request board, "Money Money Money... What gives the most money for my skill level hmm... " Knowing himself he want really that strong of a person so he couldn't take any hunting or a  bounty quest just yet he would probably 1. fail the mission 2. get hurt 3. in an extreme case he would be killed. So he wanted to take a calmer route, still looking around, something caught his eye a pink flier which seemed to be signed by a man called Fernando not really knowing what he was getting into all he really wanted was the money so he gave Fernando a little visit.

Notte felt like he was walking around in a maze of buildings, every turn and twist felt like the last and looking back he felt like that twist wasn't the path he had taken before but eventually after calming down and actually took out a map he figured out that he actually was going in a circle, he honestly felt stupid, he quickly lit his roll up in embarrassment being a little red and quickly ran off to the boutique as quick as he could to make sure no one got to it first, quickly running up to shop he saw the shop in the horizon in all his glory, seeming like a pretty nice shop he got to the door and simply walked in, the second he walked in he got greeted by a man that defiently knows his way around fashion he should get some advice from him at some point but right now he's here for a quest.

Welcome! Are you here for the quest? "Uh yeah what do you need?" He said quite unenthusiastically but with a bit of wonder. "Well my friend, I'm here... Asking you... To Help me... TO MAKE A MASTERPIECE, YOU HAVE ONE JOB FIND ME THE MOST AMAZING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THE MOST FLAMBOYANT MATERIAL YOU CAN FIND AND HELP ME DESTROY THE FASHION INDUSTRY"

He said putting his hand through his own amazing hair.

WC: 537/1000

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#2Notte Giornata 

Fantastic Fabrics (Quest: Notte Giornata) Empty Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:08 am

Notte Giornata
After the commotion of Notte's arrival had settled Fernando began to explain what he was here for "But more importantly, let me show you around and what I actually want you to get" He said as he pulled out a little pouch full of various materials, he pulled out a few materials "Bridals Fabrics, Luxury Silks, Metallics, Leather and Coloured Laces. This is the kind of stuff I want you to get but something like this doesn't cost nothin you need a pretty penny" He said holding up a huge bag of gems, Notte's mouth began to salivate
"Is that- is that for me...??" The man began to chuckled "No no no are you crazy do you think I'd spend that much just for someone to gather my materials, no no no I'll give you your reward when you come back." He said cockily, Notte feeling down as he thought he was gonna be stinking rich but quickly perked up as he heard the word reward!

Notte quickly ran out the door to buy the fabrics as fast a possible, while running he looked at the bag of jewels and thought to himself
What stops me from just stealing this whole bag and just leaving the town and just escape, it's the old guy's fault for trusting he had never met. He turned around started to head away from town but stopped himself, he started to walk slower and slower and started to walk back to the shop he couldn't really explain what stopped him but he thought about how he would feel if some just stole his shit, what would his father think of him, no clue really.

Notte arrived at a few local stores and looked around, he could have just bought all the materials at one shop but he thought to himself that each shop had a speciality so he wanted to look around a bit more, first of all, he went to Khans Bridal Fabrics and bought a few pieces of expensive material that had some kinds of beads on it? Next, he went to the silk farm stall where they wind silk right in front of your face so he bought a bunch of the luxury material and went the next stall which was leather, he walked up to man and asked "Hey sorry I know you guys have cow leather but I wanted to ask if you have any other types like Deer or Sheep?"
The man looked at Notte weirdly and walked off to the back and grabbed a bag and threw it at Notte, "Take it no one buys it" Notte was quite surprised no one actually wanted these cool materials
"Guess this is why Fernando is gonna be the best."

Notte had collected all the materials and spent all the money for them so he ran back to the boutique he was proud of himself he had learned the layout of the city, he had only got lost once this time.

Walking into the shop Fernando was hard at work sitting in the back working on some clothes, he didn't wanna disturb him but he wanted to get the cash so he went up to Fernando and said "hey Fernando I got the stuff" He then pointed at a small bag of gems and implied to leave the bag there, Notte quickly ran up and grabbed the bag and left the bag of materials on the floor and dashed out the door, "EYY MY FIRST QUEST DONE!" He said as his starved self ran to the closest pizzeria and fill himself to the brim, not forgetting to roll up for afterwards.


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