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Black Sun Rising [Part II] [Baron]

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Black Sun Rising [Part II] [Baron] - Page 3 Empty on Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:32 pm


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As Fernir stared his own foe down, Alisa followed up on her attack: As the piercing, shattering crystals shot out from her body, she may have been unable to see her foe but could obviously see where her crystals stopped moving. There she detected a humanoid shape, now fully detectable as an obstacle in the path of her projectiles. Sensing it, she charged immediately:

"HAAAAAA!!", with a bellowing, ear bursting Kiai she drove her right fist deep into the invisible enemy's form. Once that powerful attack made contact though, her body reacted on pure instinct, following up with a rising uppercut, relying on the full power of her jets to generate thrust. With the staggering power of the first hit, an all out offense kept him from recovering his wind and retaliating...

Like that, she locked the invisible enemy down under an endless rush of punches and kicks, leaving little room for escape or counter...

...Meanwhile, Fernir had his own foe to content with. To his credit, he understood when conversation was futile and instead took his stance, expecting the enemy to come at him. Still devoid of one of her daggers, the dark elf hardly looked troubled by this limitation, and instead merely smiled... And then charged. Now that he could properly face her, he'd realize just how fast she was, probably as fast as Alisa.

As she charged, the threw her second dagger right af Fernir from roughly 5 meters away, then whipped her hand at him, lashing a long, black tendril of shadow like a whip...

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Black Sun Rising [Part II] [Baron] - Page 3 Empty on Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:43 pm

Fenrir blinked, and she charged before he could do so much as tell her to come forward. With her five meters away and him in stance, he had seen the dagger happening the entire time. Thus he swatted it out of the air with a backhand thanks to his own little bit of speed. Sadly, this elf was persistent and wanted a fight so severely she summoned up a tentacle. Bracing he'd do his best to just barely dodge her added appendage.

"Ugh, you didn't tell me we were using tentacles now." he joked before getting up and simply... Running. He ran in the opposite direction of the elf, he'd fight but there was no use in trying to battle someone stronger than himself, and there was no need in taking her on head on so he ran as fast as he could back to the entrance in hopes she'd give chase.

While running, hopefully with her following, he'd cup his hands and turn around swiftly firing a blue wave of energy from his hands and at her without the intent to hit her but to propel himself away. "Sorry, but I've gotta jet." were his last words to her as he barreled towards the entrance.


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Feeling she had her enemy on the ropes, the glaring Alisa finished off her rush with a thundering backspin kick, ready to knock him back down to the ground and continue the fight there. Her flight spell proved very taxing mana wise, and she'd likely conserve her magic power for spells. For that reason she tried to tenderize the invisible enemy, but by the time her kick hit home, he felt as hard as ever.

"Tch...", though she was sure he blocked, the guy was nonetheless flung down, crashing loudly into the stone ground, and rising a cloud of dust.

Alisa wouldn't let him stay hidden though, rushing back down until her feet touched the ground with a clac, upon which she blitz back forward at the freshly revealed shadow. This time though, she met even greater resistance, as the foe fully acclimated to her strikes and now managed to defend against them:

Black Sun Rising [Part II] [Baron] - Page 3 3ihlYn6

"That aint gonna work twice girl.", with a cocky grin, the man stopped her punch with his bare hand, though the sheer power behind it pushed him back a few meters. Round 2 commenced now.
Meanwhile, Fernir too had his hands full with his opponent. As he swatted away the dagger and avoided the whip, the woman merely smirked as she redirected her whip of darkness wiah a flick of her wrist. Yet she swung it not directly towards Fernir, but her deflected dagger. Deftly, the long whip coiled around the dagger as it continued on a circular trajectory, drawing a cutting circle roughtly two meters around herself.

"Oh, over so soon~?", she teased right back, close enough that her attack could have done some damage, but likely not permanently injure him. As she gave chase, however, she found it hard to get out of the way in time and was seemingly enveloped by the blue beam and ensuing cloud of dust...

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Fenrir hadn't made it to the exit, she had done her damage to him, but it seemed he did his bit of damage to her as his blast enveloped her. "Grah!" he gritted his teeth as the wound she had inflicted gave had come back to bite him. It seemed there was more to her magic and weapon than she led on.

With her hit by the wave, he'd stand straight and tore off his shirt. "damn elf... Ruined my favorite gi." he tossed the garment to the ground and narrowed his eyes at the dust cloud, it wasn't over there was no way she'd be defeated so easily after such a relentless assault before. Getting into position as if he was going to be running track, Fenrir darted forward at the dust cloud full speed. He still didn't power up, but was bracing for whatever she tried from the dust cloud. Alisa may have had her hands full, but he was in trouble.. He wasn't a good fighter; he detested combat, but alas if this was what had to happen to keep his friend safe and sound, or at least in a fair fight so be it.


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With her fist grappled, Alisa instantly tried to revese this by grabbing hold of the lean man's wrist, wrenching her own fist free with a quick roll of her wrist, shooting it straight forward towards his face. Before she could do this, however, the guy grinned and opened his idle hand, unleashing a wide, concussive beam of light from point blank:

"Got you~", he taunted, leaving Alisa unable to back away in time, shot back a good couple of meters with a grunt.

She felt more annoyed than hurt so long as her armor still held firm, gritting her teeth, and flicking her wrist upwards the moment she could move it. Once more, a cluster of crystalline stalagmites erupted beneath the dark clothed man's legs, staggering him just long enough... And when Alisa finally blitzed back at him, the man had no way to go but forwards: This time, he matched her blow for blow. She was faster, but he hit harder...

... Fernir had a different scale of problem to contend with. As he rushed under the dusty cloak, he'd meet resistance to his advance mid dash, something hooking his foot and tripping him over... Sending him on a path downwards while a pointy dagger flew upwards to intercept him. A trap!

But, if her magic was working here, where was the elf?!

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Fenrir was caught off guard again, he slipped down the trap with ease and tried his best to cover himself for any impact crossing his arms over his chest, yet it seemed the dagger had other plans as it lunged at him. Reaching out a hand he'd try to smack it out of the way again only to cut the back of his hand in the process. As he slid, he'd find himself on yet another cliff that looked out towards the city. "You sure are sneaky." he complimented the elf, wherever she was at this point, "But I can be sneaky too."

With that, he'd get back into a fighting stance waiting for her next ambush or attack, if he was lucky she'd spark another trap and he could further attempt to make her run out of tricks, though if worst came to worst he was ready to use deadly force. Naturally, she had the intent to kill him so for now; he would at least pretend like he had the same purpose for her.

Wherever she attacked from he'd dart for that direction rather it was back up to the original path or downward, if she came at him he'd be ready.


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The two traded another flurry of blows, and now, for the first time, Alisa truly felt her incredibly powerful armor starting to give way. Junketsu wasn't truly defeated, yet whatever and punches made their way through often made Alisa grit her teeth, and at times recoil. She knew it, he knew it, grinning almost triumphantly. But she also knew he'd think that way. The one moment he felt he'd staggered Alisa and reeled his hand back for the finish, the woman simply opened her mouth and let out a bellowing Kiai, shaking the walls of the cave:

"CHAAAA!!", and with this cry, she also produced a conic vortex of cutting diamonds, immediately enveloping her wide open foe before had a chance to counter her.

"F-Fuck!!", grunted the man, covering his face as a last ditch effort to keep Alisa's Diamond storm from filling him with holes outright...

As for Fernir, he needn't move so much to find a follow up. He'd taken some damage in defending from the dagger, but avoided it becoming a finishing blow... Right after he defended that hit and just before the cloud of dust dispersed, the elf would fall down onto him from above, ready to plunge her last remaining dagger into his back. Whether he took the hit, or instead dodged and adequately countered, this attack would likely decide the victor of his battle...

Alisa's opponent too didn't seem to have much left in the tank, but appearances could decieve. Even now, the slightest slip up in either of their part could likely result in them both losing their lives...

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FEnrir clinched his eyes tight before he heard her, the sound of flapping in the wind, not wings but a loin cloth, Fenrir cupped his hands and turned around immediately sweeping them forward a blue wave of energy enveloping the she elf and the Saiyan as he unleashed a Kamehameha at full mass but not power it was only big for effect really. ""Ahhhhh!" he screamed aloud as he shot harder. The elf would likely still be in the air on impact and if so her attack would not be all for not as her dagger would fall and cut him along his chest in a deep wound gravity doing most of the work for the knife.

"Ah!" he continued to shoot his blue wave. His mana was quickly depleting and if his attack was successful he'd end it and let her fall to the ground as he would hold his wounded chest. "You sure can fight well." he'd smile and look over at Alisa. She was so.. Good, how was she so bent on killing this man? It was beyond the Lycan that was for certain.

He narrowed his eyes as she toyed and battled with the man. "I did it alisa... We did it.."


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With his swift reaction, Fernir actually spared himself of the final cut, quickly intercepting his foe with a quick kamehameha. This sent the elf flying to god knows where; likely defeated... If he looked around enough he might probably find her...

Alisa too seemed just about done with her foe. Sensing weakness as the enemy got knocked back fromm her diamond vortex, the woman narrowed her eyes and gripped her sword, right as her foe took a few steps back. She had him on the ropes after that last hit, and with her armor still somewhat active, she fully intended to tank his last, desperate hit, and inflict the killing blow:

"Not yet!! No way I'll lose to the likes of you!!!", he roared, charging up his mana as he saw her advance. He covered his arms and then swept them out, intercepting Alisa's advance with an omindirectional pulse of magic, knocking her back and possibly Fernis too had he gotten within 20 meters of him.

Alisa winced, and finally felt a hint of worry when she saw the guy produce wings just as she got pushed back:


Yet he wouldn't get far. Before the enemy could take flight and do whatever, something stopped him in his tracks. Alisa couldn't see it, but Fernis possibly might. Far from any distance to which she could react, the seemingly defeated elf used the last of her energy to strike not Fernir or Alisa, but instead throw her dagger at her supposed ally's back.

"Men who don't know when they've lost... Are so boring.", she chided, pulling herself to her feet, and wiping off the worst of her dust. She looked battered and bruised, but obviously tough enough to take this and more

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Fenrir crossed his arms and looked at the elf as she flew off, he had dealt with her with almost all of hsi mana. "I'm sorry..." he clenched his fist and tightened his eyes, "I'm so sorry." he shook his head and looked down. Why did she have to fight him? She could have just went on about her day, did all of her stupid elf crap somewhere else but instead she just... She made him fight her and hurt her badly potentially. Clenching his fist he shook his head sadly as he fell to his noise, "Elf!" he called out wiping his eyes.

She was such a good looking young woman blown to pieces for no reason, though when Fenrir looked up he saw the horrifying details, she had threw another dagger at her own partner. "You're alive!" fenrir stood up and ran towards the battered elf, wrapping his arms around her and crying softly as he was so thankful she lived. "Please don't scare me like that again, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you, I just didn't want to get stabbed was all." his hug tightened as he buried his face in her chest.


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If Alisa and Fernir (well, only Alisa really) looked baffled by this turn of events, it obviously couldn't compare to the guy who actually got a knife in the back for his troubles:

"Y-you...! Why... Bitch...!", he mumbled, blood loss quickly bringing him down to one knee.

Stabbed in the back he may have been, the elf obviously avoided any vital organs, indicating she intended not to kill but simply incapacitate him:

"Why indeed...", asked Alisa, hardly taking her eyes off the elf now, as she approached the kneeling enemy; questioning the woman with a snide, scornful hint, "You seemed such good friends~"

With her sword drawn, she quickly walked up and pressed the blade against the guy's neck... She wanted to kill him. Her blood boiled with the aftermath of battle, the sheer fury demanding she butcher every member of Black Sun... Or everyone related to them... Issue was, she didn't yet know which one this guy actually was, though perhaps the elf's information might shed some light on it:

"I was paid extra to help take him out. Of course, I wouldn't have bothered if I thought I wouldn't be around to collect.", she explained, shrugging nonchalantly. That was, until her former opponent put her on the defensive once more. Seeing his advance, she dashed away from her opponent; obviously finding his friendly demeanor hard to believe, "That eager to keep fighting huh?"

As she eyed him down, she drew a quick dashing path over her sole remaining dagger, retrieving and hefting it defensively. But she was still obviously sluggish from the battle, and once Alisa's question reached her pointed ears:

"Paid extra by whom...?", demanded the sculptress, cooly pressing the blade harder into the guy's neck, just enough to casually inflict pain.

But the elf had no chance to answer, as the momentary distraction would have allowed Fernir to catch up

"H-hey...!! What do you think you're doing!!", startled, she actually blushed when she felt the guy glomping her, burying his face between her sweat slicked cleavage

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Fenrir was lost in his many apologies and ramblings as he held the elf close unintentionally groping her. He'd finally put her down after a moment of holding her closely making certain that she was alright and even going as far as to brush some of the hair out of her face. "I am so sorry for that blast I hope you're alright." he'd look back at the man who was already nearing death, no doubt there was something up between the elf and Alisa, but the Saiyan wouldn't piece anything together as that would have required too much brain power that had already been spilled on his many apologies to the elf.

Instead of questioning he'd nod to Alisa and sit on the ground crosslegged as he wiped some of her cleavage sweat from his brow. He'd lick his lips sampling, for some reason he had found himself drawn to the bronze elf, really ever since his little incident with Michi women of a darker complexion had a special place in his heart as they were normally well endowed and all.

"Listen, you can't keep fighting us." Fenrir crossed his arms, "And I don't want to fight you anymore, is there anything we can do to get you to tell us who you work for?"


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Sbe felt annoyed enough to try to point the dagger at him, "Gah! Get off!", but fortunately, he complied quickly enough to placate the suddenly bashful woman, "Tch... As if that were enough to kill me.", she scoffed finally resigning himself to the guy's seemingly genuine concern. What a wierd fellow, even now they were trying to kill each other...

When he asked the final question, she merely scoffed. Why should she go around telling her employer's name? Alas, she needn't have bothered with that in the first place as the man soon spoke for himself:

"That would be me.", a lean, shady looking dude with silver hair and a perpetual grin arrived soon enough.

Black Sun Rising [Part II] [Baron] - Page 3 QOZWkZj

Though he may have seemed like a stranger to both of them (well, Fernir at least), Alisa obviously recognized him. He was her information broker, a guy who had a knack for being at the right time, though not always necessarily at the right place. This would be the case in point.

"You...!", interjected the sculptress, wide eyed, yet not as surprised as she probably should. On some level, she must have been expecting to see this guy here.

And she figured that possibility the moment she heard the woman say somebody had hired her... Now that he was here though, she was pretty sure the guy before her belonged to black Sun, and that only made her want to kill them more, glaring at her defeated for with murdeous intent:

"And you should avoid killing that guy, Alisa... Unless you want his friends who disappear for 10 more years~", he admonished, a surprisingly cheery, callous tone for someone discussing what to do with another's life. His words did yield the desired effect, and the sculptress relented,

He was right...

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Fenrir noticed the second tie into all of this, a man with squinted eyes and an interestingly untrustworthy face. How he tied into all of this was well beyond the Saiyan, but he didn't mind as it wasn't his problem and he wasn't an enemy. In the meantime, while they spoke Fenrir eyed the elf a bite more from afar and stroked his chin. Just before Alisa and the man finished, however, Fenrir had some questions of his own for the broker, the first being, if he had heard of mages losing their magic randomly. A strange problem but it was essential to the Saiyan as he began to notice his ability to transform being significantly hampered by some unknown force.

Of course, like all good things the information came with a price and after Alisa was done and all seemed well Fenrir paid the man for information and received an answer that aroused his suspicions. As it turned out, it wasn't uncommon, but some magic, when obtained by someone who was once powerless, may have side effects which included complete struggle to maintain and use it.

The information was useable and for an extra few jewels Fenrir was told where he could find someone that could tell him more about the magic loss.

Once all was settled Fenrir looked to Alisa, "I hope you find out more about the black sun and if you need my help I'll be more than willing to assist with my magic, if I get it working again." with those words he'd pat the girl on the shoulder, "Huh I'm all healed." he scratched the back of his head and continued on.



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Alisa wanted nothing more than to butcher this guy right here and now, to torture him for the information and rip it right out of him... But knew she couldn't. She'd keep from lowering her sword until the foe had been adequately restrained, but before they could get that far, the kneeling, defeated enemy snickered, and then laughed out loud, as he fully understood his fate:

"Hahahah!! You think you're get anything out of me?! What a bunch of re-"

The sculptress needn't hear any further. Merely listening to that hyena laughter made her nose twitch with fury, and the answer came immediately, in a silencing diagonal slash across the man's chest. No more laughter, no more cocky grins, only choking in his own blood. Though shallow enough not to kill, a wound that size could defenitely get infected, and possibly lead to critical blood loss if untreated. Seeing this, the broker merely shrugged and shook his head:

"...And that's what you get...", he sighed, and turned to his employed elf, "Mind taking him to a medic...? You know, before he bleeds to death?"

Annoyed at having to clean up other people's messes, she clicked her tongue and shot a glare at Alisa, but when she picked the guy up, they finally had a real glimpse at his importance. At the side of his torso stood a black guild stamp, the simple shape of a sun.

Proof that they were on the right path. Alisa's eyes widened, then narrowed with renewed resolve, the first glimpse of the behemoth she'd soon dismember.

...After leaving the broker to tend to this new lead, Baron nonetheless came over to ask him for some information of his own:

"Oh, new customer by any chance...?", he inquired, squinty eyes opening slightly with visible, amused interest, one of the few emotions he ever showed past that fox like grin. The information Baron wanted, wasn't exactly cheap, but not too expensive either, and he could afford it somewhat easily, "...Pleasure doing business~"

Once they both had the information they wanted though, Alisa would join Fernir in making her way outside, finally flashing him a soft smile:

"I appreciate it~...", she'd answer, fully aware how she'd try to avoid bringing anyone else into her quest for vengeance, for their own safety.


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