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A Merry Ol' Time [Social/Open]

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#1Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
Oak was a beautiful town, situated on a hill with a grand castle on the top, with the road curving around the hill like a spiral. Along that road lay the town itself, made from the same material and in the same design as the castle, giving the town a good aesthetic feel to it, along with the grand oak trees growing everywhere, giving the town its name. The cobblestone streets give way to pleasant shops which host nice shops, pleasant pubs, churches, and a region famous art gallery. Yes from the outside without any information given Oak Town is a pleasant looking place, perfect for starting a business or raising a family.

In reality Oak was only slightly better than Dahlia due to the actual firm structure of authority, though still corrupt through-and-through. The towns lord and the guild master of Phantom Lord were supposedly chums, letting the dark guild do as they like though within reason, keeping the peace but letting the streets brew with criminals. People with bounties like Thorn could stroll down the streets unafraid of getting picked up by local authorities because they probably have a higher bounty than you. Underground trade and the black market was actually a town highlight it seemed. Yes, when you heard the words ‘Oak Town’ you usually think of something illegal….

It was both everything Thorn expected, yet at the same time not. The general criminal freedom was nice, Thorn had to be careful even in Dahlia, but it was also so… cheerful. It was like the town was putting extra effort into seeming harmless when it was obviously not. Even in the pub, Thorn was in had a warm cheerful atmosphere that was suited to a cheesy happy place like Magnolia Town, not freaking Oak. Just walking into the Swineherd Pub the Curse Magic user bet her demonic arm that a good half of the people in the building were dark mages themselves, and that’s only with a glance.

Honestly, the town was starting to give her the creeps. And the perfect way to stave such a feeling off? Alcohol and a warm meal. Swishing her ratty cloak behind her and simply not noticing the looks her rag-like clothing (which left very little to the imagination) Thorn sat down at the pubs bar and banged her bandaged hand down on the counter to attract the bartender’s attention. Food and drink were at the forefront of her mind.

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#2Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

"And that my friends, is how you do it.

Jeremiah looked up a the men beside him, both only just finishing their drinks. With a smirk the teenager shrugged, teasing the men who thought they'd be able to beat the underage Phantom in a chugging contest. The people surrounding the three of them cheered lightly, some snickering at the defeat the two older men just received. To the young rebel his win was nothing serious- this was simply child's play. Needless to say that Miah was enjoying himself, it felt good to live without a deep thought once in a while. The people cleared after the losing men placed their jewels beside the victor and moved to another part of the pub.

Lately people seemed to show him more attention all throughout his guild and Oak town. In Phantom Lord he was acknowledged as one of the strongest mages after only being apart of the guild for 2 months, shit even the townsfolk of Oak heard rumors of his strength. When he first joined, he knew that he was one of Phantoms most valuable mages but now he was getting respect. As of late he's been thinking positively, so why not have a drink...or thirty.


Jeremiah's head snapped to his right. About two seats down a woman sat beside him. The young mage raised his eyebrow in response, staring blankly at the edgy woman. Her style was dope and sexy in all honesty but his eyes were only set on her chest. For a second or two he stared at her breasts, quickly formulating scenarios and different techniques to use on her before looking down at her wrapped hand. This woman didn't look familiar, but she carried herself like someone strong and Jeremiah liked that.

"You look a little to young to be drinking, girl." He stated coldly. Miah's golden orbs stared blankly into her eyes, only his eyebrow arched slightly while his empty cup remained in his hand.

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#3Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
She didn’t even get the barkeep to turn his head before someone had spoken to her, causing Thorn to withhold a sigh. She had just gotten into town looking for her new employer, then when that failed she went on some wild goose chase for a witch all over the place, now someone was gripping over her being underaged? When she was 21?... Not that anyone could tell at first glance admittedly, but did this country even have an age limit? Wait, they were in Oak Tow, did that matter? Whatever, time to give this guy a piece of her mind.

Turning in her chair to do just that, Thorn stopped and blinked after getting a good look at the guy, still relatively blank-faced but it probably showed in her eyes. Two seats up from Thorn, said seats filled out passed out or nearly passed out men, was a young man with dark skin, brown hair and golden eyes, nearly the same shade as Thorn’s. He was relatively handsome but that didn’t matter to the woman if he was jailbait, which while very fit looking he showed good signs of being so.

Leaning her non-bandaged arm onto the counter and leaning her face into her hand the Curse Mage mirrored the young man’s facial expression. “I could say the same, but appearances can be deceiving.” She replies, glancing around him and noting the empty beer mugs along with the bar patrons either keeping an eye out for another show or in various states of drunk, probably being beaten by this mysterious man. Yet after giving him another look, he didn’t seem at all inebriated. Interesting. “Though you obviously don’t seem to be having troubles getting a few drinks despite your appearance,” Thorn notes with a tilt of her head, now looking forward to what might be an entertaining conversation, completely oblivious to any wandering eyes.

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#4Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

Jeremiah's eyes finally met with the girls orbs. Hers almost identical to his. Her tone and expression nearly an exact replica of his own. There were always many women here considering this was Oaks most famous drinking place, but none of the woman could match this one. Her elegance was different, it boasted feminine but it also boasted "Don't fuck with me" and as she spoke Jeremiah realized just how tough she was. The Savannian watched and nodded as the woman spoke, stating that she could say the same about him but looks were deceiving. She was no little girl, that was for sure. She continued on, pointing out that it obviously wasn't a problem for Jeremiah to get drinks despite how he looked "Looks can be deceiving." He replied with a light shrug. While it was obvious that he was young, 18 wasn't too far from 21 anyway. Here in Oak, if people respected you you could get away with murder "Besides, I can hold my own, can you?" The Phantom paused before looking forward at the liquor behind the bar, hinting at what he was getting at.

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#5Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
A small smirk graced the woman’s lips when the man parroted her words back at Thorn. The mage was pleased by his boldness, which seemed to be much of the air her gave off. Confident in himself and sure of his skill by the way he held himself and that not a care in the world shrug he gave. Judging by the many glasses around him he also had great endurance, and from the looks, in a few of the other patron’s eyes, he was a respected figure in the town. A mage Thorn thought, eyes flashing, and probably a powerful one to boot. Now after taking a closer look at him he didn’t seem like jailbait, maybe just on the cusp of manhood but not a boy anymore. Anyone that young yet respected in a place like Oak Town had the woman’s attention.

Thorn’s eye’s flashed at the challenge, her smirk widening. “Why don’t we see?” She purrs as the woman gets up from her seat and walks over, bandaged hand on her hip. She promptly picks the man passed out on the stool beside her challenger and grabs the back of his shirt in one hand, plucking his body in a nearby chair before stealing the stool for herself. “Fancy some more beer? The names Thorn by the way, Thorn Vancarr. New to town. But I'm at a disadvantage aren't I?” She asks her new drinking partner, fingers intertwined on the counter before her, chin on the fingers. The smirk was gone and she was just giving him a serious, expectant look now, eyebrow once again raised. Giving him a fake name was pointless since she was planning to stay in Oak for a while. If he was a local they would probably run into each other again.

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#6Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

Ohhhh. This girl was bold! Jeremiah didn't even need to say anything as he looked forward at the drinks behind the bar. The woman responded confidently, apparently wanting to prove to him that she was well capable of holding her alcohol. Miah's eyes glanced over at her seeing her smirk forcing him too to smirk. Boy, he couldn't help it when it came to challenges, especially one like this. He refused to be humiliated today by a simple visitor. The girl moved closer towards Jeremiah, picking up he passed out man beside him and tossing him before she sat. That arm of hers... it continued to give the Demon Slayer an odd feeling but he didn't understand why.

Thorn. Thorn Vancarr. Interesting name and in all honesty it really fit her edgy look. Maybe her parents were just edgy ass people or something, after all Thorn was a really weird name to give a child. "I'm down. Let's see if you really deserve to be in this bar.". Miah then called over the bartender with a wave.

"Thorn... A name like that makes you sound dangerous..." He began. The Bartender approached Thorn and Jeremiah, sliding the woman an empty glass cup as he spoke. "Snake Venom." Was all he told the tender before he filled both of their cups with the brownish purplish liquid. Still with his eyes on Thorn and his filled cup in his left hand, "Name's Jeremiah, I'll take pleasure in beating the dangerous Thorn in a drinking contest." The Phantom extended his hand which held the filled cup, waiting for Thorn to knock her glass on his with a grin.

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#7Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
The smirk that left Thorn’s face reappeared at the mystery man’s next words, the idea of a nice simple challenge with nothing big on the line lifting her mood. While the man did have a certain air about him that made Thorn wary, she knew that in a place like this most people would be o the iffy side. At least this one was not only friendly but possibly entertaining. It helped that the dark-skinned man was on the handsome side as well.

Then at his next words, she was torn between amused and incredulous, though she tried to cover it up. She picked the name Thorn since her old Sin name could translate to Rose, and, well, symbolism. Not particularly to sound dangerous. Like with her surname, when an official asked for it the first things she spotted were a magically powered van and a car. Van. Car. Vancarr. But now that she actually put some thought into it, Thorn Vancarr did sound sort of… edgy. Though she couldn’t think of any other reason someone would think her as such unless they were impressed by her martial skills. “Says the man who orders a drink called Snake Venom.” She purrs, watching the drinks being poured.

The conversation and thoughts were helping in getting Thorn to relax a bit, smirk widening and eyes narrowing at the newly introduced Jeremiah’s challenge. “The pleasure will be all mine, knocking the current champion off his pedestal.” She says, knocking the offered glass with hers and with one last short stare off tipped her head and the glass up, draining the cup. Yup, that burned, but Thorn was able to finish. Then she tipped the empty cup at Jerimiah and with a grin said. “Let the game begin.”

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#8Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

CLANK was the sound the two glass cups made as Thorn knocked hers into Jeremiahs. She seemed ready to take on this challenge just as Jeremiah was. The brown-skinned sorcerer couldn't help but chuckle at her courage. She really believed that she could beat Jeremiah? She had another thing coming. The Phantom watched as the woman chugged the drink. Snake Venom...it was he most dangerous beer in the world and this girl...she was taking the whole thing to the head without a flinch. Jeremiah's eyes widened and by the time she finished to speak he was in shock. Let the game begin.

"Alright then."

Jeremiah put the cup to his lips before opening his mouth and allowing the liquid to enter his stomach. It was an extremely bitter taste but he was able to ignore it. The burn to the chest however, that was a feeling he enjoyed. It was like there had been a firey explosion around his heart. It only took him a few seconds to finish before slamming his cup onto the counter. "Hit me." he told the the bartender coldly. The man filled the cup up with more of the snakes venom and right when he finished Miah guzzled the drink, then slammed it onto the counter once more when he was done. "So what brings you to Oak town, Thorn?" His voice a bit warmer than usual, like his fathers voice. Jeremiah was quite interested in who Thorn was.

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#9Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
Thorn watched with a pleased look as Jeremiah dunked down his own poison. And this drink sure as hell was something nasty, the woman could already feel it bubbling in her stomach, but the warm feeling of a good drink off set that rather nicely. Thorn gestured quietly to the bartender with a bandaged hand, who quickly complied to refilling her drink. Thorn almost smirked to herself again, knowing she had an advantage since the man had been drinking already before her. It also helped that she had the appetite of an elephant, with the taste buds of a boulder, able to eat anything she could chew on and wouldn’t kill her. Though Thorn forgot that didn’t mean she could hold her drink, as sure in her victory as she was.

After hearing the man’s question while taking a smaller gulp of the beer thorn put the mug down Thorn began to nurse the glass, thinking of her response. “I'm a mercenary. Pissed off my old employer by working for his enemy. His fault. Bastard didn’t want to pay me my dues.” She replied with a drawl. “Skipped town to avoid the hassle of an aftermath. The enemy gave me a letter of recommendation, and here I am.” She finished, taking another sip of her beer. Nasty stuff. “What about Jeremiah? You seem familiar with Oak. A local perhaps?” Thorn questions, leaning on the counter and swirling the beer around in its glass, causing the purple to stand out in the liquid and swirl around in think lines. Snake Venom indeed. Looking into the glass she vaguely wonders if they actually use snake venom, and if so does that mean their technically ingesting poison?... Wait, isn’t alcohol already an actual poison? Were they drinking double poison?

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#10Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

The Tender once again filled his cup, but this time Jeremiah wasn't going to down it. The fuzzy feeling you felt when the poison crept on you...yeah he was getting that feeling now. It was probably best to slow down, especially since this was already his third round. Thorn took a gulp of her beverage, Miah waiting for her response patiently as she nursed her cup. A mercenary This girl really was dangerous. She said she angered one of her former clients by working with their enemy over a money issue. That was more than enough for her client to deserve what she did to him. "He got what he deserved." The sorcerer put his lips to the glass before gulping the liquid inside of it. "Sounds like you have an exciting life." he said with a chuckle. Thorn was interesting for sure.

Jeremiah's new drinking partner went on to ask about him, noticing that he was pretty comfortable here. "You could say that. I'm a Phantom Lord mage so people around here respect me like they do a lot of other Phantoms. Despite he rumors about us, many of us are pretty decent people." He wasn't lying though; many Phantom Lord mages were just misunderstood - though there were way too many who enjoyed murder, and other really evil things.

Jeremiah chugged the rest of his beer. It was just way too bitter for him to drink casually.

"You plan on being a mercenary forever? Being alone forever?"  

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#11Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
“Damn straight,” Thorn said with an unladylike snort at Jeremiah’s comment on her old employer, raising her glass in a salute to the man. She appreciated the solidarity, particularly when it was over crappy ex-employers. Overall she was getting a good feeling from the guy, powerful yet down to earth enough to converse with some random mercenary. “No one messes with my money. And not really, my jobs usually involve a lot of staking out and little action.”

When the man revealed his background Thorn lowered the glass and raised an eyebrow. So she was right about him being a mage, she should have guessed he was from Phantom Lord. Very impressive, she was liking this man more by the minute. He seemed dangerous for sure, but had a quiet and calm approach to it that showed a confidence. Thorn had to admire that, he seemed like a leader that’s for sure. But what he said about Phantom Lord surprised her. They definitely didn’t seem that way going by the rumors, or in general since Thorn imaged a dark guild being full of backstabbers of different kinds, barley reined in by some powerful mage. “My life? Exciting? Says you Mr Big Shot guild mage. Bet you have some good stories to tell.” The curse mage says to her drinking partner with a smirk.

Thorn was taking another sip of her beer when the man made his last comment, causing her to tense up. She looks over to him and sends a grumpy frown over, too drunk and relaxed to really get angry. “I like it. Prefer it really. Alone means it’s easier to move, nothing holding you back. Freedom. Not really sold on the family thing, to be honest. A freaky hostage situation waiting to happen.” Thorn replies with a shrug, an attempt to be casual. Family
was not a good conversation topic for her.
Made bad memories pop up. “But pay… Jewels… Strength… Those really ring with me. A steady source of income would be nice, but I only align myself with winners. And I think your guild has a rival in that category. But if you need a few jobs done from an... unaligned party you have my ear. As long as you pay of course. And don't worry, I don't backstab current employers. Particularly if you treat me right. I am a professional after all.” She says to Jeremiah with a sharp smirk, chugging down the rest of her drink. Substance and networking, yay. Though she might be getting a little loose-lipped and did the bartender have a twin?

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#12Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

Most mercenaries seemed to have rather exciting lives, killing people bad or good, stealing from others for others, the list goes on. Jeremiah actually had thoughts on becoming a mercenary before leaving Fairy Tail but that life would only distract him from his goal and would probably bring him trouble. Instead he'd just be a Phantom, that way he'd have people who'd help him achieve his goal. Phantom Lord was one of the few guilds that would accept his ideals. To target the Magic Council automatically made you a "Dark Mage" even if you didn't have dark visions which is exactly why Fairy Tail was full of mages who could never understand him. People often strayed away from him or avoided him because of his overall demeanor but Jeremiah was a very angry individual then. In the end It didn't matter, it was a guild full of weaklings. They allowed one of the very few people he respected in the guild to die; the Guild Master Cecilia. None of them fought back despite her fighting for not only herself, but for her guild. That reason alone was enough for him to target Fairy Tail. So here he was, wanting to destroy both the Magic Council and Fairy Tail. It didn't get much eviler than that right? The edgy woman responded to what Jeremiah said about her life with a tease. Mr. Big shot guild mage... he couldn't help but snicker a little, nearly spitting the drink out of his mouth.

Miah listened to Thorn as she spoke. She liked being alone considering it was easier to maneuver. She even referenced a hostage situation but Jeremiah understood completely. For so long he was a loner but Ironically Phantom Lord changed that - oh and Barunz, his guardian Dardian. The Savannian glanced over at the beast standing by a wall about 20 meters behind Thorn with his arms crossed and Samehada on his back. Jeremiah took another swig of the venom as he listened to the mercenary speak.

Welp, there it was...he was starting to feel the effects of his drink and it was coming in pretty strong. At this rate he only had a few more cups in him, but he couldn't make it too obvious to Thorn. The woman went on, expressing how valuable strength and money was to her, even saying that Phantom Lord had a rival in that category.

"Heh." She was right, Phantom Lord actually had a few rivals in that Category, especially with Blue Pegasus' mages in the picture.

This dark haired woman was serious about her work. She took the time to advertise a little and made sure to add that as long as her clients treated her right they'd have nothing to worry about. "Oh?" A couple of things crossed his mind at this moment, one of them being to actually hire this woman to work for him. She did need a steady income right? Then again, he didn't really need a partner so it'd probably be a waste of money. Someone like her deserved to be in Phantom Lord though. The other thought that crossed his mind...well...

"I don't have a job for you right now, but I can still treat you right..." He spoke began. His golden orbs slightly dilated and the whites of his eyes slowly turning a light pink. Jeremiah's eyes looked directly at hers while he spoke."Only if you treat me right." With that, he placed the cup to his lips again and chugged the rest with a devilish smirk.

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#13Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
Thorn gave the dark skin man a look that could have been considered a pout on anyone else’s face but instead made it more into a put-out frown at his mention of not having a job for her. Then she blinked in shock, looking being wiped off of her face, not at his next words but at the fact his eyes randomly changed colour. Picking up her glass she stopped to take a moment to process his words, and a longer moment to wonder the reason behind why his eyes changed colour. Did he just try to cast a spell on her? … No, she didn’t feel any different and he didn’t say any spell evocations, so probably not.

Shrugging off the odd occurrence, she was a bit too drunk and relaxed to care Thorn leaned into the counter casually. “Too bad for you then I guess. But if you need to get any information or… do away with any pests, I’ll be in town for a while.” She said, throwing the man a sharp smirk. “Or I could use a drinking partner that treats me right at the very least.” She teases the man. Damn, even thinking about not getting any money got her fingers itching. Thorn was seriously OCD over gaining jewels and just as obsessed over not spending any. The only thing she actually splurged on was food and drink, though even that she prefer to be cheap or free. She would rather sleep out in the wild than pay for a comfortable night at an inn, and was known (or very not known) to dine and dash or just plain steal stuff. Even her clothes showed how frugal she was. They weren’t ratty to look cool or anything, it was because Thorn was too comfortable in them to change clothes and too cheap to buy new fabric when it ripped. She also sucked at sewing. So she just made do with what little clothes were left, almost completely oblivious to the reaction of others in seeing a woman with barley any skin covered. Probably a good thing as well, or else there would be a lot more corpses in the world with how Thorn could be.

“So I’ve talked quite a bit about myself, but I just realized I still don’t know much about you, partner. So what secrets does the great guild mage Jeremiah have to hide?” Thorn asks the man beside her, more teasing and relaxed than actually probing for information. “Let me guess, you let your girlfriend call you Jerry? Or you have a secret love for small animals?”

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#14Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

Jeremiah of course didn't know that his eyes had already changed color from the amount of alcohol he ingested. One thing he noticed was that he was drinking way more than his partner. He was at least only a cup or two in front of her though he wasn't acting responsibly. He was young, obviously still a bit naive and he often felt like he had a point to prove. Damn... he thought to himself as he came to the sudden realization that he was drunk. Coming back to reality, the woman still offered her services to the Phantom. Thorn would make a great partner, but he wasn't yet aware of her magical abilities. Miah was different frankly because he beleived strongly in his own power... he couldn't put his trust into someone he knew nothing about. Still, he took her into consideration based on how she spoke.

A drinking partner sounded better though. The woman shot him a smirk and teased him, causing the Savannian to gently bite his lip. He was used to dealing with women like this but that Snakes Venom was doing something else. Tonight he felt like...Hennything was possible.

Thorn spoke again, this time asking Jeremiah about himself considering she had already told him something. A secret? This woman was having way too much fun, or at least that's how it seemed. The sorcerer laughed a bit as the woman joked."Look at that, both correct." he smirked while looking at Thorn. Yeah, he was interested in her a couple reasons."It's true, I love animals, but I'm single...so you can call me Jerry if you want." He said warmly as his eyes watched hers. However within his warm words there was a spicy incentive, one Jeremiah knew the dangerous Thorn knew of as well.

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#15Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
Thorn was honestly surprised at the man’s answer. Really? A dark mage liking animals? That was certainly unexpected, but she was purely going off stereotypes so she was bound to get things wrong after all. Actually, after drinking with this man, the Curse mage was beginning to re-think quite a few things about Phantom Lord and her expectations about its members. Because Jeremiah was the most relaxed dark mage she had ever met. But maybe he was just powerful and confident enough on his home turf to not see Thorn as a threat? The thought pissed her off a bit at the same time it made him well, rather attractive in her eyes, particularly since despite that he treated her as a general equal. Also very privately in the very back of her mind Thorn had to admit that she hadn’t felt this relaxed around anyone since… well, not for a long time. It wasn’t all that bad.

This is and hearing the guild mages relationship status made her determined to give him a reason to seek her again after this. But since he wasn’t interested in hiring her and being casual drinking partners wasn’t much of a guarantee… She was rather drunk, he was handsome, and if she wasn’t as dense as a rock Thorn would also know he was very willing. “Well I’m sure as hell not going to call you Jerry. I don’t use pet names. And I’m definitely not interested in being your girlfriend.” Thorn says conversationally, finishing off the last of her drink and probably couldn’t finish another. But after putting the empty glass down Thorn turns to the young man with a look he would definitely be able to place. “But if you’re interested in any other kind of… arrangement I sure wouldn’t mind.” The mercenary purrs, gold eyes darkening with the intent and reached over to place her bandaged hand on his knee.

Turns out touching him was a bad idea. As soon as her demonic hand made contact a feeling of great danger struck her shaking through her bod like a sound wave, causing Thorn to quickly retract it with a look of paranoid confusion. “What the…” She trailed off, confused since she’d never had that reaction to touching somebody like that.

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#16Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

Jeremiah couldn't help but smirk at what Thorn said. She amazed him with how bold she was every time she spoke. In a sense she rejected Jeremiah, saying that she was no interesting in both calling him Jerry or being his girlfriend. For a second he thought he actually got rejected but instead of being embarrassed, he actually felt more determined. Jeremiah wasn't one to get rejected - at least not so early in the game so it was safe to say that he wasn't going to allow himself to be rejected here. Jeremiah slid the tender his glass while the woman drank, only asking for it to be filled a little. It was no secret that he was already drunk off his ass. When Thorn was done guzzling her drink, she continued. He learned that she was actually down for...well...sex which was actually all he wanted. That Girlfriend reference was just a pickup line. Thorn was above cheap tricks like that though it seemed, she was a different breed of woman.

The Phantom licked his lips seductively before letting his bottom rest on his bottom row of teeth. Something strange happened next though. The woman placed her hand on his knee, sending a dark cold energy up his spine. It was an uncomfortable feeling that shocked him a bit. His instincts began to tell him that this woman was ironically really dangerous. What the hell did she just do to him? Immediately the young mage swiftly grabbed the wrist of the hand she touched him with and wrapped his free hand around her neck before slamming her back onto the bar table. The slam caused the people in the pub to look their way but Jeremiah didn't care...this was his town. Despite that odd and dark energy the female sent through his body, he wasn't trying to hurt her.

"What the was that just now?" He spoke softly, still trying to be friendly.

His Guardian Dardian stood on edge, ready to fight if he needed to but not yet moving from his position. He was confident in Jeremiah's abilities and knew that a lot of times he wouldn't be needed. Miah glared the woman in his eyes, hoping that he wouldn't have to kill her.

"Why is your hand wrapped, Thorn?" Jeremiah would stand over her, completely unaware of the position they were in.

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#17Thorn Vancarr 

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Thorn Vancarr
In her distraction over the odd feeling that came over her Thorn didn’t react right away to being grabbed and the world swirling as she was moved. Then she really had to react to not immediately put a clawed hand through Jeremiah’s stomach, even though she sort of wanted to for him grabbing her like that. But one good thing about Thorn was that she wasn’t an overly prideful person which means she didn’t overreact in certain situations. Most of the time. But this man was a Phantom Lord Mage, and well respected locally while she was a virtual stranger. Plus she guessed due to these factors and the power she could now feel from him going through her like disgusting waves he was a better mage. Or his magic wants directly against hers. Either way, in this situation pride would only get her killed, and she hadn’t lived this long as a mercenary to die in such a stupid way. But geez what a mood whiplash.

Slowly reaching over with her non-demonic hand so he could see and react to it Thorn pried his fingers off of her throat so she could talk properly. He wasn’t chocking her or anything but was putting enough pressure on it for her breath to come out with a wheeze. She knew she could get away with this since he was talking in an awfully friendly and calm way, though still obviously wary. Maybe her hand affected him more than it did her? “To answer your first question I’m honestly not sure. I’ve never reacted to it touching anyone like that before.” Thorn answers in a relaxed drawl, the perspiration on her forehead and the tenseness of her body thing giving away the fact she wasn’t relaxed at all. “To answer your second question, well, let’s just says there’s probably a demon out there pissed off about losing an arm. No, before you ask I’m not actually a demon, or corrupted by one, or possessed by one. I was just saddled with its arm and use it as a conduit for my Curse Magic. I don’t exactly keep it a secret.” She finished, hoping that was enough to convince the dark-skinned man not to kill her or whatever he had planned to do. She never worried about her demonic hand having some sort of backlash in this sort of place since dark mages usually didn’t care, so Thorn guessed it was this weird reaction that he cared about. Hopefully. “You’re not some kind of holy priest, right?” She drawls out, half joking half serious because she had never encountered a demon slayer before, thus had no idea what the reaction came from. Thorn just hoped things wouldn’t get messy and she’d get run out of a second town.

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Jeremiah Ali

Things weren't going to get out of hand. That much was true. Even if you weren't directly in front of Thorn and Jeremiah you would be able to tell that the young Phantom wouldn't hurt this girl, at least not unless he had to. The woman began to move the wrapped hand after he spoke. Slowly she began to take Jeremiah's fingers off of her neck, until eventually all five were off. He didn't react. Instead he watched her eyes. Thorn went on to say that her arm never reacted that way towards anything so it was a different experience for her as well. "Hm?" Jeremiah could tell that she was nervous but she remained relaxed. The edgy woman continued speaking, going into a bit of detail about her arm. It all suddenly made sense as her explanation was approaching an end. It's that arm. That sensation he felt was most likely his slayer intuition, some sort of sixth sense that alerted him of a demonic presence.

The young Savannian's eyes drifted down to Thorns chest, getting only a little sidetracked as he just noticed the position the two of them were in... his pelvis lightly pressed against hers. Thorn joked, hoping that he wasn't a Holy priest. His eyes glanced back at her hand and noticed that it was sill wrapped and hidden from the world."A Demon arm..." he whispered to himself before looking back at the mercenary. Curse magic was a very rare form of magic. The slayer didn't know anything at all about how it worked but he did know that there were different forms of curse magic. If she needed the arm of a demon to use it then hers was probably something pretty special, right?

"No, not a priest. I'm a Demon Slayer..." He paused before moving off of Thorn. "I recently gained these powers ...so there's still a lot to learn about them. Seems like my slayer senses were trying to tell me about your arm." He sighed. He wanted to ask her more about her arm but he'd save that for later or another time.

This was a bit embarrassing now that he thought about it. "Anyway, sorry about that, I overreacted, haha." he said lifting his hands up as if he gave up or admitted defeat, smiling warmly.

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Thorn Vancarr
Thorn waited semi-patiently for the man to get his thoughts together, taking time to check her surroundings. A few people got gotten up from their chairs but she couldn’t tell whether it was to help, run, or purely out of reaction. There was one dark figure with what looked like a large sword on it’s back that seemed a bit tenser, but she guessed him to be the bar security or something.

Finally, the man spoke, and when that happened astonishment filled her. ‘Well, that REALLY explains it then.’ Thorn muses in her head. As someone with… demon-like qualities and a percentage for dark magic she, of course, did her homework on her own weaknesses. An obvious was light and holy magic, something many people had thus was a major setback for her. The other was Demon Slayer Magic, which she had cared about less since it was a VERY rare form of magic since it was hard to convince a demon to teach you how to kill it and supposedly text about the form was rare, thus Thorn didn’t figure she’d run into one. She also wasn’t sure how much the magic could hurt her since only a small part of her was demonic with most of her human parts remaining uncorrupted for now. Unless it was a darkness element demon, then she was screwed.

“Impressive. What demon did you convince to teach you how to kill its own kind without returning the favor? Or a better question, how?” Thorn asks as Jeremiah gets off of her and finishes his explanation, whipping non-existent dust off of her clothes just because. She was very impressed with the man, and honestly, a bit turned on. But could they even go farther without some physical difficulties? Their bodies weren’t exactly compatible in some ways. Well, they wouldn’t know if they didn’t try and from the look the young man gave her before this fiasco, he was willing to do more than just ‘try’.

“Hmmm, apology accepted. I like a man who’s not too proud to admit he’s wrong.” Thorn comments with a shrug, bandaged hand on her hip. “Though I don’t like a man who’s too forward. Really? Pushing down someone in public?” She says with a frown, striding toward him. Once there’s only a scant few inches between then she leans over and whispers into his ear. “If you really want to push me down I’d prefer someplace a bit more… private. Though I may be doing the pushing.” She purrs, before leaning back with a smirk of good humor and a dark glint in her eyes filled with something else. She was going to enjoy those nice muscles that she could tell were under those clothes.

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Jeremiah Ali

Jeremiah was lucky to have received such powers. Dragon slayers were known despite the rarity of their magic, but not many people have heard of the existence of Demon Slayers as much. Even so, there were magics out there that were just as rare. Thorn was curious about how he achieved his abilities though, but the explanation was far more complicated when he tried to say it aloud. "It's a long story, I'll tell you another time." It also didn't help that he was drunk. Too much talking would make his head pound so there wasn't much to say on the topic anymore. The people in the bar all went back to what they were doing once they realized that nothing interesting was actually happening. Barunz eased back up as he watched the duo. A demon lady and a demon slayer, wow...the edginess was so real yet it made him thirstier for the dangerous mercenary.

The Savannian smiled when the woman accepted his apology. Jeremiah sighed as she then scolded him a bit, telling him what she didn't like. "Sometimes I just can't control myself when I see such a beautiful woman." The warm smile he held on his face easily morphed into a devilish smirk. The woman moved closer. When she was by his ear he would grab her by her waist and pull her in, both of their bodies pressed on each other once more - this time for a good reason. She was just like him. It seemed both Thorn and Jeremiah had a goal in mind tonight... Yeah, you're getting this dick. he thought as Thorn moved leaned back onto the bar table. In this position her chest poked out just a little, but he couldn't help noticing how curvy she actually was. Everything about her was screaming sexy, down to her charisma.

Jeremiah moved closer, placing his hands on her hips and leaning in to whisper in her ear, just like she did to him. "You won't be able to push me from the position you'll be in." Blunt. The Phantom moved back from the woman before grabbing both her hands gently, attempting to pull her towards the exit as he walked backwards while still keeping his smirk. This time her demonic arm only sent a lighter chill down his spine and through the rest of his body, probably because it didn't catch him off guard this time. "Sounds like you wanna come home with me tonight." Once the two left together, Jeremiah would lead her to where to the hotel was which luckily only happened to be a block away.

"You really are dangerous." He'd say before they entered his room. Barunz would just have to take his ass home.

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