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Dahlia To Era [Foot Travel]

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#1Thorn Vancarr 

Dahlia To Era [Foot Travel] Empty on Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:20 pm

Thorn Vancarr
It was time to skip town. Things were getting too hot in this shit place for Thorn and she had to leave. Why? Because the town's crazy religious leader, Bishop Santos, had hired a hit on her. Thorn's relationship with Santos had been very good, she was his go-to hitwoman for awhile until he refused to pay the woman her dues. Thorn takes being denied money very seriously. So when she was offered jobs by the Bishop's Hated enemy, the Red Hades Cult and it's necromancer leader Adarian, Thorn jumped at the chance to backstab the old man.

Anyways, time was up and the zealot found out his old hire was doing jobs for his enemy and while it might have been too late to silence her sending an example was still prudent. So he sent an assassin after Thorn. Who promptly got her old employer's permission to nope out of there and even got a letter of recommendation so she could work for some weirdos in Oak Town. She was honestly not expecting the cult leader to be so accommodating. Guess he learned from that idiot Bishop not to piss off rising mercenaries and that keeping Thorn on your good side might cost a lot money wise, but can be cheap if you're smart about it.

So that was her destination, another small town, this time on the other side of the damned country. She would have to pass through both Magnolia Town and the Holy Capital Era, good mage hot spots. Magnolia town just plain didn't have any hard crime unless you were attacking Fairy Tail in some way, which was just plain not recommended unless you were crazy like this countries new king. That was a man who could do his job right, Thorn wished she jumped on the Grimoire Heart wagon before it sped off like that. Thorn would stand out like a rotten apple in a good harvest in that town, so she would have to be careful.

Era was less of a hot spot despite it having the Rune Knight headquarters since as a big city it had its own crime. Bt that crime tended to be sophisticated, catering to nobility and the rich, not Thorn's thing at all. She would be a ruby beside a white diamond, still valuable and noticed in her own way but perfectly outshined by the diamond. While being unnoticed by the local crime syndicates is currently better for Thorn, she was much more noticeable by the local law enforcement. Laying low would prove prudent.

Oak Town would be much more accommodating to Thorn, being a crime town like Dahlia though much more organized and strict thanks to the presence of the local dark guild and noble family, already firmly in power and like it that way. Yes, things should be different at the very least in Oak, though hopefully for everyone not less profitable. That would only mean trouble.


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