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Eyes Wide Shut [Quest:Meliodas]

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#1Meliodas Stormbringer 

Eyes Wide Shut [Quest:Meliodas] Empty Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:51 am

Meliodas Stormbringer
Meliodas had always wondered what it was like to work in a magic shop, here always found it interesting with the various trinkets and spells and weapons that were on offer. He prodded happily to the front door and pushed the Oak door open to hear it jingle from the store Bell before being greeted by a man not much taller than himself wearing robes you traditionally imagined to be worn by a mage. His beard was long and grey and stuck out in so many directions it was hard to keep count, the man smiled at him politely. "Nice to meet you my name is car how can I help you today?" Meliodas gave a small bowel and lifted his head with a smile, it looks like I'm here to help you holding forth the leaflet from the girls with the request for assistance. The man smiled brightly and appeared to be looking for something, "what's the matter?" Asked Meliodas as the maze looks slightly perplexed, "what Guild are you from my boy?" Meliodas' opened the side of his shirt to show on his left pectoral the Guild Mark for fairy tail. The man smiled and waved him over to the front desk. “I had to ask, as you do look a little… Young to be in a guild.” Meliodas let out a sigh, as per; “Nah I’m just small.”

"Now my boy I am going out for the majority of the day and therefore I will need you to look after the shop for me in my absence, I need to make it quite clear that if you choose to help me with this I have a few conditions. Firstly you must not leave your post you're welcome to look around the shop and to speak with the customers and use the till but under no circumstances can you leave the shop unattended or to go into the back room those are my two conditions if you can follow them then when I return later on this evening you would have earned a good days wage." Meliodas nodded as the man took his leave. 

It was a rather steady morning in the shop with a few people who came and went buying various trinkets, I rather dainty young lady even came in and bought a pair of long swords which she seemed to move with great ease. Never judge a book by its cover. When no one was in the shop Meliodas looked through the various spell books and old times to see what are the majors had achieved in their lifetimes, he even stood and stared at the posters in front of the backroom door that sat just behind the counter, that was until he heard the bell to the door go and he was greeted with the sight of three teenagers.

They had mischievous looks on their faces and their lies always shifting from one side of the shop to the other. The leader of the three spoke out first; “Hey kid, where’s your old man? Not here today?” The obvious misunderstand that Meliodas had was that due to his stature people assumed he was a child but were quickly surprised. he decided on this occasion to play along and see what they wanted; “Nope not today, he’s popped out… Can I help?” The three made their way through the shop whispering and giggling to themselves; “Hey kid, you gonna let us through that door? We wanna see if there’s anything we wanna buy.” The other two guys snorted at their friend’s big act. Meliodas cocked an eyebrow as he made his way to the storeroom door, turning the key until he heard the satisfying click and remove it to place it in his trouser pocket. “Nope, not gonna happen.” Meliodas gave a fake smile as the boys seemed to be annoyed by this; “Look you little puke, get out of our way or we beat the snot out of you! How about that huh?” Meliodas took himself around to the front of the counter, blocking the entrance way to behind. One of the boys picked him up but the scruff of his shirt and tie; “So?” Meliodas gave a little smile and lifted a hand to gently pull aside his shirt to show the Fairy Tail guild mark. All three of the boys’ eyes shot wide as he was released from the grip holding him in the air. Meliodas landed lightly on his feet as he gave a menacing smile; “Khalash isn’t my old man, I’m a stand-in but I am from Fairy Tail… I’m sure you’ve heard of us?” The boys went slightly pale before very quickly and quietly heading to the front door and leaving without saying another word. Mel brushed himself down and straightened himself up; “Rude… they didn’t even apologise.” He muttered to himself in a nonchalant fashion before going to sit again behind the counter.

It was gone midnight before the bell rang once more and Khalash walked back in. “Oh good, you are still here!” He sounded rather happy with himself as he carried in a variety of new and exciting items, Meliodas hopped down from his seat and assisted the elderly man with his new purchases. “No trouble today I hope?”  Meliodas shrugged his shoulders; “Not really, had a couple of teenagers trying to cause trouble and get into the back room… Once they saw my guild mark they didn’t want to stay around for long.” Meliodas gave a grin as he reached into his pocket and produced the key to the backroom; “It’s been locked ever since and as requested I didn’t go in.” His voice was very sincere as he placed the key back into its master’s hand. Khalash smiled and produced from his robe a purse of money; “This is for your assistance today, thank you, my boy… I don’t doubt it as hard not to look in there but I am very happy that you didn’t.” He took a sigh of relief as Meliodas yawned and waved farewell to the old man.

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