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Red Hades Cult [Quest: Thorn]

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#1Thorn Vancarr 

Red Hades Cult [Quest: Thorn] Empty on Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:53 pm

Thorn Vancarr
Dahlia, the town surrounded by wet moorland, eerie mist, and still filled with the worst kinds of scum even with its newest ruler trying to root out evil like a killer megalomaniac. Thorn found it ironic that it was situated in the same area of Fiore as the cheerful and justice filled Magnolia town, home of the guild Fairy Tail. It was actually a bit of a surprise to the woman that the guild, which seemed to stand as the center of the ‘good’ guilds, hadn’t gone on some sort of crusade to rid this town of its evil or something. Maybe it had something to do with Santos’s ‘good’ priestly public image? But anyways, until that day the good guilds finally got their act in place Thorn was living in this town known for its vampires, werewolves, undead, and general nasty creatures that prey on the weak. Thorn was not weak by any means, thus had the tendency to be predator rather than prey. This served her well in Dahlia town since acting as the hired muscle to such a horrible towns citizens always payed well, whether they wanted to or not. That, Thorn made sure.

The mages petty revenge spree continued, doing jobs for a group that her former employer vowed to eradicate. It was his fault for being so stingy with his payments, the Bishop should know not to piss random mages off. It usually ended badly for any involved. Being offered good work by his rival only made things sweeter. Adarian, the shrivelled but commanding leader of the Red Hades Cult, had recently hired Thorn for a job that she completed with flying colours. So while she expected to hear from the man again soon it was a rather unpleasant surprise to have the greasy old man pop in from nowhere in the middle of Thorn’s meal at a bar.

Any of the mages complaints died at his mention of a new job for her. She was always eager to get paid more. Sitting down opposite to her the necromancer explained the job in greater detail. It turns out one of their recruits got cold feet at the idea of playing with a dead child’s body, let alone reanimating it for their own pleasure. So he ran, and is supposedly on his way now to report to the church about information of the cult. Thorn could see why they wanted the man dead. With how ardent Santos has been in getting rid of ‘heretics’ ever since he got into power it was only thanks to great secrecy that the cult could continue to operate so well. If they got found the organization wouldn’t go to ruin, they’ve been at this too long, but it would make things difficult.

Which was why Adarian was paying Thorn to murder the ex-recruit. Which she calmly accepted, a tad more eager after the cult leader payed for her meal. After getting a bit more information in her prey and finishing her supper the two parted ways.

Thorn was staking out on the rooftops again, keeping an eye out for a plain looking man in cultist robes. Adarian made it clear that the murder should be quick and quiet with no witnesses. He also wants the initiates head as a proof of kill, and to send a message, which Thorn was perfectly willing to accommodate for. The demon hand mage shrugged off the idea of asking the local about the renegade since it was unlikely they would answer her out of wariness, and the man was rather plain, meaning they probably wouldn’t have an answer anyways. So Thorn was stuck leaping roof to roof, doing round around the church, making sure she could see the roads, hoping she would catch the traitor before she got to crowded areas.

Lady fortune was on her side that night. By pure chance while hopping between roofs tops she spotting the tell-tale Red Hades cloak exiting a bar. He must have hid there after stupidly telling his co-workers of his intent to betray them (supposedly trying to convince them to join him) and fleeing the cultist’s headquarters.

Luck wasn’t totally with the woman though. Against her hope the man looked completely sober, sure in his steps and standing up straight. Worse yet he seemed overly paranoid, looking around and checking over his shoulder often. It was only because of Thorn’s shaded vantage point on the rooftops that she remained hidden. Following him without giving herself away would be difficult, particularly since she wanted to save her mana since as a cultist he was a mage, meaning he may be combat ready.

Swiftly following the wary man from the rooftops Thorn jumped and kept watch until he turned into a dark alley, heading straight for the church in the middle of town. Knowing this may be her only chance to get rid of the man without making a scene Thorn broke her cover and attempted to get ahead of the man, hoping to cut him off. By some miracle he doesn’t notice his assassin until she’s directly above her. “Curse Magic: Demonic Claw!” Thorn yells out while jumping down from the roofs, swinging her left arm to her side, clenching her fist, then releases it opening her hand wide and causing demonic aura to come out from it and tearing the bandages covering her arm away, revealing her demonic left arm. The man bring out a small knife in surprise and self defense, and the battle begins.

It’s short. While the renegade is a mage, he wasn’t a battle ready one causing the fight to be entirely one sided. After injuring him a bit the man swings the knife aside and begins to beg for his life. In that moment Thorn coolly slits his throat, ending his life. Using her slicing magic the woman makes quick bloody work at slicing the traitors head off and putting it in a bag. The mercenary then immediately et back on the rooftops and heads to where the cult leader told Thorn to meet him. The man doesn’t even flinch at the severed head, only smirks and throws the woman her money. They then both disappear into the night.

WC: 1039

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