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One in the Same [Private/Social]

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One in the Same [Private/Social] Empty Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:12 pm

Yasiel was working on a bit of a magic experiment. See, with Elmo being able to run around the place and cause a bit of havoc, he decided the best idea would be to try to make a tame version of himself. Simply put, the more versions of him available, the easier a time he could have in combat. All the eyes, all the magic, all the stacked strikes and stats that his body had. As of late, the Veriara wanted to gain strength in some form and way. So he was working hard by looking through a tome he bought and figured that he might as well try to get some use out of it.

So he placed his palm out and tried to form a different attack from the patterns given to him. No matter how much he tried though, the only thing he was capable of forming was a stupid sword he already knew how to make. What should he do now? While the tome was junk, it did make for a great target to completely obliterate. If this doesn't work out, at least he'll have some fun destroying it. For now, he stood out in the plains with Elmo still on his shoulder as a toy. Yasiel had one small problem... Thanks to the language of the tome with the pictures being the only thing being used instead of the words in the different language, he was holding the tome upside down.

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