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Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Sorcha]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Sorcha] Empty Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:59 am

Sorcha Donovan
Another time and a brand new day that Sorcha could go and find some information about her missing family members. She wasn’t entirely sure where to start and if she felt the mood to actually go on today. She needed a break, she wasn’t even going on so long to find answers but it was tiring and a very hurtful job and that asked time and energy. It felt like it was sucking the problem out of her being by making her tired and yet providing no answers at all. She sat down on the bed from the place where she stayed, it didn’t sleep as comfortable as at home but that was a difficult thing to go back and forth to, especially being far away in other towns. She crossed her arms and her legs and thought harshly about what she could do now. Meditating hadn’t worked, she felt as tired and lost as before. She could try and figure a few other things out but sitting here didn’t change much either. She decided to go and figure things out later, make a list again of what she could do and go to Khalash again. He was a weird man but one that meant alright and with that she could just go and see any ideas that he got or perhaps he had another job for her that would give her a distraction for the time being. That of being today at the very least. She stood up from her bed again, stretched and walked to the door to go outside and find her way back to the store of the old man.

It wasn’t actually that difficult, especially after going there twice already on the same day, it would give her a good memory of how to reach it again. She didn’t think about much when she made her way over to the shop, just how to put one foot in front of the next and how to empty her mind for now. If there was no job for her today, there was enough that she could still worry about after that. She opened the door to the store and spotted Khalash with this huge bag on his back and he turned around to look at her. She was sure he would bump at least ten things over in this small store but nothing fell. Everything stood in a way that looked like this was a maze of things. Who knows what you could find here. ”Ah Sorcha. I was about to look for someone for a job, you come at the right time. I need to go for the day and someone needs to watch the store. Would you? I try to be back at midnight. So please stay here in the front of the store, the back is forbidden property. So would you Sorcha?” Well she had come here for a job and this actually gave her time to think as well so she accepted gladly.


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Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Sorcha] WpMV1nH

#2Sorcha Donovan 

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Sorcha Donovan
So she waved goodbye the old wizard and took a stance behind the shop counter, leaning with her right elbow on the counter and her cheek on her right hand. Considering to take steps that she could do, My name is Sorcha Donovan, I’m twenty years old. Daughter of Giomanach and Moira Donovan.” She went on her basic riddle to get her mind sorted and to be able to think of other solutions. Maybe she would have to return to her uncle and figure out a new lead now that this trader was impossible to find and apart from that he would of course deny every little bit about having sold elves off into slavery. With the new emperor, the slavery was banished, they should fight for their freedom and that meant that perhaps if they really got away, her parents and brothers were able to go home. While she was here, trying to find them. Her heart made a jump because of her track of thoughts as well as because the door opened with a loud sound of the bell. Where people usually opened the door slowly, the door was now basically kicked open as it swung at once, making the bell rattle loudly. She looked at three teenagers coming in the store, they showed a sort of air that made her already very aware that the kids didn’t care about anything. ”The old man is gone. Time to check that stupid hidden backroom.” To which she almost silently took a few steps towards her left and stood in the doorway that they would need to pass. Past the counter into the backroom of the store. ”If you don’t plan to buy anything, you better leave. This is a store not a theme park.” She said sternly, to which the kids laughed because of her ears.

Within a hurry, Sorcha stretched her hand backward and grabbed the broom, she had only learned in her mind that it stood there, not really a conscious action, ”Or I’ll sweep you out.” Which made them laugh but when she really walked forward with the broom strongly in her hand, they did back away, perhaps they realized a couple of things, with her in the way they won’t make it and she surely was going to fight for it. With some moping around and mocking voices they left the store, probably to try another time again. She hoped Khalash would have others or himself to vent them off but she was sure, as they had not made it yet to the backstore before. She would be here for quite some time, not entirely sure how she would get food but she stopped a deliver that walked in front of the store a couple of times to ask. He was sweet to explain and she ordered some steam buns. Nothing much happened to the store, a few customers came but Khalash had the price of everything on the item itself with a little tag so it was not difficult. She surely hoped not that he required special people for items but the customers seemed to be so familiar that it sure as hell would be fine. When Khalash returned, she had already closed the store for quite a few hours and had almost fallen asleep sitting upright with her head on the counter. Khalash thanked her and send her home with a few more jewels in hand.


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Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Sorcha] WpMV1nH

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