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Eyes wider open [Quest: Y'shtola]

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Eyes wider open [Quest: Y'shtola] Empty Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:23 am

If there was one thing that could be said about Khalesh his jobs, then it was the fact that they were some of the most boring chores she had ever imagined. Tending a store was certainly not the type of job a Wild Neko would do, but it was because of another little detail to the job that Khalesh had asked specifically for her.

Having somehow discovered how she had threatened the group of teenagers from staying out of the backroom of the store Khalesh believed her fiery nature and intimidating presence as a Wild Neko could serve well for the problem he was facing. Being that he was a collector of rare items it was nothing unusual for Khalesh to barter with merchants and citizen alike in an attempt to claim ownership of the item, but if there was one thing Khalesh hated, then it was a fraud. Having discovered that one of the uncommon items he had purchased was faulty and malfunctioning he had called in the owner for a refund, but unfortunately, he had to leave the store and it was up to her to 'convince' the owner to pay up the money.

It was an unexpected request, but it was also interesting to see that Khalesh was trying to put her nature as a Wild Neko to use, and with her interest stirred Y'shtola had decided to give things a try. And that led to her current situation: stuck tending the magic shop while waiting for the owner to arrive.

Her instructions had been clear, a magical item known as a Lacrima orb was resting on a nearby desk, and the faulty item was prepared on the counter, so once she had gained her refund all she needed to do was alert Khalesh by touching the orb what would seemingly make him aware that the refund had happened, and then once it was time she could close up the shop after taking her share of what he owned her for the work. All in all it was truly a simple request. However, she would need to either convince or threaten the man, but violence would not be permitted. A pity really since she couldn't imagine how willing a fraud would be to part with his money, but she had assumed that with a bit of 'convincing' she could surely get him to see reason.

A few hours had passed till the owner finally arrived, the reason for her ability to be able to identify him so quickly being that his gaze wandered onto the uncommon item on the counter and then to her. "Is Khalesh here?" A light shake of her head followed, causing the man to smile at her and reply in a surprisingly more energetic tone. "I'll come by another time then-" But Y'shtola was quick to interrupt his attempt to escape. "I was specifically asked by Khalesh to ensure that you'd pay back the money he gave you for the faulty item."

And then the man's smile faded away... oh boy, the party had yet to get started!

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Eyes wider open [Quest: Y'shtola] Empty Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:41 am

"What do you mean-" Yet her confident stride as she crossed past the counter and stood between the item and the man, a gesture of her hand following as she continued her explanation. "I heard the details from Khalesh earlier. You decided to sell him a faulty item, and according to the laws of your society that means you got to refund him and accept the item in return."

The man's eyes narrowed as he took a step forwards. "I didn't sell him---" Yet her lips curved up in a grin as she folded her arms beneath her chest and inquired with a hint of curiosity. "Oh, are you about to claim that the item isn't faulty?" The man nodded his head firmly in return to her statement. "That's right-" Yet she casually raised a hand to her cheek, taping it softly while musing softly. "Should we get the Rune Knights to validate your claim then while in the presence of yourself and Khalesh?" This suggestion made the man visibly tense up. "The Rune Knights?" A light nod came from the Neko as she continued her explanation. "Of course, should your claim prove to be false you will be accused of fraud and punished as a conman would. What's the penalty again for that?"

A sudden sweep of her hand followed, the claw on her knuckle slashing through the air while she mused out loud. "I believe it was something along the lines of 'chop chop with your fingers~' Or was that for thieves? Conmen had a worse punishment I think..." The man's face turned pale as he quickly darted over to the counter and placed a pouch full of jewels on it. "T-This is the money he paid me! All the Two hundred and fifty thousand jewels! P-Please tell him my utmost and most sincere apologies for the faulty item."

Watching the man grab the item and rush out of the store after she confirmed the amount the Wild Neko smiled calmly and moved over to the desk, placing her hand on the orb when suddenly a masculine voice reached her ears. "Y'shtola? I presume you got the money back? Excellent work, deduct twenty-five thousand jewels from the sum as your pay, and then please close up the shop for the day."

A slight nod of confirmation came from the Wild Neko as she grabbed her own purse and filled it with the payment she was promised before closing up the store. Although it had been a rather interesting experience to convince the man, she knew all too well that such a method wouldn't work against a strong-willed individual like a Wild Neko... No, this was yet another result of the corruption in this society that had made people grow soft and domestic... Heaving a sigh the Wild Neko stashed her pouch away and started her walk back to the inn. She would soon have enough to purchase some proper equipment again! But for the time being, she would need to decide on how to spend the rest of the night...

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