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Eyes wide open [Quest: Y'shtola]

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Eyes wide open [Quest: Y'shtola] Empty Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:24 am

How had it come to this? A question the Wild Neko idly asked herself as she stood before the magic shop, a flier held in her left hand. It had only been a few days since she had arrived in Magnolia, and while she had been able to come to understand the way the Request Board functioned, it also left her with a very unpleasant feeling. Accepting those requests and helping people... Usually, it would have made most people feel good about themselves, but that wasn't the case for Y'shtola. In her eyes, the decision to adapt to this particular part of human society left her with a feeling of disgust. "Am I growing soft? No, never! I will never become a Domestic Neko..."

Clenching the parchment in her hand the Wild Neko reminded herself of her true goal, in the end, her current actions were simply to figure out how human society worked and for her to get funds for her true goal. In the end, she couldn't simply find the reason behind the taint that had caused human society to devolve into such a soft and domestic society. She would rather die than to become a domestic Neko!

Opening the door Y'shtola quickly spotted the elderly man in the back of the store, who was equally quick to notice her. "Ah, judging from the parchment in your hand you must be here for work. The name is Khalash." Nodding her head lightly in return for his statement she walked toward the counter and addressed the man with a greeting of her own. "Y'shtola." Her curt response made the man's eyes sharpen a little, a calculating glint in his eyes "A name belonging to a Wild Neko, if my memory serves me right the tribe living in the Oberon forest... Nonetheless, your task is simple Y'shtola: I will be out for most of the day, simply tend to the store and see that nothing gets stolen or damaged. Also DON'T enter the backroom, if you can succeed in those two tasks I'll have a nice reward ready for you by the time I get back."

So tend to the store, make sure nobody stole or broke anything and keep her tail out of the backroom? That sounded simple enough for a task. "That sounds doable, any idea when you'll be back?"

Khalash had just finished putting on his cloak as he answered her. "Around midnight the latest, I know it will be a while but I'll make sure it be worth your time."

A nod came from the Wild Neko as she watched him leave the shop. To be honest, she was rather curious about what was in the backroom, but since his request was clear and she didn't want to risk losing her payment she decided to control her curiosity. In the end, everyone knew that curiosity was the most dreaded murderer when it came to Neko, only second to lakes and seas...

But still, she wished the job was a bit less boring...

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Eyes wide open [Quest: Y'shtola] Empty Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:08 am

Heaving a long sigh Y'shtola raised a hand to her chin, a finger tapping on the counter of the store. Boredom truly was a dreadful foe for the Wild Neko to face, and every now and then she couldn't help but cast a glimpse at the door leading to the backroom of the shop. What in the world could have been in there, and why was she forbidden from even taking a peek? Curiosity stirred she started to muse all sorts of possibilities. Maybe there was a closet that contained a secret portal to another dimension, or maybe there were some super rare and important treasures hidden inside that room. Or perhaps some super secretive being was living inside the room that Khalash didn't want anyone to learn about? Maybe he was having an affair with a succubus! Even a man of his age could have wanted to relax in the comfort of... No, he seemed more interested in rubbing a rare treasure clean than to enjoy the company of a woman.

While those thoughts wandered through her mind a sudden collection of excited voices came from inside the store as a bunch of teenagers entered the shop. "Hey, you were right! The Old Geezer is gone, this is our chance to look at what he is hiding..."

The tallest of the teenagers nodded his head lightly in response "Told ya." Yet none of them seemed to catch even a glimpse of her. Instead they ignored her presence entirely and were walking toward the counter, intending to move past it if not for the fact she stepped between them. "Out of the way Melon Bags."

Wait what, melon bags?! Was she even that large?! Shooting a glimpse at her own bust she shook her head lightly to clear her thoughts and stated harshly. "You are forbidden from entering that part of the store, either buy something or leave."

Yet the two teenagers backing up their leader had seemingly invigorated the lad to retaliate. "Oh really? and what are you going to do if we don't listen?" Oh, they didn't need to ask her twice... Her ears making a violent twitch as her tail stood upright she hissed sharply while the claw on her knuckle grew into view. "For starters, if you neither buy anything or leave, I will make it so you're going to need to buy a doctor visit. So what will it be brat? Am I going to see the three of you leave, or will I need to cut open your face first?"

Clearly not expecting her threat the teenager staggered backwards and soon rushed for the door, his companions hot on his trail while she sighed in amusement. "That went easier than expected..." Fortunately, the rest of the day proved to be less eventful, and by the time nighttime had arrived Y'shtola finally saw a familiar face enter the store. "And I see my store is left in the same pristine state I departed from, and it seems you haven't been in the backroom... excellent work Y'shtola, here is your pay."

Accepting the pouch with a slight nod of her hand the Wild Neko decided that now was as good a time as any to leave, especially with how late it was becoming...

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