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Dozing Kids [Quest: Y'shtola]

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School, it was said that in human society school was a place of knowledge and learning, an educational system where the younglings of their society were being prepared for the future. It certainly was a different experience compared to Y'shtola's childhood. As a Wild Neko the tribe she was part of never possessed a true hierarchy and most just did their own thing. One could easily even say that school didn't exist at all! Instead one became the apprentice of a more experienced Wild Neko who taught them the ways of their skills, in her case she was taught by her mother the art of hunting.

So when she had read that a teacher at a local school was seeking help, Y'shtola found herself intrigued by the chance to learn more about this peculiar education that human society had. The school itself wasn't quite far from the request board, and on arrival, the Wild Neko spotted a young woman carrying a rather large book.

"Are you here to register your child for class?" Wait a moment?! Did she look like a mother to her?! Quickly shaking her head while her tail swayed a bit faster as a result of her embarrassment Y'shtola was quick to correct the lady's misassumption.

"I'm here to help the school with a request one of the teachers posted. My name is Y'shtola." A smile emerged on the teacher's lips as she gestured for Y'shtola to follow her to the class. "My name is Sandine, the reason we posted that request is that, while it's not unusual for some of the children to not be attentive, we have been having cases where our students outright fall asleep!"

Wait, straight up falling asleep? That sounded like it wouldn't really help them learn anything at all, right? "So after some consideration, we were hoping to get someone like you to help us out Y'shtola. Could you be a dear and keep an eye on the class and make sure everyone is awake and attentive? Just, please... don't hit or hurt them in any way."

That sounded like a simple enough job, and if it would pay well she could also cover her bills and enjoy some delicious cupcakes again! Maybe she could even learn something useful from being in this class. "Sure, I'll keep an eye open to make sure nobody is sleeping."

Sandine was clearly happy to hear those words, and just in time also for a small flood of children rushed into the classroom the moment the bell started ringing. Being bombarded with countless questions was a new and rather unusual experience for Y'shtola, but fortunately, Sandine was quick to deal with the children's curiosity by explaining she was a traveler from a faraway place who had come to help the class today. Still, as the lecture began and Y'shtola took her place at the end of the classroom, her sharp eyes kept watching over every motion the students were making... Still, at the same time she could also enjoy listening to Sandine's teachings, so all in all it was being a win-win situation for her.

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It seemed that at first, the class was going on as normal, in the end, Sandine was ensuring that her lessons were both interesting and fun for the students, so at first, everyone was being quite attentive about the lecture. However, after the first hour or so Y'shtola started to notice something quite unusual. First one of the children near the window started to sometimes spend extended periods gazing absently outside, and finally, he was dozing off! This must have been the situation Sandine had warned her about. But how in the world could she keep someone awake? In her tribe being asleep at such an important situation would surely have led to a whack across to head, and that was in the best cases, but since she wasn't permitted to hit them... Perhaps she needed to be a bit more creative? An idea popped up in her mind as the Wild Neko started to walk. There was quite an interesting something about Neko, that being the fact that unless they ran at their full speed a Neko was quite literally soundless like a true hunter! So it was rather obvious that when Y'shtola was walking through the classroom she was soundless and graceful in her stride. The children she passed had not even noticed her, at least till it was too late. The boy who had been dozing off was entirely oblivious of her encroach, a hand slowly reaching for his shoulder which she tapped lightly with her fingers, the sudden motion causing the boy to jolt upright and clearly looking startled while the nearby children were snickering softly.

"Pay attention to the class kiddo, and you might be able to notice me next time~"

The boy nodded his head sheepishly as she returned back to her spot at the end of the classroom. It appeared that making an example of the boy in a rather pleasant way had helped stimulate the rest of the class, for none of them even ended up being distracted or dozed off into sleep! At the end of the lectures after the class was dismissed and the children said their goodbyes Sandine approached her with one of the brightest smiles she had ever seen on a human. "You did an amazing job Y'shtola! Not only did you succeed in keeping everyone awake and attentive, but you also didn't need to use any intimidation either." The words of praise left her feeling a bit awkward, but she was quite grateful to receive the small pouch full of jewels that Sandine had prepared for her work. "Will you be staying in Magnolia for a while longer?"

Y'shtola had to admit the question had surprised her, so while she stashed the pouch away she answered her. "I'm no sure yet, I guess it depends on how I feel." In the end, she was a Wild Neko, settling down in one place simply felt too weird for the likes of her... But nonetheless, she couldn't deny that she had fun today!

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