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Baska to Oak [Travel]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Baska to Oak [Travel] Empty Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:02 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Just a little bit further and he was home. Now that he was basically in Oak, he removed his mask from his face and placed it underneath his cloak, placing a strap from his waistband through the strap of the mask before closing his cloak again. A giant hilt was the only thing that stuck out from his cloak but in the night nobody would be able to see it. Throughout Oak he was known as a mage of Phantom Lord. He's always done his tasks - all except one - with a mask on, and even then nobody would have a clue about who he was except his fellow guild mates. He was simply known as one of Phantoms best by civilians, the masked mage some called him only because he didn't give them a name to go by.

As far as Fairy Tail knew, Jeremiah randomly disappeared. They most likely didn't care enough to look for him, especially since his relationship with the people there wasn't exactly the best. After hearing about the death of the previous Guild master, he couldn't not show his respect. Sooner or later he'd make it his business to go to fairy Tail and destroy them. They were a waste of space without their beloved master and his dislike for them was deeper than them just being useless...they were weak. More importantly though, they hated him. Nobody even wanted to bother with him and the only reason Jeremiah could think of was because he was Savannian, it was typical racism.

"S.O.F.K... How didn't I see it?" He asked himself, remembering the information he discovered about them during the war. "There's just no way that the Council could let an organization like that get away so easily, my pops fucked them up on his own." He looked forward with a slight frown. Every time he thought about his family, he wanted to destroy the council but he convinced himself that doing so would accomplish nothing now that they were under a totally different ruler, right?

Jeremiah halted. The ground began to shake beneath before a figure erupted from the ground 5 meters in front of him. The young mage leaped back and raised his arm, ready to place his hand on the hilt of his blade and draw Samehada out to fight.

The being roared lightly before revealing itself. "What the..." Jeremiah raised an eyebrow, watching the beast closely. With a distance of 7 meters between the two he was able to see that the creature was shorter than he was, but much bulkier with huge arms attached to his body. "Damn, I was almost home too." The Phantom Lord mage stood straight before dashing forward and punching with maximum strength at the beast.

"Hm?" Shokingly, the beast simply extended his arm, catching Jeremiah's blow with his hand. In that time the young man was able to analyze the beast before realizing that the markings on it's body was Savannian! Miah looked up at the beast seeing it's toothy smile. It seemed genuinely happy to see him?

"What the hell are you?"

The beast released the boy's hand, falling on all fours. The creature put his head down and revealed the markings on it's back that revealed his name in Savannian; "Barunz". Jeremiah didn't know what was happening but it seemed like Barunz was a creature from Savannah. The only question was, why did he seek Jeremiah?

~ Oak Arrival ~

Baska to Oak [Travel] Haki10

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