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Aniz a demon of Fairy Tail Guild was standing in the line in a hospital in baska. There were diseases spreading throughout Baska recently so the doctors want to check who are infected and who is not, and it seems like most people are infected as many went home with a packet of medicines in their hand. Aniz was bored while waiting, he was sure that he was all ok, he didn’t need any check up, he is a grown up already, he can take care of himself. After a few while the line started to clear up and Aniz was at the most front of the line which means he would be next, he was pretty exhausted having to force himself to wait in the line, Aniz have never liked waiting, he doesn’t like wasting his precious time, he could be practising his magic by now, and maybe he could be learning a new spell but no, he was forced to go here. The patient who was with the doctor inside the doctor room emerged from the other side of the door and he walked off with a packet of tablets in his hand. Aniz was then called by the nurse assisting the doctor, Aniz walked into the room and the doctor seemed more tired than he is, Aniz pitied him actually, how can someone do this? Don’t they feel like they are being used or something? Any way, Sage sat on a chair and waited for the doctor's questions and stuff. To Sage's shock, the doctor doesn’t even speak to him, he just took a sample of Aniz's blood which he wasn’t warned first, but Aniz have been pierced by something more painful, and he still remember it to this day. Aniz focused on what's going on and the doctor was now examining Aniz's blue blood sample under a microscope, and the doctor's face expressed awe and happiness, "What is it doctor?" the nurse asked, also noticing the doctor's new expression. "This kid, he's, healthy." the doctor answered, his final word said a bit more slower, in Aniz's head, he was like, “I know I’m healthy and I’m wasting my time, there is no point- after all I’m a demon.“ but before he could finish his sentence in his mind, and standing from the chair, the doctor hold Aniz's sleeve tightly, Aniz was shocked of this sudden action and looked at the doctor and he could see someone in need of help, Aniz know that he wanted to ask for help as many people asked him to do quests in a sudden. "Fine, what is it that you want me to do?" Aniz asked the doctor, the doctor's expression changed and he was filled with joy, "I’d like you to deliver this medicine to the address listed on the medicine, they can’t come to the hospital and i am practically very busy." it was an easy task, but Aniz wanted a reward, "will there be tips?", "Of course." the doctor said, smiling.

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"I am not alone. I can hear them... I can hear everyone's voices... I can sense everyone's feelings... I am not alone... Everyone's feelings... They support me... They are what give me the will to stand and fight!!"

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Apparently there was two white bags, and there are only two address, Aniz took the bag and left the doctors room, the patients looked at Aniz with curiosity on their face as he walked out of the room with lots of medicine, but Aniz doesn’t really care anymore what the public think, he just want to live his life and do what the hell he thinks he wants to do. When Aniz stepped out of the hospital, the air was way fresher than the air inside the hospital, Aniz realised that he is in baska, where everything is covered in almost green, which is the thing he likes about this place. Aniz inhaled deeply and exhaled deeply, refreshing his body and getting ready to deliver the medicine. Aniz read the address, luckily Aniz know every part of Baska Town as it is not that big, and Aniz already spent two weeks here, he really does like it here. Aniz read the first address, which is not far from his hotel, and when he read the second address it was further from his hotel and far from the hospital too, Aniz also realised that he have to go north then back south, which is pretty tiring, a thought came to Aniz's head, maybe he should rent a bike or something, Aniz head to the middle of baska town, where many services can be found there. When Aniz arrived he could see many bicycles locked and is ready to be rented, Sage walked towards the bicycle and talked with the people who was in charge of handling the bikes. Then Aniz rented a bike, a big one, so that he could finish this job as soon as he can. Aniz headed to the address nearest to his home first, as it is also the nearest location from where he currently is, in baska town, it isnt crowded like the other towns, so Aniz cycled his bike peacefully and accelerates whenever he wants to. Aniz arrived at the area where the address is, Aniz slowed his paddling so that he could see which house is it, still on his bike, Aniz searched for the address, after a few turns, Aniz found the house and knocked on the door, then a young man opened the door along with his grandma behind him, he smiled and thanked Aniz, Aniz left and head to the second address which might take between 20 to 30 minutes, Aniz flexes his body first so that he won’t cramp when he cycle, actually Aniz liked cycling, thinking back, he haven’t done any sports since he was just a little kid. Aniz paddled until he reached the second address and gave the medicine to the patient who needs it which is a nice old man. It was almost 4 in the evening, and Aniz was hungry, he paddled back to the hospital and collected his rewards, Aniz was glad that the doctor was still there or not he won’t be able to claim his rewards.


"I am not alone. I can hear them... I can hear everyone's voices... I can sense everyone's feelings... I am not alone... Everyone's feelings... They support me... They are what give me the will to stand and fight!!"

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