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Foot Travel (Dahlia to Magnolia)

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Foot Travel (Dahlia to Magnolia) Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:48 pm


She didn't care. Everyone was a tool to be used, that was how their god viewed them, that was how she viewed others. But why was it different after that day? Why did it pain her to see someone she knew only in name, suffer?

"Give her my message."

Her words echoed, and from her grasp a strange white object covered in blood. It wasn't until her eyes finally closed that Mikiko had decided to find out what was left in this mass grave for her. She was no mail person, but if this was her dying wish, she would honor it. People, even scum, deserved that much. And this woman, she was their queen.

"There was no point in holding on. I lost everyone, and soon I would have lost you too. Take care of Bodak. I have, and will always love you.

Don't come looking for me."

It confused her, the connection to all of them. It was all a mystery and would possibly remain so for a long time. For now, there was much to discuss. Caitlyn would remain in Dahlia, as it was their duties. Miki would soon face a similar fate, but for now, her master would take the tether.

For now, she had to deliver a message. And her destination was Oak. but for now, she had to make a small stop.

For now.


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