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What It's All About (Quest: Seta)

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#1Seta Kaiba 

What It's All About (Quest: Seta) Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:13 pm

Seta Kaiba
Walking through the streets of Era the young woman had been trying her best to overhear any interesting information, but this time she ended up hearing something curious. "Hey, did you hear? Daragast has been sighted in the poorer part of Era."

Listening to two men talking she listened carefully to the discussion between the two of them who were busy discussing about the matter of Daragast talking about some sort of individual. Of course her curiosity was stirred, leading Seta to travel toward the poorer part of Era, upon which to her surprise she stumbled upon a most peculiar being.

Indeed, the term 'being' would have been more correct than a person because it was more like a tiny dragon-like being. "Daragast I assume?" Seta inquired with a hint of curiosity, leading to the man to turn toward her. "I am, and who might you be?"

Placing her hand on her hip she started to properly introduce herself. "My name is Seta, Seta of the Kaiba household." The two briefly discussed some matters before Seta was led along the streets by Daragast.

"We have been recently working on the construction of new buildings within this part of the city. However, one place in particular that would benefit the people a lot is the construction of the public school.

A momentary pause followed while she listened to him further. "Although the rich may appear smart and such they are able to afford good education. However, it would be even more beneficial for the Rune Knights to scout intelligent people from around this part of the city and employ them as civil servants. For example, that is why we would be offering them education as well, so that we both benefit from this." Daragast smiled calmly as he soon explained further. "However, if they get more income the status of the poor districts will improve also!"

It was an interesting concept, she had to admit that the thought of constructing a public school could be useful, and by educating people and employing them in the civil ranks could truly benefit them a lot. A hand raised to her chin as she pondered out loud, clearly thinking on the matter.

Would it truly work like that? However, all of a sudden a group of voices shouted from nearby, leading Seta to spot a group of children playing in the poor district. "Mokuba?" Spotting her little brother playing among the children Seta smiled calmly, leading Daragast to address her with a hint of curiosity. "Do you know one of those boys?" Seta's expression went neutral as she explained calmly. "The tallest among the children is my brother, he has been traveling alongside me."

Daragast hummed softly while he walked over to the noodle shop, soon returning as he grinned calmly at her as she stepped toward the children and addressed them. "Young ones, how about you all enjoy some noodles? It's on me~" Daragast's statement made the children get excited as they rushed toward the noodle shop while Mokuba approached her with a sheepish grin on his lips.

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#2Seta Kaiba 

What It's All About (Quest: Seta) Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:32 pm

Seta Kaiba
"Those kids are pretty energetic!" Mokuba exclaimed with a grin, causing Seta to lower a hand to pet the boy's head as she replied with a softer than usual tone. "Go and eat your share of the noodles before they get cold Mokuba, we'll talk in a bit." The boy laughed softly, a playful salute as he started to chase after the children.

"So, let me ask you a question Seta: Why did I order noodles at a local store, instead of giving the children money to order what they liked?" It was a good question, one that made her think for a moment before she answered him calmly. "I believe you did it in order to promote the local business?" A hand raised to her chin as she pondered out loud. "If you just gave them money they would have ordered candy from the rich districts, that wouldn't help either them or the district as a whole."

Daragast smiled in approval while nodding his head in agreement. "Correct, by actively contributing to the commerce in this district we'll be able to aid people also." Fascinating... After a short walk the two of them reached the end of the poor district as Dagarast turned toward her, raising one of his claws to properly hand over a small purse full of jewels. "Thanks for taking the time to listen me Seta. I appreciated your company." Seta nodded her head in agreement as she turned away from the creature. "No problem, it was enlightening for me." However, a short pause followed as Dagarast left, and hearing Mokuba approach Seta turned toward the boy, a glint in her eyes suggesting she had been planning something.

"The device is reacting Mokuba, you know what that means..." Mokuba's lips quickly curved up into a grin at the revelation. "Awesome! Does that mean we got the whereabouts of the Core Point?" Seta nodded her head lightly as she motioned for the boy to follow her. "According to the device, it should be near the mountain, perhaps near its summit. And that means we might have to intrude into forbidden ground."

The boy clapped his hands together in excitement, clearly looking forward to the idea. "I wonder what card will appear! Do you have an idea yet what type of summon will emerge next?" Seta shook her head lightly, deciding to explain things a bit further. "Considering the improvement to the capacity of my mana I think it will be a card more powerful than the Battle Ox." But what one would that be? Perhaps the Lord of D? Or maybe even the Blue Eyes White Dragon! Heh, who in the world was she kidding? There was no way a card that powerful would appear already...

"Either way, make sure to get ready Mokuba, we'll be doing our trip under the cover of the night." No rest for the wicked or the ambitious it seems, and she was likely to be quite an ambitious person... the wicked bit? that remained to be seen...

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