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Troublesome Transactions [Quest: Seta]

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#1Seta Kaiba 

Troublesome Transactions [Quest: Seta] Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:21 am

Seta Kaiba
If there was one thing that Seta could say about business, then it was the fact that transactions could often involve a certain degree of danger. It was understandable, in the end not every client was an honest person, and it wasn't unheard of for a trade to go down south with the merchant being kidnapped, or worse. Of course, it was for that reason that Gaud had been searching for a reliable mage to handle the transaction for him.

Still, he had offered her a nice sum of Jewels merely to aid him in picking up the trade. Judging from the map she had in her possession the whereabouts of the alley the trade was being conducted on was a few blocks from where she was currently, and with her card tricks at her disposal even a seemingly unarmed woman could prove to be a lethal threat should she be crossed. Night had fallen over Era, the shadows spreading over the land as she arrived at the location for the trade. Leaning with her back against the wall and a hand on her belt she waited for any sign of the client she was supposed to make the trade with.

Gaud had already given her the bag with the payment for the transaction, so it was just a matter of confirming if the goods were legit and get out of there without a fight. Fortunately, it took only a quarter of an hour before the client shown himself, a cloaked figure approaching from the opposite direction of the alley. "You aren't Gaud..." A masculine voice called out to her, yet Seta merely raised the bag in her hand and stated firmly. "I am representing Gaud, and am in possession of your payment, that is all you need, correct?"

The cloaked figure went silent for a moment before he chuckled. "You got guts girl, I give you that. Fine, toss me the bag." Of course Seta was quick to shake her head. "First show that you got the goods." The cloaked man nodded his head lightly, a hand pulled into the bag he carried with him as he revealed a large tooth, clearly belonging to some rare or powerful beast. "It's in pristine state, just as ordered."

Seta nodded her head lightly while tossing the bag at the man, who in return tossed the bag her way, a sweeping gesture with her hand following as she grabbed a hold of the bag. Now it was just a matter of delivering this item back to Gaud and she would be able to finish this quest and be paid for her contribution to the transaction. The cloaked figure retreated in the alley, soon disappearing from view as Seta left. Slowly making her way out of the alley Seta tried to figure out what to do next. For the time being she would need to get back to Gaud and get the beast fang handed over, but then she could get some time off and talk to Mokuba a bit.

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#2Seta Kaiba 

Troublesome Transactions [Quest: Seta] Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:42 am

Seta Kaiba
Walking along the streets of Era made Seta ponder about what to do next. Although she was doing requests here and there, she had yet to get any clues about the Core Point's location within the town. Until then she would need to obtain more information. Certainly, she could ask the locals, but that might make some people get curious about her intentions. Making her way along the streets she was soon back at Gaud's establishment, the sight of her holding the bag making him smile happily at her. "Haha! I see that you got the transaction handled Seta! Not that I had any doubts. So, did he have the goods? please show them to me."

Placing the bag on the counter she watched with a hint of interest as the man pulled the large fang out the bag. "This fang belongs to a special type of Sabertooth, not only are those very powerful creatures, but the fang is so durable and tough that smiths use the fang to craft weaponry."

That was an interesting idea.... But nonetheless, she still had a matter that needed to be discussed with the merchant. "Gaud, remember that favor? I need you to look at a picture for me." Pulling out a picture of the relic she had found the young woman made Gaud look at the piece, the sight of it making him frown. "I heard this relic belongs to a set, do you have any more knowledge about those items?"

Gaud nodded his head lightly as he explained. "I heard tales that an ancient ruler wielded those items. The one in the picture is the rod, a staff-like weapon possessing powers still unknown to us."

So their powers were never documented? How weird... "Okay, I guess I'll have to continue my search then." A nod of approval followed from Seta as she accepted the bag of jewels that Gaud had prepared for her in return for her work. "I'll be going now."

Turning her back to the man Seta made her way outside the store and started making her way back to Mokuba. One more job and she would consider herself to have enough knowledge about the lay of the land to start searching for the ley lines within the city. a hand scooped for the device in her pocket, soon hearing a soft familiar beep. "So the ley lines seem to be manifesting closer to the mountain, that is interesting to know..."

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she returned to the inn, arriving at the door Mokuba had already rushed outside, pulling her into a hug as he stated happily. "Welcome back sis! I ordered food for us already, so we can eat if you're hungry!" Seta smiled calmly, a hand raised toward the boy to pet his head while replying with a smile. "You shouldn't have waited for me Mokuba, but let's go and have our dinner~ And then we'll discuss some things for our plans and the search for the Core Point...

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