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Family Crest [Quest: Seta]

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#1Seta Kaiba 

Family Crest [Quest: Seta] Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:41 am

Seta Kaiba
If there was one thing that was truly precious to Seta, then it was no doubt the importance of her bonds with her family. Nothing could destroy the bond with her siblings, to the point she was willing to go above and beyond all trials and tribulations to keep them safe. So, when she had learned that the Messer's family crest had gone missing the young Kaiba was more than willing to contribute in the search for the crest.

From her own ties to the Kaiba family she knew how important the family crest was for a household, and with the crest missing the honor of the Messer family had been stained and dragged through the mud. Of course, noble Joachim would likely have been hard at work searching for the crest, if not for the fact that his work as a Rune Knight would soon lead him to join a raid onto one of the several dungeons within Fiore, so with his time forced to prepare for the expedition it was more than understandable that he was seeking aid for discovering the crest's whereabouts, and with a drawing of the missing crest in hand Seta intended to make sure that before the man's departure the crest would be found, back in its rightful place and with the Messer's family honor restored.

Of course the most natural choice to make was to ask the local citizen of Era, in the end those people knew the land and its people and had eyes and ears everywhere. At first her search seemed to be going unfavorable, the first person had not seen the crest, the second one didn't even know what a family crest was and the third one was too busy to answer her properly, but it was after that, when she tried to show her crest to another person that it seemed fortune smiled upon her.

"Yeah I seen it before" A young man told her, soon explaining the nature of his tale further as he explained that a shady looking guy, most certainly a criminal had been trying to sell the crest, but it seemed his luck ran out because his looks made the young man wary, and so he refused the attempt.

However, there was one thing in particular that caught her interest: The young man told her about a certain man called Gaud who might had known more. Gaud was a famous businessman in the area, to the point even her adoptive father had dealt with him before on terms of a transaction of a rare item, but this greed for wealth made him willing to purchase anything that could come with a profit... So all in all the perfect suspect for who might have been in the possession of the missing crest... With their business concluded Seta decided to start searching for this man called Gaud, quite aware that to track him down she just needed to find one of the more fanciful buildings within Era...

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#2Seta Kaiba 

Family Crest [Quest: Seta] Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:41 am

Seta Kaiba
The search didn't take that long all things considered. After a little walk and asking for some directions from the local citizen Seta found herself in front of a fanciful store, and upon entering she was greet by a familiar sight, that of a business.

People went and either came to purchase or sell various relics and objects they had seen or found, and in the back of the store the familiar sight of Gaud came into view, the man having just finished handling a customer when he saw her approach and rubbed his hands together. "Aha~ Miss Seta, a pleasure to see you again. What brings you so far from Crocus?"

Seta dismissedly waved the man's comment aside as she explained in a curt and serious manner. "I am merely here to enjoy the scenery and get some work experience. Speaking of work, have you seen this crest before?"

The man looked over the drawing she presented and raised a hand to his chin, pondering for a moment. "Of course I do, I purchased it last week, why do you ask? Are you interested in it? I have yet to auction it, so I could give it to you for a nice price.

Seta shook her head lightly as she explained further. "That crest is stolen Gaud, it's the family crest of the Messer family. Surely I don't need to remind you what the kingdom does with theft? Usually it's prison, but the theft of a family's crest is, what was it again... the chopping off the culprit's hands?"

Gaud's face turned pale at her threatening tone, a hand reached for a small box as he placed it on the counter. "I didn't know it belonged to the Messer family, or that it was stolen... I truly don't want any troubles with the Rune Knights so could you please keep my involvement in the matter out of this?"

Seta raised a hand to her cheek, looking as if she was considering it before she mused out loud. "Fine, but in return I'll have a favor to ask of you down the line, don't forget it." The man nodded his head lightly in gratitude as he handed her the box, leaving Seta with just the last part of the chore: Taking the missing crest to the guards at the gates of Era.

It didn't take long for her to have reached the location, her arrival being met with the polite greeting of the guard stationed at the gate who upon seeing the box and its contents thanked her for the aid in the search. Of course, as promised when she was asked about where she found in Seta explained that she had merely found it in an abandoned warehouse where she heard several shady figures used to gather, but Gaud had not been mentioned even once. But for now? it seemed her mission was complete... Now it was just a matter of picking up the pouch of jewels the guard handed over to her, and then she could return to the inn and spend some well-deserved time with her little brother.

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