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Last Drops [private]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Last Drops [private] Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:15 am

Bianca Fleur
Holding a cup of warm coffee, the depressed vampire roamed aimlessly within the confines of Oak Town, walking through empty streets alone wearing barely enough layers to keep her warm. She was starting to get weak from the lack of feeding and this was starting to make her feel things she normally would not, being a vampire, like being cold. The cup was still full, sometimes spilling to the ground or on her feet when she almost tripped or something. She wore a gloomy expression that matched the current ambience. She came to a dead end, a street corner that was overshadowed by the building next to it.

Naturally, she would be able to see through the darkness, but that was impossible now unless she focused hard enough. It was as if she was starting to lose her vampyrism, all because she was not feeding regularly. She took a deep breath and held it, staring at the nothingness in front of her. Her sight was completely blocked and she was not even trying to see properly. Just standing there like a lifeless thing. It felt like something was staring back at her, but she wasn’t sure. She couldn’t see anything.


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Upon reaching Oak, the carriage came to a stop in a dark and gloomy part of town. Diana was not sure if this was always the drop off place because she was not very familiar with the town. She even asked the carriage driver if this was the only drop off spot. The others had already gotten off the carriage and hurried into town. She wondered what the hurry was, but she assumed they had business to attend to. Diana on the other hand had nothing to rush for so she took some time asking the driver about Oak Town.

He didn’t share much information and told her politely that he had to leave since his job was not over for the night. Diana told him she understood, and started walking away from the carriage. She decided she would find the nearest inn or something and ask for a map like the one she got in Baska Town. She knew which way to head to, so she started moving faster. Soon she came to a less gloomier part of town, a deserted street but less darker thanks to the brighter street lamps. Along the way she spotted a female figure.

#3Bianca Fleur 

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Bianca Fleur
You could say that she was somewhat lost, in her own mind. As she stared into the abyss, a barely audible sound emanated from the back of her head, growing louder by the moment and stopped altogether. A dark haired witch stood about a meter behind her, but she wasn’t aware. The girl was lost, but in a different way. Gloria’s eyes glowed red as she stood stiffly, wondering what it was that had interrupted her peaceful moment. From the corner of her eyes she noticed that there were two shadows now, one belonging to herself, and the other - a stranger. An intruder.

Her mind automatically marked this intruder. The long days of starvation was finally over, or so she thought. Without a second thought, she turned swiftly to rush towards the figure standing still, fear written all over their face as she advanced towards them. With a quick strike at the solar plexus using her fist, the vampyress attempted to knock them out. If she had accomplished this, she would further attempt to feed from them. However, she couldn’t bring herself to do so. She wasn’t hungry, even though she hadn’t fed for the longest time. She would search their body for anything valuable and leave the street corner.

[ EXIT ]


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The woman stood completely still, which was odd and sort of creepy, but Diana was determined to ask her for help. The whispers in the back of her mind told her to abort mission. She was in Oak Town after all, a town that was swarming with dark wizards. It was possible that she could get into trouble if this person was one of them and they saw her as a threat. She racked her brains to find a way to get her attention, but do it in a way so that she would not consider her as an enemy.

Unfortunately for Diana, the woman totally turned out to be a dark wizard, and she did not even have to utter a word for the lady to consider her a threat. She moved at great speeds towards the frightened girl and struck her hard enough. Diana’s frail body fell to the ground since she was completely knocked out. The woman did not do anything else though and left with only Diana’s purse. The lightning sorceress would be unaware of this, however, until she came back to her senses. The purse contained all her money together with the money she found in Baska.

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