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Manji Shrine Thread

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Manji Shrine Thread Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:55 am

Manji Shrine Thread 0-10
To pray at these shrines, please light the lantern, or place a lit candle around the stone lantern. After your post, please exit.

Please bow, however it is not required. On this shrine it is apparent to honor a single god who's name has been long weathered away.
Generalization of God:
The name of this god has been weathered away by time. The name that was inscribed on many of these stone lanterns and altars are unreadable,
or in an old language. Few will be able to read, and even less will understand the god's given title.

To those that heard of this Nameless God, will know that this is a god of second changes and of destined opportunities. It is rumored that the god will one day return. Some refer to this god as Great Nameless, The No-Name God, Forgotten God, or simply, just as Nameless God.

Commonly, people simply come to this shrine to see if it really exists. It's said that even those who don't honor the god, even if they close their eyes and bow to the shrine, will leave the area with a clear mind and relaxed.

Baska : Link

Crocus : Yukirochisu Plaque & Shrine

Dahlia : [Temple]

Era : [Link]

Hargeon : [Link]

Magnolia : Burned Shrine

Marigold : [Link]

Mercia : ??

Mitras : ???

Nanuq : [Link]

Oak : [Link]

Oberon : Link

Orchidia Town : Marble Shrine

Sieghart Mountains :[Link]

Tenrou Island : ???

Vernus : Link

Worth Woodsea : [Link]

Manji Shrine Thread Mo5r9

If you do not wish to make a prayer,
you may set up a meeting with a "Manji Shrinemaiden" the Manji will be at random. You will be requested to preform a spell before them in return for either enlightenment or  some form of knowledge.

If this is for a siggy, a single cast will result in a static signature. Three casts will result in a gif.

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Manji Religion:
The Gods:
Public Knowledge: (What is known to the general population)
- The Manji clan prays to the old gods. There is the great Nameless God, who provides those who honor them with second chances and redemption. There is the Dead God, the god who is father to the Manji clan and all that they possess and provide for. It is said that the great Nameless God was once a hero who saved Fiore from utter destruction, but whose name was weathered by time and forgotten.

Manji Knowledge: (What is believed by the clan)
- There are three gods. Each has their own name and title. There is Yukirochisu, the Nameless god. There is Fetus, the God of Warriors. And finally, Huashi, The Dead God. Often, the names of the gods are ignored and overshadowed by their titles, however some recordings of their existence has given some followers more than enough reason to honor them by name. It is known that long ago the Nameless good wandered Fiore, in search of a second chance. She had fell from great fame into a pit of evil and darkness. She had redeemed herself when she allied with others to save Fiore from a great threat. This was done with the Foolish God, Fetus, at her side. It was his courage that allowed her to pursue such a great goal. As for the Dead God, none are sure of his name, nor his purpose. He simply exists, and is not good, nor evil. He simply is.

True Tale: (The lost truth)
- The Dead God was an aged being who had outlived all of his companions and allies. There came a time when he settled down and made peace with his past. It was at this time he found his companion, and the Nameless God was conceived. It was at this point her first name, Yukirochisu Huashimamasume was given. While being a mouthful, had it's purpose. Her name was tied to her family, as well as her curse. Her surname being "Daughter-Of-The-Forest-(God)" was to remind her where she had came from. However, it was to this fact alone that she rebelled against her father. She had fought him and lost and fled from his domain. She was unaware of the curse that was bestowed upon her, and died upon leaving his world, only to awake in the body of another. With each death, she was born again into the carcass of another lost soul. She would fill the bodies of those who had died, her mind flooded with the memories of her new corpse. It was a matter of lifetimes that she soon lost her own true identity, and thus was born into the Nameless God.

She eventually found a companion named Fetus, who unknown to her, was a gift from her father, the Dead God. They would serve many adventures, and eventually retire. She had found refuge in a village in the country of Sin. They were a warrior clan who prospered in trading and crafting. She would live among them, eventually devoting her life to protect them, using their bodies for her own. They would soon honor her, never burring their dead, but instead offering the corpses to her to choose from.

It was the Manji Clan, and to this day she serves them.

Public Knowledge: (What is known to the general population)
- The Manji Clan is divided into two parts. Those that follow the religion, and those that belong to the clan. The clan is in charge of their following. The followers are all in blind devotion.

Manji Knowledge: (What is believed by the clan)
- The Manji Clan is divided into three major parts; The Bloodline, The Devoted, and The Following. Of these three, they belong into one of three categories; The Crown, The Shrinemaidens, The Eyes. Those that are of the Crown are coined as the rightful heir. They are always someone of the Bloodline, whom is one born of pure Manji blood. The Shrinemaidens are those who follow the teachings of the Crown and the Bloodline and serve them alone. They never question leadership, as it is something much beyond them. The Devoted are the next in line to the Crown, should no Bloodline Heir be present. They often participate in secret rituals revolving around various sacrifices. Of the Eyes and Following, they are simply people who pray to the god or gods for whatever reason. They are no more than eyes and ears that have offered themselves to the culture at one point.

True Tale: (The lost truth)
- ???

Manji Culture:
Public Knowledge: (What is known to the general population)
- A war driven warrior clan who honor a great hero god. Some had found themselves in power or corrupting others. It's unknown who is, or who isn't part of the clan.

Manji Knowledge: (What is believed by the clan)
- ???

True Tale: (The lost truth)
- ???

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