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Baska Town to Oak Town [Foot Travel]

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Baska Town to Oak Town [Foot Travel] Empty Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:53 am

With the money that she had just been blessed with, Diana was thinking of moving to the next town. What was more fascinating than seeing ordinary people? Dark wizards. Even though she was a pretty neutral mage, she had always been a tiny bit more interested in those that had turned to the dark side. She believed they had their own unique reasons and those reasons were what she wanted to find out. Maybe she could find out if she went to Oak Town since there was a dark guild there.

Diana was not someone who was easily convinced. She believed that no one could persuade her to do something she was not willing to, however hard they tried. So she was immune to recruiters. No one had successfully gotten her to join their guild. After a day and a half in Baska Town, she decided to take another carriage ride to Oak Town. It would not take long, since it was close and she had already planned to come back to Baska afterwards, just for her own safety depending on how chaotic everything is in Oak Town. Well, it obviously wasn’t, but the rumors were there and Diana couldn’t help but prepare for the worst.

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