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Caravan Guard [Quest: Seta]

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#1Seta Kaiba 

Caravan Guard [Quest: Seta] Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:03 am

Seta Kaiba
To some it might have been odd for Seta to have decided to leave Crocus without using the power and influence of her family to obtain a certain amount of luxury for her journey, but that was because those people didn’t know the type of woman Seta Kaiba was. To her power was nothing if she didn’t earn it herself, and as a result, Seta had chosen to leave with only the clothes on her back and Mokuba’s companionship. The journey to Era, fortunately, wasn’t that long, especially considering the distance between Crocus and Era itself, and even with the two of them traveling on foot their trip only took two days. Nonetheless, when on the second day the mountain came into sight and the duo found themselves arriving at the town Seta had been quick to ensure they had some comfortable lodgements before seeking out some work.

Fortunately for the young woman it appeared lady luck was smiling down upon her efforts, for Seta found a wealthy merchant had arrived at Era and was searching for someone willing to lend a hand. The note on the request board of Era didn't go too much into the specifics, aside from the fact that in an effort to increase the safety of his caravans a certain Augustus Tavalar was hiring adventurers to keep guard over the caravan so that his wares wouldn't get stolen.

A simple enough request, and considering her shift was at night she wouldn't need to worry about dealing with strangers. Seta had just arrived at the spot the caravan was stationed at when a mercenary approached her and upon her identification explained the details of the job.

Simply keep an eye out till dawn while ensuring that nobody suspicious got near the wares, truly a simple task. Once the man took his leave Seta started wondering how she could best handle this assignment. Certainly she could patrol around the caravan, but considering that she couldn't keep an eye from every direction she had a rather clever idea. A hand tapped toward her card holster, upon which she caused a card to emerge in her hand, a light sweeping motion making the ground before her lit up as a 2 meters tall minotaur emerged before her. The beast looked down at her, seemingly awaiting her instructions which the young woman provided after a short moment. "Stand guard here Battle Ox, if you see anyone approach alert me."

The battle Ox nodded his head firmly, making his way toward the back of the caravan where he took his position and started to look around, clearly keeping a diligent watch over the area. So far so good, right? With the Battle Ox keeping an eye out at the back she could easily manage the front and sides, and as planned she started to walk around. It was reassuring that Mokuba had already gone to bed, mostly because she didn't want him wandering the streets on his own at night.

WC: 503/1000

#2Seta Kaiba 

Caravan Guard [Quest: Seta] Empty on Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:03 am

Seta Kaiba
Several hours passed since her watch over the Caravan began, and while thanks to the lack of hostility the summoning of the Battle Ox wasn't that consuming upon her mana reservoir, it certainly was a boring activity, to the point that she had decided to figure out new strategies for herself to use in combat. However, it was while she was walking around the left side of the caravan that she started to hear weird noises, the sounds illegible due to their softness. What in the world could it possibly be?

The Battle Ox had clearly noticed it also, for he slowly approached her and gestured with a hand to the caravan parked next to the one they had been patrolling. Could there possibly be a thief hiding in there, a vile criminal waiting to strike when she least expected it? Or maybe they were robbing that caravan! Of course she needed to confirm it first either way, the brunette and the Battle Ox sneaking toward the end of the Caravan and slowly opened the curtain slightly, peeking inside.

"..." Seta was speechless, the muffled sounds she had heard before had become more noticable, clearly being moans and giggles as a young man was being a little bit too feisty with his lover, their 'wrestling' and wandering hands making the Battle Ox's eyes spark with a renewed vigor and interest as he idly hoped he could get the chance to see a certain pink-haired lass again someday.

"Let's go Battle Ox..."

The Battle Ox nodded his head lightly while giving a final glimpse at the girl in the caravarn before he left, thinking that Lumen had been a lot cuter than her... "They must had either been too poor to get a room, or maybe they had just been true degenerates..." Yeah, it was most likely the latter.

The Battle Ox returned to his position at the end of the caravan, humming happily as he seemingly was thinking back about the feisty lass he had fought before. How would she have been doing by the way? Would she even remember him? After all he was just a poor Battle Ox who popped out of a card belonging to a children's card game. For some reason, he truly hoped that someday he would become a real minotaur and be able to take Lumen on a date.

If he helped Seta accomplish her goal, would she help him with that? To become a real Minotaur so he could date Lumen? Actually maybe he could ask the Maiden with Blue Eyes about that sometime! Maybe even get her to give him some tips on how to treat a girl, and then the Lord of D. could teach him tricks on how to seduce her! It was truly a flawless plan, and yet as morning came it seemed his master had finished her quest, and that meant only one thing: back into the card for him!

At least they ended up getting paid well for the whole job...

WC: 503
Total WC: 1006/1000

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