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Luck These Days [private]

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After resting for about an hour in her newly occupied inn room, Diana decided to start looking around. She wanted to check out the town square, first thing, assuming it was the hotspot of the town. A lot of people were going to be there. She was also feeling hungry already, after the carriage and train rides. Hopefully there were food stalls in the townsquare like she pictured. It was probably because she was hungry that she pictured food stalls in the town square. Putting on a simple cotton dress, Diana headed out of her inn and started walking.

With the help of a map that her innkeeper kindly provided, she was able to navigate the streets with ease. She already liked how kind and helpful the Baskans were. When she told them she had been traveling for the past eight to ten hours, they offered her warm jasmine tea that tasted heavenly. She could not thank them enough for their hospitality. Weaving through the streets of Baska Town, Diana found herself at the town square that was packed. Just as she had expected, several food stalls greeted her from every corner of the place. Her feet took her to the nearest stall.


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Having discovered a ton of video games turned out to be a bad thing. Mei was the biggest video game nerd she knew and one lucky day she stumbled upon this tiny little place that sold video games in Baska Town! She had been burying her mind in the different and unique universes within the video games, she almost forgot about the real world. A few weeks after discovering the video game store, Mei was brought back to reality by a letter from her mother. In the letter, her mother addressed her by her full name ‘Suyin Mei’, which meant it was about something urgent.

Sure enough, her father had fallen very ill, and her mother wanted her to return to Orchidia with some medicine. Apparently Mei was supposed to find a special herb that was only found in Oak Town and bring it back to Orchidia so that a local medicine man could make a cure out of it. Lucky for the Suyin family, Mei just so happened to be in the town next to Oak. So once she had packed her bags, she ran from her inn room, through the town square and towards Baska Town’s main gate.

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The sight of a variety of snacks displayed at the stalls almost made her salivate, but before she arrived in front of a stall, a short-haired girl came rushing from out of nowhere, bumped into her, apologized and rushed out of sight. Diana had little time to react to the situation and once she was able to, the girl was already gone. She tried to look for her among the crowd, but to no avail. So she moved forward towards the stall and accidentally stepped on something.

A pouch! Diana bent down to pick it up and opened it to find a sum of jewels. Her eyes widened in shock before she looked up to find the girl again, but it was impossible to find her now. She held on to the pouch and kept looking until she realised that the girl was not coming back to find her pouch. Since she was also short of money, she decided to keep it. It was as if the universe was watching out for her. Murmuring ‘thanks’ to no one in particular, she got herself some snacks to celebrate her luck. She brought her snack to a bench in the square and simply began watching.

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Running through a crowd in the town square was probably the dumbest thing she did today. She could have looked for streets to use instead of running in a straight line. Mei was in some kind of panic mode after hearing about her father, so she could not really be blamed. But once she got out of the square, she realised how light her coat pocket was compared to before, and shoved her right hand into it, only to realise, to her dismay, that she had most definitely been pickpocketed. Frustration seeped through her teeth as she exhaled.

There was no way she could find out who had done this to her. Without her money, how was she to travel? The young sorceress sighed, her eyebrows knitted into a deep frown as she headed back towards the inn she was staying at. She could do some jobs here to save up money, but it would be too late. She would hire someone else to do it for her and take a job in Baska herself as well, so that she could pay them. Hopefully everything would go smoothly for that. She could not afford to be pickpocketed again or something.

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