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Hargeon Town to Magnolia Town [Foot Travel]

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Hargeon Town to Magnolia Town [Foot Travel] Empty Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:43 am

For the past month or so, the guildless sorceress had been doing everything but taking jobs. She felt like she needed some sort of a break, even though there was no real reason for her to do that. Normally she was the type of person who was hungry for experience and knowledge. However, she came to the decision that she would take a break and just relax. Taking jobs was really tiring at times, especially because it required physical labor without warning. Diana was the type of person to use her intelligence in most situations, so it was sort of challenging for her with the kind of jobs she was taking at that time. Maybe she would find jobs that required the use of her brains elsewhere. However at this point, she was more interested in learning about other wizards, so that she would understand more about different styles and know what type of spells to train.

Hargeon was a port town, and most of the jobs she took had something to do with water, or things related to water. Soon, she had gotten sick of it. There were many things to discover outside of this port town, and she was determined to explore. At some point, she was tired of seeing the port and the sea, and even the fishermen. She had nothing against any of them, but she needed a change of environment. She was not going to live here forever; she was a traveler. Always moving from place to place in search of new wisdom.

Diana chose to visit Baska, a town that was quite far from where she currently was, but a town worth exploring. She had not been there before and even though the trip was going to cost her a lot, she planned to go by carriage and train, first to Magnolia, then to Baska. The dark-haired witch paid for her ticket and began her long journey.

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