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Whatever it takes [Social | Odin]

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#1Victor Garrett 

Whatever it takes [Social | Odin] Empty on Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:56 am

Victor Garrett
It was funny how in the time of crisis, so many people flocked to places of faith. The blonde just scoffed. At least it made it slightly easier for him to sneak into the cathedral. Although while the front was open, the accepting and sheltering abbey for the faithful, it wasn't afforded the same security as the more official areas. The commoners were only afforded empty words and misleading promises that were tied to sermonic conditions. Then there were areas, which were only accessible by those who mattered, the higher-ups, the planners and the plotters. Basically, the ones the church would truly protect. Hierarchy. Everything led to a ladder that one had to climb if they sought power. But some were smart enough to know ways to skip a few rungs...

A sack of cloth held all the required ingredients for what the young man had in mind. He shook it once, with a slightly gleeful childlike curiosity, if his plan succeeded his power would be unparalleled... Looking as humble and anxious as the others, he made his way into the church. He ducked into a corridor, in an attempt to get deeper into the church, for his little ironic summoning, he wanted to conduct the ritual in an inner chamber at the very least. After much sneaking around and a few run-ins with the church's aggressively fierce, he managed to scout out the perfect location. It was a bit of an abandoned dungeon, the kinds that people probably conducted some masochistic penance rituals... Since there were some old post and chains hanging around. The room was a little dusty, he could assume it wasn't used that much anymore, he wondered how long ago that service became unavailable.

Carefully he took out all the items from the bag and methodically placed them on the floor. He opened the book he'd indefinitely borrowed and followed the instructions. The sigil was easy enough to draw. Then the candles were placed in their respective spots. Then he placed the crucible in the middle. Victor's intelligence had been a boon, he was quick to learn and practice the various complicated chants he'd have to recite, while throwing in the ingredients into the vessel, and lighting them up periodically...

He lit the candles and the process began. After hours of soft relentless chanting, Victor's throat was parched, but his effort was probably being rewarded. The flames in the crucible grew... The room was engulfed in a brighter orange hue, which gleamed in Victor's eyes. It was almost time, a few more minutes and the contents of the vessel would have ripened.

Just as my own vessel ripens... thought another being... waiting for the priceless moment.


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Odin was never sure what it was about cathedrals that amused him, and enticed him in. The Grand Cathedral of Crocus, the seat of power for the holy men and women in Fiore, would be the fourth church of Illumin that Odin had visited, after having already seen those in Oak, Magnolia and Dahlia. He had not explored the Magnolia church as much as the other two, the other two resulting in Odin exploring the catacombs that laid beneath both of the churches, but it was easy to spot the Kardia Cathedral from Magnolia. This, however, was very different. First of all, Odin was in Crocus, the capital of Fiore and the place where the higher ups of the church resided. Here he wouldn't have to face the dreadfully corrupt Bishop Santos, who used the power of the church to rule Dahlia with an iron grip that could not be shook. Instead, he might find himself lucky enough to come face to face with someone even more corrupt, as well as more important that the bishop in Dahlia. Odin was a cynical man, and he knew of the corruption of men. Priests, assassins, kings, it made no difference the vocation of the man, they all fell prey to the corruption of their souls. Only Odin was exempt, having given up his soul.

There was another reason why the Lich was making his way into the church, ignoring the frantic prayers and curses that came from the parishioners who saw him, all them of preaching about God as the 'devil' walked straight past them, not caring at all. He couldn't quite explain it, but something was off in the air. It had only started a couple of hours ago, but he felt a change in the air, and it was oddly familiar. He had followed the trail of magic, something others either didn't seem to notice or didn't care, likely the former considering the feeling of dread that was making its way through Odin, and it had led him into the church, an odd place given the nature of the power that permeated the air around him. He couldn't quite work out what it was, or where it was leading him, but he followed it to its origin, trying to work out where the power was the strongest and making his way there. He recognised some of the feelings he was experiencing, or would have been experiencing had he the physical capabilities. Shortness of breath, sweating, an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach. He recognised it immediately, despite physically feeling any different.


Odin approached the door that would lead to whatever was causing this strange feeling, but he wouldn't enter straight away. He searched for some kind of sign as he waited, his skeletal form standing in the shadows, no emotion showing on the skull that had become his face.

What the hell is going on here?

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#3Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
The flame grew... And grew. Every passing second Victor's eyes shined brighter as he waited in anticipation to make a deal with the devil. He wondered what Lucifer would demand in turn for some more power, were there certain tasks he'd need to accomplish maybe? Victor felt a great deal of kinship with the allegedly vainglorious demon. The angel was made to fall from the heavens simply for being right. It was because the gods feared Lucifer's insight, his wisdom and his charm that they disbanded him, particular because Lucifer had knowledge of his own precious gifts.

It was simply the truth, that some beings are created better than others, some could work hard and become better, but a universal disparity did exist at the point of conception. If one was aware of the fact that they were among the better few and that meant they were proud, then it was no sin, it was knowledge, like any other. There was nothing wrong with Lucifer for recognizing that and he had been unfairly denied the luxuries and comfort the others were bestowed with.

Victor would do what he could to help the demon attain his own rightful glory. Upon identifying himself with this demon, it was just a matter of time before the young man attempted making a deal... Today was the day, an opportunity had come and laid itself at the man's feet. He heard scuffling and some shrieks of horror somewhere above him, probably more bad news had been delivered to the hopelessly faithful, to the cowards that sought refuge from the church. He just scoffed and shook his head as he continued chanting, with more vigor now as urgency poured out of him... Then as the fire seemed sufficiently large, he said the final word, the incantation.


And then there was nothing, everything went black, he felt his consciousness drain out of him and he felt his knees buckle underneath as he crumpled to the floor...


Why do they always have to fall?

The disgruntled being pulled his vessel back into a standing position, drawing the man to his full length as he held up his neck. The demon stretched into the frail human body, humming softly.

Not bad. Not bad.

The demon thought, at least the body was well kept, the appearance much like his own apart from the difference in the length of their hair and the nasty thorns the gods had left atop his head and a stupid reminder... It didn't take long for him to be gifted with another vessel, Lucifer was luckier than the others, not to mention he was granted the opportunity to meet the vessel that he had discarded previously, for the boy had gotten too cumbersome. Nice of him to pay a visit... Lucifer cleared his throat. 'Enter. We have much to talk about, I'm sure.' he cooed softly, referring to the boy if one could still call him that, who lurked outside in fear. Lucifer set himself on an ornate chair that had been set up to watch those poor souls that were willing to torment themselves to atone for some created and perceived sin... He crossed his legs as he waited, the location was quite fitting.


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"Enter. We have much to talk about, I'm sure."

Odin wasn't one to feel scared often, but this time he at least knew why he had felt so uneasy. A voice that he hadn't heard in months, a voice he thought he'd never hear again, passed through his ears, beckoning him to enter, even going so far as to say they'd have much to discuss. The voice, if nothing else, dispelled the majority of Odin's fear as he stepped inside the room. He wasn't scared of the demon anymore, he was pissed off.

Entering the room, Odin saw a blonde boy, one that looked irritatingly like the demon himself had, but with shorter hair. He was sat on what must have been his throne, and the room itself clearly wasn't the happiest, clearly asserting his dominance as the demonic embodiment of pride. While the face wasn't one Odin recognised, the eyes told him who he was talking to, and it also explained to him why no one else had felt any disturbance. He was a previous vessel, of course he could feel it when the demon, the being that had used his body since he had been young, was returning to the material plane from his own dimension. There was a clear tension in the air between the two, and this was also Lucifer's first time seeing Odin's new Lich form. The skull in a permanent state of smiling, the young mage's hollow voice echoed around the entire room, as he greeted an old friend.

"I should've known it wouldn't take long before you'd show up again."

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#5Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
'Disappointing, but you did always lack foresight. You indeed should have known that my return was a given. Kind of you to follow your instincts and come and greet me, however.'

The demon said, maintaining that trace of superiority. Despite everything, the boy had sought power by emulating Lucifer's strategy follow in the demon's footsteps, albeit in a slightly different manner. A human's form and power is limited no matter the shape... Fragmenting his soul, to store it in some object, to feel permanent... to feel immortal, was an unwise choice. Tch. Lucifer thought as he waited for Odin to explain this unceremonious reunion.

There was no way to read the boy's expression, but having been privy to his most secret desires and having access to his soul while it matured into the man he was, had taught the demon enough. A sneer stretched on the face of the body he's acquired. In the dim light of the fire that still sat in the crucible near at his feet, lent a glimmer to his red eyes. He scoffed softly and extended his hands, in a condescending welcoming gesture, like the Lich was only here because Lucifer allowed it.  

'Oh dear Odin, I'd say it is nice to see you, but I'd be lying...'

The demon's voice echoed through the dungeon. With slightly narrowed eyes he continued scanning his previous vessel's current form. The tenacity of that boy! To have destroyed the container that the shard of the demon's soul had once sat in... That body had been sacred and Odin had so easily defiled it, traded it for power, where was the honor in that? Lucifer shook his head, gently.

'Even you can't disagree, you're not a very pleasant sight, can't really say you've never looked better, son.'

The voice was laced with enough contempt to send his message across. But since his previous compatriot had sought him, there was a curiosity in the proud demon's demeanor. His gaze betrayed his revulsion at the grimace that had found a permanency on the creature's face, the green hues of his soul, barely contained in its new exoskeleton. He left my company for this, this is his idea of power? The demon thought, now tapping his fingers against the arm of the chair.


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With every word that the demon spoke, two things crept into Odin's mind. The first was amusing enough considering the situation, and the Lich couldn't help but mention it after being welcomed in such a condescending manner, realising that this was still the same demon that had inhabited his own mind and body, and he hadn't changed a bit, "I must know, did you sound that arrogant when I had you? I don't know why more people didn't slap me." It was true, and couldn't be denied, but Odin hadn't realised just how arrogant the demon was until he was on the receiving end of it. He also noted that the voice sounded slightly different, lower in pitch than Odin remembered. It was a known fact that people sounded different to how they were heard, but it was still strange to witness it firsthand, it having been his voice for so long.

There he sat, a king on his throne of nothingness, it was annoying to look at, and Odin began to regret ever having to use the demon for power. He hadn't felt anything but stronger since the moment he gave up the demon, and soon this boy would feel the same, provided he stayed alive long enough to get that far, which was a slim chance currently.

The comment about not looking better did amuse the Lich though, but of course the demonic persona of pride, or arrogance, would be the first to openly say it. No one had dared comment on Odin's new look, but the one that felt the need to lord over the rest of humanity would of course be the first. The only thing about lording over humanity was that Odin no longer belonged to that group. He had transcended his humanity the same time he transcended the power of fire. He had dominion over darkness, and over life. In that, he was the one deserving the throne.

"Tell me, what's to stop me from killing this vessel right now, and reanimating it? It wouldn't do me much good in its weak condition, but to trap your soul in a dead body for eternity, that I could allow."

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#7Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Lucifer shrugged at the man's quip but graced it with a soft chuckle. 'You say arrogance like it is a crime.' Lucifer's chuckling grew louder, intensifying as it echoed against the wall, he responded smoothly, leaning forward with a little intrigue. It seemed like his old vessel had earned himself a few more updates since the man had shed his human body. It appeared to be that he was neither in awe nor in fear of Lucifer's presence.

He took a moment to bestow a pretentious and mocking concern into the words that followed. 'Rest assured, if you were ever a victim of such baseless violence, it was because my words were still issued from your face...' It was a stab at the boy, for denying Lucifer enough access, the kind that would have slowly allowed the demon to resculpt the human, into a more attractive being, into himself... Maybe Victor would prove easier to mould given his inclinations and existing similarity.

'Now, it was quite a disappointment that you chose that... fleshed-out look' he said, deliberately pausing before fleshed-out, to accentuate the mocking undercurrent that layered all his words. 'over the appearance, I could have granted...' Lucifer reminded, as Victor's head shook slowly. The demon sure knew how to make everything about himself. His keen eyes still remained on the wispy creature. Lucifer would have much preferred to continue their witty repartee, so long as the Lich kept things interesting, the proud soul had time, before his vessel was entirely ready for the missions he had to accomplish, enough time to lend some to the lost soul who had wandered in here...

Then the atmosphere darkened considerably as Odin dropped the facade Lucifer had come to enjoy. The demon sighed and clicked his tongue. 'Oh Odin... Odin...' he said with exaggerated patience. 'Missing foresight again lad, at best you'd inconvenience me... a little...' Lucifer said, watching the man's movements like a hawk. The flame in the crucible flickered. 'Do you really think I'd channel my entire being into a new vessel just because he... asked?' The proud man reiterated as he casually leaned back on to the chair again, challenging Odin to waste his powers on reanimating a power-seeking human.

'I wouldn't be surprised even if you went through with it nonetheless, you did always lack honor in fighting, it is just worse now, cowardly... hiding your soul in objects, fighting powerless vessels.'  Lucifer continued clicking his tongue.


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That damn laugh, the one Odin had heard in the back of his mind for so long, the cocky laugh that just made the Lich want to punch him in the face, it echoed around the small room, entering Odin's 'ears' from every angle, as the Lich waited and listened to both the laugh and the words that came with it, ignoring the slight provocation about being ugly, especially considering Odin was very used to people judging him based on his looks. But of course, the demon prince of vanity had to make it about him, and mentioned the appearance that he had given Odin when they had transformed, of course making an obvious joking statement about how ugly Odin actually was now that he had removed his flesh and become a being of darkness. All of this was rather childish, and Odin had elected to ignore it, but all that changed after the Lich offered to kill the poor vessel that Lucifer was currently occupying.

Something the mage hadn't considered, something potentially destructive in the wrong hands -of which Lucifer's were the worst- was uttered. It was said in a way that suggested perhaps the demon hadn't yet understood the importance of it, but it shook Odin to his core. Lucifer went on to describe the inner workings of his current bond, but Odin heard none of it, processing what had just happened. His eyes were still fixed on the demon's and his face betrayed no emotion, but his mind was racing, trying to think of what to do. He heard the demon call him cowardly, and summoned one of his skeleton reavers from the ground. It stood well above that of Odin or Lucifer, its face rotten and hollow, with a sword almost as tall as the two men placed in front of it, both its hands resting upon the cross guard as Odin began to speak,

"You don't understand the power I now possess, Lucifer. I was weak with you, because you are weak. I shed your skin and became an agent of chaos. Soon enough, this child will do the same, and you will wander the abyss once more."


Whatever it takes [Social | Odin] Latest?cb=20141108035906

Name: Raise Skeleton Reaver
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Necromancer Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: While skeleton warriors may be excellent cannonfodder, or in some instances even enough to overwhelm enemies, they're not enough for difficult battles. Through extensive studies, necromancers have managed to refine their mana to such an extent to raise a skeleton reaver. In their lifetimes, the reavers used to be monstrous warriors cutting through the battlefield. The skeleton reaver is 3 meters tall and is equipped with a 2 meter long sword that has a width of 30 centimeters. They possess 80 Strength and 25 Speed.

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Victor Garrett
Lucifer had known things wouldn't go well, he had anticipated Odin wasn't just here to talk, that part didn't even take a genius. It probably couldn't have been helped regardless of whether Lucifer had chided him or not. Nonetheless, the demon had a small sense of optimism that neither of them would have to resort to violence, perhaps even that was too far-fetched. Besides, the demon was well within his rights to rebuke the lich, Odin had made some bad choices and someone had to tell him so.

He wasn't sure what finally tipped the scale since the creature had seemed pretty thick-skinned, or rather hard-boned when Lucifer drew attention to his appearance. Something must have ticked... While there weren't any cues via his expression when he finally cast his spell and the obedient reaver stood by his side. Odin had earned enough of a soft spot for him to at least steer his vessel into a standing position, just out of a latent sense of respect, that stemmed from the pride he had in his honor.

With a soft sigh, he pulled himself off his make-shift throne to face the new opponent. In the vessel's current state, Odin's victory was almost inevitable, Lucifer hoped things wouldn't come to a point where he would have to lose the worshipping man who had invoked his presence... There were ways, so long as the two worked together and had the sense to avoid the lethal blows.

'So it shall be... Are you not even fighting? I suppose you'd say the vessel isn't worth it... But calling upon the undead doesn't absolve you of the dishonor... and it is still borrowed power.' the demon said, in an even tone. Calmly, he drew attention to the fact that the boy's actions were contradictory to his ambition. The demon kept his eyes rooted on to the lich instead of the skeleton he had called upon. This delay was going to be rather inconvenient... The vessel would probably succumb to the smallest injuries, however, what may look lethal, wouldn't be... So long as Odin didn't feel the need to go overboard, there was a way to salvage the human.


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Lucifer stood up from his throne, placing his hands on the chair that he had been sitting on from the moment Odin had appeared. And it was in that instant that Odin stopped. His brain just ceased to think, the storm within his mind calming from his opponent's one motion. He was standing to be more comfortable, he was not standing to prove a point, he was standing to ready himself for a fight. It mattered little that the demon had next to no chance in his new body, nor that Lucifer decided to provoke him by calling it borrow power, Odin had lost all care for such trivial things. The Reaver stood, motionless as it awaited a command from the Lich, but none came. Odin did not move, the undead did not move, and the demon did not move, none of them attacked or did anything. They were still, and all was silent, the crackling of the flame and the breaths of the blonde man being the only things to penetrate the air.

With a wave of his hand, the reaver fell to the ground, becoming a black smoke as it disappeared back to wherever it roamed. Odin looked at Lucifer, his face showing his true emotion for the first time since he had stepped foot into the room. It showed contentment, but not in a arrogant manner, and the Lich's voice spoke once more, the previously obvious contempt having departed, "No, we have no need to fight. My time with you ended the same time my old life did. Whatever you do with this new vessel is no longer my business. I'll be interested to see how far this kid goes, but otherwise I will not interfere." Despite it sounding like he was planning on leaving, Odin simply moved towards one of the nearby walls, leaned against it, and continued speaking, his tone almost like that of someone greeting an old friend, "So tell me, after having been stuck in my body for so long, how does this new one feel in comparison?"

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#11Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Lucifer merely rose his eyebrows, as they froze, in a picture-perfect moment. A gentle smile stretched across his lips as Odin deterred from attacking the demon lord. The skeleton reaver dissolved into the darkness just as he had appeared. The proud abyss-dweller felt an itch that he didn't usually find the need to scratch. It was some sort of a curiosity that he felt a compelling need to indulge, it must be a quirk of his vessel, he mused. He felt a little vulnerable, like a slave to a need... Maybe he and Victor would have to find a way to curb it later. For now, he really wanted to know what exactly made Odin change his mind. He tapped his foot as he attempted reigning it in for now.

Lucifer knew better than to just ask, he waited to sift through the information the lich provided himself. The blonde man nodded sagely, at the explanation. There was a simmering appreciation for his previous vessel's alleged wisdom. 'I see...' he said simply. Narrowing his eyes briefly as if attempting to scan the skull of the creature to assess the real motive behind his decision. It seemed, unlike the Odin he knew, to not want to showcase his power.

He cocked his head towards an empty chair in the corner. 'Make yourself comfortable and we can have ourselves a little chat after all...' The demon lord spoke, his words littered with less condescension now. There was honor in recognizing the worth of the lich, despite the circumstances that lead to Odin choosing that form.

When Odin asked the question, Lucifer lifted his hand and stretched out his fingers, like he was putting it through the armhole of a vest. He wriggled his fingers now, like slipping on an invisible glove. 'It feels a like... new clothes.' the man responded with a chuckle. His gaze hardened momentarily, as he offered a less frivolous answer 'I think he might be a better fit, but it is too soon to tell...' the demon's voice was still accommodating. 'What about you, Odin... How has this new form been treating you?' Lucifer counter questioned. It probably was not easy with the way people relied so much on appearances to form their opinions and to pick up on social cues.


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Odin had seemed to garner the attention, as well as the curiosity, of the demon Lucifer by dispelling his summon. Of course, Lucifer had expected Odin to simply use all his power and attack the demon's vessel, either killing him or rendering him useless for the foreseeable future, Odin himself had expected that to be the case, and he had only changed his mind in the last instance, deciding it would be more useful to actually talk to the being he had considered friend and ally for so long rather than simply attack him every time they saw each other. That would solve nothing except allow Odin to let off a little steam, and what was the point in short term gratification over a long term solution.

At the demon's suggestion, Odin found one of the upturned chairs nearby and, picking it up and turning it to sit upright, took his seat so they could chat about everything, whatever that may entail. Firstly came the exact feeling that Lucifer was experiencing, being in a body completely different to one he had spent over a decade in. Apparently like new clothes, it was a strange analogy, but one that made sense considering their abilities, "So was I just a suit you put on?" Odin asked, without contempt, more out of curiosity if taking over his form was simply like putting on clothes, and he had now changed out of the old and into a new set. But then Odin was asked how he was feeling in his new form, a question Odin didn't think he had actually been asked before.

"It's weird, but it doesn't feel all that different. Of course, when I touch something I feel my bones touching it, and I can move my hand through my ribcage and actually feel inside myself, but the lack of blood or organs isn't making a difference. I don't know if it's because of the magic that binds me, or perhaps simply because I still breathe in and eat food, despite not needing to. It's certainly strange."

It wasn't the only thing. Conversing with Lucifer, looking into his own eyes and being so calm with one another. Despite not showing it, Odin felt a little uneasy, like he was waiting for something to go wrong, and they would fight again.

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#13Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
'It was a little more than that, perhaps in terms of how you humans- well you're not a human, -but your souls process things, it is...' Lucifer tried explaining it better since he sensed Odin's curiosity and while he didn't really owe anything to his previous vessel it felt fair to explain. Well, according to the demon Odin still owed something to him, because the boy had ridden on his shoulders, faced most of the world with that abandon, knowing he had the borrowed power from the sin of pride to aid him. But then, Odin too had lent him the body and so the access to earth... Was that really considered even? 'It is like wearing a suit... with a mind of its own, you could say...' Lucifer added, smiling with mild amusement at the question.

He listened attentively as Odin explained his own transformation. He knit his eyebrows when the lich mentioned the consumption of food when it wasn't necessary, that sounded like a waste of time and resources. However since his ex-vessel had declared no interference, Lucifer would extend him the same courtesy. He opened his mouth to speak some more, but he noticed a weariness in his new vessel. He lifted his hand a little over the arms of the chair, as they hovered he noticed that there was a gentle trembling in the muscle. Hmph. Lucifer thought, a little disappointed that his vessel had not handled their little transaction too well.

Lucifer cleared his throat and readjusted his position. His demeanor changing enough to betray a fair sense of urgency. The demon tried to assess the lich, to figure out if Odin had picked up his worry. He didn't quite want his old vessel to see him struggle but despite Victor's valiant efforts, Lucifer wasn't sure if the boy was ready to handle his power yet. He was of the stronger and smarter variety, driven and disciplined too, from what he could tell, but Victor clearly had never faced any real adversity and that made him somewhat... complacent perhaps... The clearing of the throat now became a gentle cough, which escaped his lips despite Lucifer attempting to suppress it.

While he had Odin here though, he did want to know how things had proceeded. 'So, is this the first grand attack that has been conducted, since your... choice to abandon me, Odin?' he asked. Much like the ex-vessel, his voice was devoid of contempt now, he merely sought to understand the progression of this interesting piece of land. To seek avenues perhaps... 'How did your side fare?' he added. The demon was sure he may have to cut this conversation shorter than anticipated, but he'd wish his new vessel to hold on as long as it could, it was... a test of sorts in itself.


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Odin could only accept that which he was told by Lucifer was how it was, and that his inability to truly understand how it felt was simply due to the fact that he had been the vessel, and not the spirit inhabiting it. The demon had at least been gracious enough to give Odin what he had, for which the Lich had to be thankful, but it was unlikely he would understand it if Lucifer went into any more detail because of their differences. Odin being, or formerly being, a 'suit with a mind of its own' was just going to have to be the description he lived with, but it did make some sense at least, and wasn't entirely impossible to grasp.

Then, however, there was a slight change in the demon's character, one that Odin wouldn't have noticed truly if not for the fact that Lucifer readjusted himself. If there was one thing Odin knew about the demon, it was that he lived up to his title of Pride. The moment he was seated, he would not change unless out of true discomfort, and not just because of how he had sat down, something was happening to him, and that was then confirmed by the look of urgency that made itself present of the blonde's face. Despite everything though, the demon tried to continue their conversation, then asking about the attack that had taken place in Crocus not too long ago, and asking how his side had gone. Odin understood that Lucifer probably didn't care about Grimoire Heart truly, and was more just trying to get as much information as he could, but everyone knew what had happened now, there was no point in hiding it.

"Yes, this was my first outing in this new form, and I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that we succeeded, although not quite in the way you'd imagine. Crowley, the guildmaster, was apparently the heir to the throne of Fiore, and we helped him reach that position. I'm not quite sure of the details, but I think I'm now either free to go and live my life, or free to protect the new emperor. Other than the pub, there's not much in the way of a life for me, so you can imagine what my choice will probably be." Pausing for a moment and chuckling to himself, Odin continued as he addressed the demon, "What are the chance that you are now inhabiting a goody two-shoes member of Fairy Tail. That might be the thing that pushes you over the edge and drives you mad."

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#15Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Lucifer would have liked to witness more of the battle that had taken place. Perhaps it was because he had his own pieces in the midst of it all... But there was time for that detail to matter and to play its part in the course of events. Today really had been a rather opportune day that the vessel had chosen. It was too bad, that the process of shredding his soul and granting a part of it to the boy, took away the opportunity to assess more of the actual attack and the way it progressed.

So the demon lord hoped Odin would answer as honestly and descriptively as he could. The lich did not exactly disappoint, at least on the first account, it seemed. But Lucifer wanted to prod for more details. That Crowley had emerged victorious, that was good indeed, the first rung of the ladder had been scaled. Lucifer's hand rose to his chin as his mind ventured into the territory of the future... The possibilities that may await him. But he was too smart to be the kind of demon who counted his chickens before they hatched.

'Good man, to back, this Crowley? The new king?' Lucifer asked, clearing his throat and repositioning himself in the chair again. There was a slight strain in his voice, he was betraying too many signs of weakness for his liking, he was sure his ex-vessel would notice them soon if he hadn't already. Would Lucifer be able to bring himself to make demands perhaps? Given the condition of his vessel, he decided on just gleaning more information about Odin himself. 'Am I to assume out of... lack of things to interest you, you are going to choose to serve him, then?' Lucifer asked, leaning forward with a little interest as he waited for the answer.

Odin's chucking was hollow, perhaps destined to be perpetually mirthless. Victor sighed softly and narrowed his eyes at the lich, but cracked a smile at his silly conjecture. 'Slim.' the demon said, frankly and monosyllabically, still struggling. 'to none...' he added, emphatically stressing on the last word. He could sense a soul when he co-inhabited a body with it, ill-prepared souls or those that didn't share at least a large fraction of the demon's vision would never be able to endure, while Victor was struggling, he had already done better than most others could. Despite the channeling, the man had been able to provide this body for the little encounter this long...


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With every word he spoke, every motion, it was becoming more and more obvious that Lucifer was uncomfortable. Not in the sense that he didn't want to be here, but more that something was happening that he had not seen coming. It had originally taken Odin a few moments to understand, but now he knew what the matter was, or at least had a better idea: Lucifer was not yet used to his new vessel, and there would naturally be a few kinks he had to work out, as there conversation took a turn towards the political. Crowley, Arthurias, the former guild master and newly crowned emperor of Fiore, Lucifer wondered what kind of man he was, to which Odin gave the only answer he could, "That, I'm not yet sure of. His intentions seem just, but who could know in this world."

Then Odin was asked whether he would join Crowley as a guard, or whether he would live his life free, with Lucifer suspecting it to be the former. It was true after all, that the thought had crossed the Lich's mind, especially after everything, "You know me better than anyone, beyond the pub there is not much for me, and this world isn't ready to accept me just yet. It is my thought that, perhaps in time, seeing a Lich protect the king will stop them from seeing a monster whenever they look at me." While his public image was not something that interested Odin at all, it was extremely irritating to be looked at as a monster every time you entered a room, it would be nice if that could change.

The few words that then escaped the demon's lips told Odin more than just his opinion, as he continued afterwards, "I'm guessing our conversation is coming to a close then?"

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Victor Garrett
'Words are just words, we will have to wait for his actions.' Lucifer agreed. He had a small measure of insight, on Crowley, but he didn't feel the need to share that detail. He hoped Arthurias, or Crowley or whatever name the human was going by as the king, would indeed win the love of the people, it would make his achievement grander then. Perhaps it would justify the means he took to get there. Lucifer, of course, did not judge him for his use of force. Force was an essential component to change the inertia that Fiore had assumed.

The blonde demon narrowed his eyes as the Lich went onto explain that he'd chosen to guard the king. The demon just smirked, he wondered if this would peg the two against each other at some point. But he didn't say much. He sighed softly but didn't berate the bony creature. Instead, he just left his thoughts as an open-ended suggestion, since Odin had called a truce, it'd be churlish to remind him of his lack of foresight yet again. 'That does serve your ends, to appear more palatable by serving the new just king, but it could backfire...' Lucifer said calmly, breathing deeply to attempt supplying his vessel with air, so he could sustain just a little longer.  '... It could shed some light, or in this case shadows on the king, making it more difficult for him to emerge as a good man from his murky ways, perhaps you could give it some more thought, Odin.' It was a suggestion, for Odin's own good, he hoped the man did dwell on it.

It was a pity that the Lich knew parts of the demon's mind, just as well as the demon knew Odin's psychology. He'd given away too much already, the ex-vessel could tell that things had reached their conclusion. Lucifer couldn't push Victor anymore, he would risk breaking his new vessel, delaying his won plans. 'Indeed, my dear boy. I must take my leave, but truly, it was kind of you to show up. I hope we meet each other again, in... better circumstances.' the demon finished. Rising from his chair and stepping off the small pedestal. He walked past Odin, almost extending his hand to give the Lich a friendly pat on the back, but he changed his mind. Swiftly he opened the door to the catacombs and sped through the channels to find a location to rest, perhaps deeper in the belly of the large cathedral. Meeting Odin had been an interesting turn of events indeed, he would like to keep a close eye on that lich.



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Lucifer, the Demon Lord of Pride, had just, for potentially the first time in all of Odin's life, said something that the Lich agreed with: that Arthurias' words were simply that until he put them to action and did something with his newfound status. He could easily be a terrible person that had just hidden his true agenda under the guise of becoming emperor, which in turn had been hidden under the guise of leading a dark guild and exterminating all the previous guild masters. Odin still wasn't sure how the current leaders would feel about bowing down to the man who had killed their parental figures, as that was what Odin had heard a lot of them had been viewed as.

Lucifer's parting remarks were actually rather surprising to the Lich, who simply listened as his old lodger almost seemed to reason with him, or even more than that, it seemed that Lucifer was looking out for Odin, and trying to make sure the Lich could trust the emperor before he did anything more. Being that close to the man in control could lead Odin to discover some dark truths, but surely it was better to know a dark truth and a light lie?

Feeling clearly weak, but not wanting to show it, Lucifer accepted Odin's offer of closing the conversation, hoping to meet him again as he walked out. Giving the man time to actually leave, Odin would sit on the throne and think about the demon, and about their adventures together. After a few minutes, Odin too left the cathedral, heading to new pastures.


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