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CHAINED WOLF[ANIZ | QUEST | SOLO] Empty on Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:09 am

Aniz was sleeping in his room even though the sun had rose into the sky, wearing his light blue pyjamas and protected under his soft fluffy blanket. The nice cold air of the air conditioner made him sleep comfier. When the light of the sun hits his face through the window, Aniz woke up, he tried to open his eye and get off the blanket. When he was fully awake, he head to the shower room and took a bath. After cleaning himself, he decided to wear the set of clothes that he like to wear. He was ready to start his day, even though it is almost noon. He walked out of his hotel room and locked the door, making sure that nobody could get inside. His room is at the upper level of the hotel so he have to go down a flight of stairs to get out of the hotel. After exercising in the stairs, Aniz decided to search for a place that he could eat, walking up the streets of Era. While walking he didn’t notice that Era is so beautiful and peace, seems like nothing can go wrong there. As it is almost lunch, Aniz ate a big meal in a restaurant, after eating Aniz wondered if he could still take a quest late at that day. After enjoying his lunch. Aniz walked all around Era just to see if anybody need his help or if anybody is offering quests that he could do. Aniz have visited many guilds and he really want to join one as looking up quests there is easier due to the quest board that all the guilds have. After all he was one of the Fairy Tail Mages? he thought. He was tired of seeking for requests, he thinks that it is easier if people come to him and ask him if he could help them and there are rewards if he completed it. Aniz sighed due to the bad thoughts he was thinking about his daily life, accidentally he walked in front of the hill where the rune knights headquarters is on top of it. A sudden thought passed his mind, he thought that rune knights is not a guild but an organization, plus he heard that rune knights may help anybody that is good, maybe he should join them but He was one of the Fairy Tail, as always, he don’t know, he shrugged and walked away trying to find quests to fill his free time. Aniz doesn’t like wasting his time and since being a mage is his only occupation, Aniz have to accept requests to earn money for his living, oh how he wishes that things is like the old time, selling his harvest to earn money, but then he thought that it was too tiring as it needs a lot of energy and time, so he was grateful of being a mage rather than his hard old times, thinking about his old times, he wondered what was happening inside his village and the parents of his.

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CHAINED WOLF[ANIZ | QUEST | SOLO] Empty on Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:10 am

Then when Aniz turned into an alley, he didn’t realised that he entered the poor side of Era until he exited the thoughts in his mind. It was the same place where he departed with Daragast, the wise dragon like creature who told Aniz about this site of Era and gave him some advice, he think that he should follow his advice as he really like helping people. He walked towards the noodle stall that Daragast bought some noodles for the children who was playing by, he sat on a stool and ordered a noodle. The person who own the stall made the noodle and served it to Aniz, Aniz smelled the noodle and it smells good, really good, even though he just had his lunch, he would just support the noodle stall. When he have a taste on it he was shocked beyond measures as it was very delicious, he had never tasted a noodle so good in his life like it. After enjoying and paying for his meal, he continued his walk and suddenly he saw Daragast, the dragon like creature whom he met from before, Aniz was happy to see him again, he smiled until his teeth can be seen and he waved at Daragast. Daragast replied at Sage by waving his hand back, they walk towards one another until they are face to face. "So how are you doing Aniz?" Daragast asked Aniz with a smile and trying to start a conversation. "Oh I am just wondering searching for people who needs help, preferring a quest if possible." Aniz replied to Daragast's question, saying what he was doing at the current moment. "Oh, good then, I have a quest for you Aniz, but a very dangerous quest." Daragast quickly replied to Aniz after hearing that he is looking for a quest to do, and in the same time warning him that it is very dangerous. "Dangerous? nice I really want a dangerous mission!" Aniz told Daragast with high enthusiasm as he really want some daring quests, since when he did his first quest he had never felt the enthusiasm of fighting just like when he fought the bad people that attacked his village. "Oh young man, you really are brave." Daragast reacted seeing Aniz's reaction to what he just said while giggled a little seeing Aniz's childness which he found cute actually. Then Daragast face turned serious "Aniz, listen properly, there is a wolf who killed his master and is on the loose everyday people are found dead with the wolf's bite on them, I want you to eliminate this wolf for good." Daragast told Aniz what the mission is all about and the problems here in Era. Aniz was no longer enthusiast as soon as he hear that people are dying, he liked death but not of innocent peoples’ who have their life so long, he just don’t like it, he felt that it is wrong for people to just die, Aniz spirit's returned and replied to Daragast with a heroic tone, "Ill do it."

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CHAINED WOLF[ANIZ | QUEST | SOLO] Empty on Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:12 am

"Good then, you will hunt it down when night falls and beware, he might kill you next." Daragast warned Aniz to be careful and not be killed, he said it with a serious but caring tone, he then left the scene walking towards a distance that Aniz do not know what lies ahead of it. "Oh and don't forget to find me when you are settled with the wolf!" Daragast told Aniz while walking away. Aniz was very intimidated by the wolf when Daragast told him not to be killed, he wondered what a wolf could do to a mage like him. Plus he have a lot more time till it is dusk, he decided to rest in his room at the hotel. While walking towards the hotel, he could see the public school that he contributed to build is operating, he smiled when the past memories came back to him, there is so many people that he met during those days. Aniz could see some students walking back home wearing their school uniform. Aniz felt even more nostalgic about going to school during his childhood years. When he arrive at the hotel, he could see many people gathering in, maybe a group tour that came from a foreign place, like him, Aniz thought for a while, then he pushed away that thought when he walked up the staircase, his shoes making a low boom sound on the wooden floor. When he reach his room and unlocked the door, he straight away jumped onto his bed trying to rest after the walk. He hadn't done any heavy work actually, but he felt like his energy is being drained by something. When he woke up from his slumber, he don’t know what time it is, as the curtains of his room are blocking the outside view. Aniz jumped off his bed and moved the curtain, opening the view to the outside world, Aniz could see that everything is dark and the city's light are the only light source, after a few moments enjoying the beautiful view of the city, his head was knocked, he had forgotten that he must search for the wolf that night, he quickly wear his shoes and head out of the hotel, when he walked down the stairs and arrived at the lobby, he couldn’t see any tourists, maybe they are resting or the wolf could be eating them right now, that thought made Aniz felt very innocent and guilty, he ran quickly and searched for the wolf in dark alleys or abandoned ones. He searched every corner with stealth, looking for a glimpse or mark of the deadly wolf. He even asked the citizens if they have seen it by any chance, some of the citizens were too afraid to answer, while some just don’t know where it is, which both don’t gave him aa clue about anything. Then suddenly out of nowhere, is a scream, it sounds like man's scream and it sounds like he is in trouble, Aniz ran quickly at the area where he heard the scream.

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CHAINED WOLF[ANIZ | QUEST | SOLO] Empty on Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:12 am

He ran very quickly, his footsteps can be heard loud and clear by everybody that Aniz passed by. Everybody looked at Aniz and made a curious face wondering where in the world Aniz would want to run too, but some others know where he was going, to the loud yelling that came out recently. When Aniz arrived at the place he heard the yelling, he could see the big black wolf, feasting on a middle aged man, seeing this scene, Aniz felt like he wanted to cry, he also felt like he wanted to tear the wolf apart. As Aniz raged on, the wolf noticed him and snarled at him, his beast filled eyes were looking at Aniz and perched on him wanting to attack him, then Aniz reacted with his anger, his arms turned into something like wood and leaves, then he would place his hand forward and his wood like hand will grow and shape into a shield, blocking the wolf's attack but destroying the branch wall instantly, the impact made the wolf fall on the ground but it seems like it did no damage at all, Aniz other arm would lengthen into a Dark shadow and Aniz with his anger swing it towards the wolf and damaged it leaving a mark of the dark shadow, the wolf didn’t give up and launches again at Aniz, Aniz created a long rope like spell the DARK ENVELOPING CLAW from one of his arm and blocked the wolf's attack but then it got destroyed by the attack. Aniz then think that he wanted to end this quickly so he grow both of his wooden arm into sharp branches and swing it at the wolf violently, not caring if it would kill it as it already have killed many people, after drawing many scratch marks on the wolf, Aniz stopped and panted, his hand returned to normal and it seemed like he used too much magic power, when he looked again at the wolf, he could see that it is no longer moving, Aniz exhaled showing that he is relieved that everything ended. He took the wolf's body with him, showing proof that he have killed it and searched for Daragast at the poor side of Era, when he found the dragon like creature, he said "Hey Daragast!" Aniz shouted trying to get Daragast's attention, when Daragast turned his body back, he could see Aniz holding a wolf in his hand, a dead wolf, Daragast smiled, showing that he was also happy that it ended, Aniz was smiling and his emotions was overwhelmed with feelings that he is not sure what it is. "Well done Aniz, you took out the wolf all by yourself, I am proud of you." Daragast complimented Aniz, Aniz blushed as like the other time he was complimented, "Well, it isn’t that hard actually, maybe if you need any other help you could count on me." Aniz replied to what Daragast said and also offering his help to Daragast. Daragast then gave Aniz some jewels for reward and they departed, ending this chapter of Aniz's story.

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