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Good Vibes All Around, Even Through Magnolia Town (social, open)

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#1Terumi Majora 

Good Vibes All Around, Even Through Magnolia Town (social, open) Empty Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:31 pm

Terumi Majora
Good Vibes All Around, Even Through Magnolia Town (social, open) FrRg4se
Entrancing sunlight seen never before showed it's beautiful smile upon all of magnolia town. So few clouds even bothered with standing trial before the visage of the sun, as they knew they stood no match to its warmth. A hot white mixing with the cool blues, the pink hues, and the damp grey pastels of the sky. Each looked like a masterful version of itself, but together it was all a greater masterpiece painted by some divine beings long ago, for everyone to enjoy, and so they did. This time of day the citizen's of magnolia town were celebratory, boastful and lively all through the streets. The shades of small grey clouds up above, moving in slow above the large crowds of people who had enjoyed the festival of food currently taking place. The fluffy creatures of moisture and flight provided very little lasing relief over one section of the festival in Magnolia.

As the sun continued to pour down in full, it's overflowing amounts of waves felt like existence in a cosmic solar ocean, while the clouds had begun to evaporate and disperse. The young man, golden brown skin with hair of lilac had been sitting on one of the benches laying back onto the table with his legs kicked out. It was but one of these lunch tables scattered all through magnolia. These were most common used for picnic purposes, rectangular-wooden table in the middle with a wooden bench on either side, and in the very middle-depending on the weather would be a large umbrella that could be unwound to cover everyone in a nice shade while they ate.

Terumi however, preferred the sun. He soaked in the solar rays like a celestial sponge. The bath felt so good that he could even fall asleep here with the slightest hint of worry to surround him. Days like this were nice, carefree and spent lazily to watch the world work wonders around those who inhabit it. The ones who make change in the world, and the ones who simply observe the world. Terumi had been neither both nor none. He existed in the now, another soul lost in the midriff of a celestial body. He hoped perhaps he'd meet others who drifted through the star stuff and solar soup of this reality, blended among the placeholders who've found their calling, and loyally follow their path, for they too are significant.


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An Elmo doll rested gently over his shoulder, a toy he cherished as a child that gave him more negative attention from adolescents than he would prefer. But in memory of Alicia, with a sky about as beautiful and heavy on color as this night, he felt more comfort in the doll on his body more than anything. It reminded him of the days where they could go outside for hours and enjoy the sunset together, bliss days were further ahead until the ripping of fingernails echoing through the hallways brought him back to reality. The brunette raised his red eyes, glasses beginning to fog up a small amount before shaking his head back. Right… Bliss moments like this couldn’t be ruined with such terrible nightmares. Besides, Elmo was hugging him comfortably with his small little arms.

Of course, there wouldn’t be much a story without some form of accident occurring. As relaxed as his facial expression appeared to be, he managed to knock into one of the lunch tables with the umbrellas on it, likely enough force to shake whatever being was on top of the table. "Aw... Damn it." Yasiel muttered, hitting his right knee into the table first to cause it, resulting in a bit of pain. Nothing a bit of time wouldn't mend, but it was annoying for him. Being lost in thoughts lost all its benefits for the moment, for imaginary thought bubbles could never compare to what reality faced. A fellow person... Lying on top of the table.

"Is this a new meme?" Yasiel asked, recalling Alicia dumping a bunch of ice cold water over his head when he wasn't looking. Crying and running to his parents and hearing the lashings of the metallic belt buckle of the belt was more than satisfying to him.

#3Terumi Majora 

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Terumi Majora
There was a hard thud.

The surface he had laid upon was sturdy, like a pole placed in and tamped in a hole sturdy; there were even countless times in the past where he'd felt a family of eight put their whole weight upon these tables, and the simultaneous rumbling of each individual standing at one time was not quite the same intense sound, nor hardness of vibration. Terumi would only know this as he was laying on that family's table too, how he'd gotten there..a different story. This time around however the thud definitely sounded like someone slammed something of equal or lesser density against the table Terumi was laying upon. "An arm maybe? Very strong hand?" the man pondered.

His eyes, were firmly shut at the time still taking in the warmth of the sun's light. Suddenly he had heard a voice. It was a man's saying something about his mom. Immediately, Terumi raised his legs bringing his knees up to his chest in order to roll over his left shoulder off of the table. "What did you say about my mama?" Terumi asked beginning to approach the man, as he looked him in his scarlet red eyes. Once he'd walked up, face to face with him he could tell the iris of their eyes had clashed in color. It was as if the rays of the sun met with and tangled against the heat of a fire, the way their eyes reflected the sunlight bouncing off of one another.

Terumi pointed at the man, "I was gonna just sit here and chill in the sun, but then you just had to come a mess up the vibe man." He said beginning to feel as if he was scolding the guy. Suddenly even talking had began to feel like too much effort but this actually may have played in his favor. He was feeling hungry for-everything really, but hadn't had the money to buy anything at all. In his sad state the lilac haired man's stomach growled at him, almost in a mocking manner. Terumi moved closer attempting to playfully nudged the dirty brown haired man with his elbow before commenting "How about this, if you buy me some food I'll be your bestest friend?" Strangely enough, though the red eyed man had come off rude, and regardless on whether he agreed to buy food, terumi had intentions on being friends with him anyway. It was a force of habit, but he preferred to fight with love than hate as the effectiveness of a weapon is deemed by those who wield it.

#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

She hated the sun.

It was a hindrance not only to her magic, but as well as to herself. She loathed the feeling of the blaring sun on her and having to walk through people with sweaty backs and smelly odour was one of her nightmares. The metal from her blade clanked as she walked, heels clacked against the solid hard ground, meandering through swirls and eddies of people. While it was winter, the temperature was beginning to get warm as the cold was slowly drifting away to make way for the next season. Excitement could be heard from the whispers of the wind as the citizens prepared themselves for the changing seasons to come—but a stranger in a white hood felt otherwise.

The woman grunted, clearly annoyed by the heat as she pulled her hood further to conceal her features. She didn’t want to attract any sort of unwanted attention from the crowd—not when she was the master of Blue Pegasus, and nimbly walked past people to where she needed to go. But, where did she want to go? Snowflake wasn’t even sure of herself the reason why she had decided to enter the Magnolia Streets when she could have chosen to remain at the library and drown herself in books, especially when the sun was beaming relentlessly outside.

It was then she settled herself on one of the benches that she’d caught sight of and began cleaning her sword that she had purchased in the prior days. The blade glistened under the sunlight and for a moment, she was captivated by the beauty of her own sword. It was the most expensive purchase she had ever made in her life, though she didn’t regret. As much as she would have preferred a smaller weapon or a perhaps, a dagger, the long sword could settle for her satisfaction as well. The icy beauty twirled the blade in her hands, observing every detail carved into the small piece of metal that had been carried over for centuries—or so the merchant had informed.

Voices were heard nearby and it was as if someone was in an argument? The maiden inched her head further and despite herself, she tried to make up the words of what was being said. ”Mama?,” she frowned and attempted to lift her blade, but immediately regretted her decision. The sword was heavy—so heavy that it required to use both of her hands just to hold it, even with her strength. Content with her cleaning, she withdrew the weapon back in its sheath. Snowflake had never been one to be interested in anyone else, nor cared about whatever that was happening around her and yet—her feet was already striding toward the source of the voices. She hated herself.

”What’s the matter?”


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His mother? At this point, everyone in Magnolia seemed to have some sort of immunity to words in one way or anything. Why should this guy be any different? Something about personal space and avoiding eye contact seemed to lack a connection in this encounter, though that perhaps being the formalities of the Veriara family, far different from the rest of society. Before given a chance to explain what he was saying, a woman decided to invite herself to the conversation Yasiel never wished to spark. A small sigh was released from his lips as he already gave up on trying to get out of here without a few clarifications.  He raised his left shoulder to let the Elmo doll slide closer to his neck, they were likely going to be there for a while.

"I said your mother is a wonderful lady." The brunette started, calmly placing his hands in his pockets. A white lie, not like they were to care since the first statement seemed to have it's own answer. Besides, if what he said was true, this guy likely took more from his father... That's more than what Yasiel could say though, so he'll keep his lips sealed while he could.

Next up came the part where he was lectured about "ruining his vibes". Not that Yasiel could understand anything that was just spewed from the... Oddly informal man's lips, he could at least comprehend tone and words like "ruined" being a negative thing. "All right, and is there anything you'd like me to do  to return the "vibes" back?" Yasiel asked calmly, his lips sealed in a neutral form, refusing to show much emotion in either tone or face. Spending time with this guy was both weird and oddly satisfying to see.

Wait, did you just say you want me to buy you a whole meal? To be your best friend!? A small amused smile formed on his lips, there was no way he could be so innocent! In a way, it's entertaining to see such a trust, but that could get him killed if he were to continue living with such a  persona? But he didn't wait so much for an answer, but would instead address the lady who spoke with authority.

"Oh, nothing. I'm about to make a new best friend with about a thousand jewels." Yasiel explained, snickering a little bit at the thought before then looking over to the snow-haired being. "Want to join the club? It'll cost the same amount."

#6Terumi Majora 

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Terumi Majora
At this point it was clearly comical, their exchange so far. Both of the men smiling to prove this. "You know, my mother actually was a stripper. Plus, she stole all my lunch money this one time, and then ripped out some of my beautiful lush hair." Said terumi throwing his hands back behind his head in a relaxed manner. What he said wasn't entirely true but neither was it false, as he had chosen to give his mom the lunch money in order to buy food for their house, and she did rip his hair out-while combing it for as wild as it was and still is. But this was growing more interesting by the second.

"Hey..." he said in an almost surprised tone. Walking over to the young woman cloaked in white, he decided to get a closer look over her. It wasn't anything personal that he had a tendency to get in peoples faces, or rather it was personal but not meant in a hostile way. She was shorter than himself, as he attempted to peer into the hood that covered her head, he had to do a sort of awkward crouch lean, but upon doing so- the first thing he could see was her white hair. "Lady, are you sure we aren't related?" He asked jokingly. "I mean if not, we could be. I can be something like, your big brother." He smiled, then paused to turn towards the dark brown haired man before continuing "you on the other hand, you're like our lovable but adopted younger brother." He briefly paused, exclaiming "At least you're not the middle child."

Although joking, the lilac headed man hadn't wanted to step on any toes with his comments, consistently wearing his smile to show that he hadn't meant ill but that could still have been perceived the wrong way. "I'm Terumi, current and resident bum and drifter of the illustrious Lamia Scale." As he announced his own introduction, Terumi turned around and lifted the green jacket he adorned to reveal the guild tattoo imprinted onto his leftmost lower back. "I mean, i'm an adventurer of course. Anyway, It's nice to meet you both." Perhaps somewhere deep down, Terumi had felt a remorse for not being able to see his younger brother. The guilt of knowing he was out there but not being able to find him, or rather-his situation at the time hadn't permitted it.

Regardless, he wouldn't think too hard on it. Now was the time to enjoy life with new friends, maybe even family.

#7Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Perhaps, it was none of her business. To be honest, it wasn’t. Snowflake regretted her decision to make her way over the two gentlemen and despite how she wanted to pivot in her heels and walk away as if nothing happened, she was already recognized. Her eyes immediately shifted towards the first man; tall with very distinct features and hair that was almost similar to her own, although with a tint of lilac in his strands. The second was a brunette, tall as well and she couldn’t deny the fact that both of these men were attractive—good looks that might possibly attract many other females in the streets.

”I don’t recall having any siblings.”

The woman took a brief moment as she pondered, frowning at the lack of memories with her family and as much as she hated to admit it, she wasn’t disappointed. There were no pictures, or anything related to her parents—she chose not to keep them since she didn’t want to remind herself of the incident that happened years ago. Her history had been long discarded and by this time, she wouldn’t be surprised if she suddenly obtained a long lost brother. ”A big brother sounds nice,” she crossed her arms over her chest and as infrequent as it was, the corners of her lips curved upwards into a small smile. She would definitely like the idea of having a big brother.

So, his name was Terumi.

Her eyebrows raised when Terumi introduced himself as a member of Lamia Scale. Blue Pegasus was on good terms with the Lamias, and she recalled herself training with one of them; the strongest one in fact, and undoubtedly, she enjoyed the time spent. Unsure whether she should confess herself as a member of Blue Pegasus, she remained quiet instead—for the time being.

The brunette, on the other hand, seemed rather excited to win a friend over a meal and speaking of which, she hadn’t eaten yet and the thought of food immediately stirred her brain to release a low gurgle from her stomach, and thankfully, it wasn't loud enough to be heard. Guarded as she normally was, the icy maiden studied the men's features carefully. She was always cautious of approaching other beings, albeit, she observed no hostile intent from any of them and thus, she nodded. ”Sure, I’d love to join you.” It wouldn't hurt to spend some time with the two, but her beau would certainly hate the idea of her enjoying lunch with other men.

Silvery orbs darted over the vicinity, in an attempt to ensure that there was no one else apart from themselves before letting her hood slip onto her shoulders. ”I’m Snow. Snowflake,” she exchanged glances between the gentlemen before her gaze settled on the brunette. ”And you?”


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Great, he called a stripper a wonderful lady. Lying always prevails it seems. Now the middle line between that story and the hair ripping wasn't bought for a second. Even toys like Elmo can see through such an obvious lie since a parent was the one to give the lunch money. As for the hair ripping, he would need good reason and context to consider it. But instead, he just let a small smile out and just admitted defeat.

"All right, I concede." Yasiel finished, removing what he actually said away from the conversation. At this point, who cared when he had his answer?

Both snow children acknowledged addressed their hair colors, the goofier one claiming that they could be like siblings. The brunette pressed his glasses to his face a bit before nodding in agreement. Sure, that made some sense despite the joking.  The topic of concern was when Yasiel was addressed and was told that he could be the youngest brother.

"Hold on, why do I have to be the youngest brother?" The Veriara asked, tilting his head to the side and lips locking into a disapproving frown. But his luck was pressed as his head hit Elmo hard enough to trigger a cluster of snickers and giggles from the toy before it followed up with a painfully awkward "I love you".

His palm slammed hard against his face, perhaps he'd be able to hit his head hard enough to catch amnesia. The Elmo toy is a treasure to him since it was his favorite toy from his previous home back with Alicia. It's the last living proof of his family ever existing. As awkward a toy it may be, he loved the memories it held within it.

But now he wouldn't mind burning it in the heat of the moment.

"Point taken, but..." He looked at the physical features of the other two. They all possessed such different styles in appearances, what two parents would ever make then if they were family? Sure, they all perhaps portrayed their personas in a fashionable way, but that perhaps was the only similarity among all three of them. "I'm pretty sure I'm adopted."

Now... Were both of them always so trusting of one another? Spewing out their names without a care in the world, a small "o" formed when they both casually just gave data like that away. It's his town, he could reveal his guild since they were in his territory anyways. Not that it mattered, it wasn't like they were going to do anything rash in public. So when questioned by "Snow", he locked eyes to hers with a collected gaze to assure confidence.

"Call me Yasiel." He nonchalantly replied, holding his right forearm out to reveal a blatant black guild crest from Fairy Tail. "Welcome to Magnolia."

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Terumi Majora
"Did...did it just say, I LOVE YOUU!?"

Terumi couldn't have held back his outburst. The cute red munchkin that hung upon the man like a nursed child had let out the most adorable of all screechs, and it was just too cute for terumi to further deny. Whoever said it wasn't manly to gawk at things anyway...

"Little Brooooo!" Terumi yelled as his face ignited with vigor. "That doll, is now apart of our family." he exclaimed. The man who now claimed himself as Yasiel and the young woman who had introduced herself as Snow were both much to Terumi's liking. Although there weren't very many things he had a dislike for, they both fit the very large scale of things he had enjoyed, Yasiel's red doll as well. As the brown haired man revealed his arm with a tattoo and a greeting to the large town, Terumi couldn't help but continue.

"Holy cow, your sooo cute too little bro- I mean, handsome. Hey, hey, look sis..." he said pointing at Yasiel's tattoo while looking towards Snow. "He has a chicken tattoo! Err, a dancing flame, or a naked lizard..actually what is it?" Terumi finished leading himself into a dialogue of questions. Nonetheless it hadn't mattered where his mind set was at. Terumi only focused on the journey, and not where it would take him and right now, if there was a divine being he was happy deep down that he could meet new allies such as Snow and Yasiel. One of his grandfather's famous quotes was something around the power of a man...

Terumi's stared into the sky blankly, his breathing became lighter before suddenly speaking aloud, as if he'd just instantly become lost in his own mind, a world all of his own making and madness "It matters not what dwells on the inside, as most times our own strength can only get us so far. But, so long as the people around you have genuine hearts you'll be the star amongst galaxies." As the heated poured down continually, a bead of sweat dripping from his eyebrow touched his upper lip, leaving a salty taste within his mouth that seemed rancid enough to break his daydream. "Ughgh." Terumi's noise of preference eeked out as he wiped the sweat off of his tongue. and focused his attention back on his newly established siblings.

"Oh, did I just do a thing there? I'm sorry about that." He apologized rubbing the back of his head unknowingly with a embarrassed grin. "Man I must be so hungry I'm starting to become possessed by the memory of my grandfather, haha." His laughed was noticeably hesitant but nonetheless, Terumi continued to speak. "Well, where should we go first, Snow? Yas? You don't mind if i call you Yas, right?" Terumi asked waving his hand around at all of the food stands with crowds of people trying to get in for one bite of each exotic taste brought here to Magnolia.

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#10Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”Yasiel,” she repeated, followed by a nod that went unnoticed. Her eyes glided over to the tattoo imprinted on the skin of the brunette as he flaunted off his guild crest. Snowflake found it strange, of how people would display their guild emblem with ease, or was that a required process during introductions? As distrusting as she was, she wouldn’t show hers, nor felt the need to, especially to the strangers whom she had just met a mere second ago. Displaying her features was already more than enough, she thought.

Now, why was she being welcomed to the town that she had visited uncountable number of times? Perhaps they thought she was a newbie to the country and the town. Whatever it was, she pushed it to the back of her mind and discarded the subject as fast as it was brought into discussion.

The assassin hadn’t taken notice of the Elmo doll until the lilac haired male, named Terumi, directed his attention at the particular toy. What a surprise. She’d never seen anyone walking around with a doll—apart from children, that is—not to mention that it even spoke. Her mind wandered off almost immediately and she could hardly make of whatever Terumi spoke afterwards; it was gibberish to her ears. She wondered if he was drunk.

”No worries,” the woman reassured despite not knowing why the lilac haired man was apologizing to them. Snowflake wasn’t sure why she had decided to stick with the two when she would have preferred spending time alone herself. Perhaps she could learn more about the Fairy Tail member and the Lamia throughout their encounter. ”Pay no attention to me. I’m simply tagging along,” stated the female, and pulled up her hood once again to conceal her face as they began walking. Her white cloak sashayed behind her each step she took, and she pondered what interesting encounters were to occur for the remaining day.


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Is this guy being legit? A mere chicken tattoo? There was no way he wasn’t a living troll, for her baited reactions like hell. No one could possibly be so ignorant to the guild should they be in this area. Yasiel tempted the thought of playing along and letting him believe that he belonged to some minor guild named “Fury chicks” or something equally ridiculous. But no elements of his actions or stories would ever lead up to having that make sense, so he’ll just educate him. At least the girl stayed nearly silent, only repeating his name to confirm it. He nodded at her pronounciation.

“Fairy Tail…” He replied, hanging his head and slamming his palm against his forehead. Why did he have to bump into that table? It would have been much less painful to walk around the table and let this dude eat flowers or whatever he did. Yet despite these thoughts, the brunette found a little charm amongst the stupidity. It was an interesting thing to witness, but not completely wrong. After all, the innocent ones have good intentions, despite how ignorant they come off as. As for the girl… She seems normal, but too normal for comfort.

Snow placed a hood over her head and told them to not pay attention to her, that she’ll just be tagging along. Admittedly, he preferred the Lamia scale character over this lady, because he had personality and seemed to be more open and honest about himself. Snow White was showing as much personality to him as a brick, and he didn’t appreciate this whole “I’m so spooky and too cool for life” vibe she gives off. Whatever, it wasn’t his business about how she wanted to live life.

Overall, the impression was just a mere okay for him right now. Lukewarm, but potentially enjoyable. Besides, Elmo loved everyone despite the person they were, Yasiel could take a lesson from that and be a little more patient. At this point, he would just ignore the random gibberish about this guy’s grandpa considering the brunette was used to his spitting out nonsense, perhaps a key trait he’ll regret forgetting later.

“It’s all good.” Yasiel dismissed with his hands now placed in his pockets before addressing the second half of his verbal essay. He possessed a Spanish bloodline, he wanted to keep the flow of his name natural to names such as Yasiel and Alicia. “Hmmm, try Yasi. Matches much more with my heritage.” And it was how Alicia informally addressed him.

“I’ll take you both to a nice and calming café.” Yasiel explained to them both, turning his back away from them and walking down the path he came from. Terumi was the main concern here, he didn’t want to give him any access to natural flames that he might start playing around with. Knowing these persona mixes… He’ll likely be proven wrong. Lacrima coffee with a bit of caramel sounded good, iced so that he could relax a little bit. So he would advance towards the café. Should the others follow him, they’ll make their way to a local coffee shop a good hundred meters from their meet-up area.

#12Terumi Majora 

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Terumi Majora
Appearances stood still in a flowing sea of truth.

"Yasi, huh?" He repeated in surprise. Admittedly it did have a better sound to it than calling him Yas, and in a sense, matched almost perfectly to the man's appearance when addressed casually. "A cafe. Nice and calming. That sounds nice." Yasiel led the trio in the direction of the cafe, though Terumi had trailed slightly behind to get a peak at the food stands he'd seen earlier, the crowds that had once swarmed to them now dispersing. As they continued their journey up along the side street of magnolia Terumi was still thinking about the food. It couldn't have been helped though, anytime he would redirect his thought process or pattern his stomach almost propelled him towards the need for food with a loud stretched growl.

As they exited the area of surrounding food distributors, Terumi exclaimed loudly "Aww, I would've at least liked to get some fried mantis lizard." It was a strange food article but back in his home town, the meat from a mantis lizard was one of the most desired and delicious foods, his father used to purchase it in surplus all the time, it almost became a staple for his family's house hold. Before his party of two even had the chance to express disgust for his food choice, he explained "Look, the mantis lizard isn't game-e at all. Similar to how a beetle frog may taste like chicken, they definitely tasted like lizard, just really good lizard." He couldn't explain all of the details as there were too many to cover. The texture, the flavor, the scent, the presentation, the preparation, the parts of the mantis lizard. Most mantis lizards where the size of two full grown men, but unlike the somewhat hostile name it bared, they were surprisingly passive even when provoked, unless threatened. Which meant it was always easier to cook the mantis lizard kosher-like. Relaxed, its attention away from it's imminent demise.

"Hey Yasi, Snow.." he said, his tone of voice lowered in tone and pitch, a very stark contrast from his voice early as if he was drained or deep in thought again. "What are your favorite foods?" It was an odd question sure, but if there was anything he could relate with people better on, it was food. Perhaps one day he would feel so compelled to cook for his newly established siblings. "I like Mantis Lizard but my favorite food hands down is spear buffalo. He paused for a brief second while talking as he had recalled why it was his favorite.

His thoughts a bit more focused over his hunger, he continued "I kinda inherited it from my little brother, it used to be his favorite. You know, the special thing about the spear buffalo in particular is that it's speared horn that protrudes from it's center most head is connected to it's nervous system and spinal cord. The horn itself is a shell actually, very tough to open, but if you manage to, within it is the sweetest and most tender, yet savory meat you would ever find. Some scientists say it's apart of the animal's spine, other comment saying that it's a first or second brain but that's kinda crazy, huh?"

#13Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Snowflake knew her way around the majority of the cafés in Magnolia. It was the one of the only places she would visit apart from the town’s library or the quest board. Without saying another word, the woman followed the brunette’s lead. Terumi, on the other hand, seemed to have preferred the numerous rows of food stalls that neatly lined up across the street. She enjoyed the street foot as well, though she preferred a nice and quiet atmosphere instead of bustling places like these. Snowflake had never been comfortable with crowds, after all.

Her lips curved into a big frown upon Terumi mentioning ’fried mantis lizard’. That sounded disgusting to her, and she would never be able to manage at the sight of it even. Shivering at the thought, she quickly pushed it to the back of her mind so as not to ruin her appetite any further. She couldn’t think of a reason why people chose to eat eccentric food of reptiles and insects. Perhaps they do actually taste good—not that she could ever imagine herself tasting them.

Snowflake remained quiet; she couldn’t think of a topic interesting enough to be brought into discussion, until the lavender haired boy directed a question at both of them. Favourite food? It was an easy question for her, albeit, she wondered if her choice of preference was actually even considered as proper food. ”I like sweets.” That was all for her response; she didn’t see why she would need a reason to explain why she liked them. Her attitude had been always horrible—worse back then, however, she had been making vast improvements in her dull communication skills after meeting Chelvaric.

Somehow, she was glad Terumi was around to keep them conversing all the time—not that she cared—but it kept the mood active and interesting at all times. She didn’t mind his presence at all. Moreover, he seemed to be only one who had tried such weird foods that she never knew existed in the country of Fiore. ”I hope you’ll let me try the spear buffalo one day,” she added. It was just to keep the conversation flowing, especially when they have her around, who was most likely to bring awkwardness and silence into the group every now and then.

#14Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Upon their arrival, their entrance was welcomed by an employee, who provided them menus of the café. Her hues idly glossed over the area, searching for a vacant seat before she quickly found one. Reading over the menu given to her, it was quite obvious what she was going to order—something related to desserts. Who eats desserts at lunchtime? Definitely her. Raising her hand, she called for the waitress and pointed at the image on the menu to specify what she wanted. ”This chocolate crepe cake, and also a cup of cappuccino.” A warm cup of coffee was the best having it in winter mornings. She didn’t share any other conversation with the two, but simply only listened and nodding at times, just for the sake to display that she was paying attention.

Her crepe cake soon arrived, along with the cup of cappuccino and she took a moment enjoying the beauty of the cake before slowly dipping her fork into the soft texture. A blush rose upon her cheeks as she did so, excited just by watching herself slice the cake and she was more than thrilled to taste the delicious dessert. Sweetness exploded within as she placed the fork inside her mouth and she’d savour the exquisite taste of it on her tongue. It was splendid. Whoever created such kinds of desserts deserved every kind of praise on this planet. Lifting her coffee cup, she pressed the rim of it against her lips and blew the fumes that rose up from the hot liquid. Just by receiving the aroma of the fresh coffee was making her hungry, her stomach twisting in knots.

It hardly took her minutes before she was completely done with her snack and coffee and she’d roll a couple of jewels across the table for her pay. With a wave of her fingers, she bid farewell to the two strangers that she’d just encountered, and with a swept of her white cloak, she pivoted in her heels and left.

{ EXIT }

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Terumi Majora
And, though moments pass and wills sway, we can only hope once again, our ocean flows this way.

The trio continued to the cafe, though the brown haired man hadn't yet replied regarding the question, possibly thinking for a reply to such a question, and an informational one at that. It was alright, as snow had given her opinions on the edible conversation of sorts. Terumi replied to her request, "I'd be honored, and am a bit actually, but i'm not a pro or nothing. I guess, I could try cooking it." He'd say with a chuckle at attempting to be humble and slight blush from the thought of cooking. Once they'd reach the cafe, the white haired woman had already picked out a spot where they would sit, or where she would sit. The other two were simply going to follow, as it made sense to stick together- much safer that way in the event someone would rob the same cafe they'd been in and they could handle the threat together.. "magnolia hadn't always been safe, nowhere was." the man thought to himself.

Snow, peeking through her menu, had ended up ordering sweets. Terumi on the other hand, had wanted something sweet but still savory,
salty-ish "Could I have two of your jellied buttered biscuits? Thanks." he'd order swiftly. The treat was nice- when reading it on paper at least. He made small talk at the table, questioning rhetorically the interior design of the cafe but not actually intending for the queries to be replied to, as conversation seemed to be a bit undesired at times, at least as far as food is concerned for some people. "I wonder when they built this place, probably sometime a good fifty to a hundred years ago. And then the walls, the ceilings, and even the fine finish of the flooring. It'd probably take days to do the entire inside of the building so stylistically." The woman he'd called little sis, received her food first, consuming it in obvious joy, before leaving payment on the table and leaving with a wave of her fingers. "Bye sis!" Terumi would yell as the woman exited.

Once his food arrived, he'd down both biscuits so swiftly that you would think Terumi would choke, and yet it's as if his esophagus enlarged to down the biscuits. "Thanks for the meal Yasi bro." he'd say, wiping the crumbs from his hands onto the plate with a simple clap. The lilac haired man pulled a few spare jewels he'd lied about having from his pocket, placing them upon the table as well before continuing to speak "I'm sorry for deceiving you. You just seemed like such a good guy when we met, and it was a perfect time to prank you, but i hadn't expected to get this far, then I had got to know you. I'm glad we're bro's. For once my intuition was right, ahah."

After his dialogue, Terumi would exit the establishment as well, waving at Yasiel. As usual, there were things to do, and his blood related brother still had to be found.


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