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Gang Tension [Quest|Aria]

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#1Aria Scylar 

Gang Tension [Quest|Aria] Empty on Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:01 am

Aria Scylar

Aria had finally decided to go up to the quest board today, and she had been fairly surprised with what she saw. There were actually decent jobs with decent pay, and the dark mage was planning on taking one. She couldn't just leave the quests for everyone else, she had to take at least one for herself before they were all gone. She walked up to get closer to the board and pulled off the first one that she had seen that was a different colored paper, and walked to the place it had told her to go. She really didn't like the thought of requests, as she really didn't like doing dirty work for others. She needed money though, and the one she had picked seemed fun enough, so she had taken it and headed to the address without a second thought. She had went to the Martello family's house, a house she had heard much about. They were famous, and the job she was about to do for them seemed a bit unbelievable. She had expected them to be very proper and fancy, but it had seemed they were competing against another person named Vincenze. She had been tasked with spray painting the Martello family crest onto some of the buildings that the other man had controlled. She had a purple can of spray paint and a template that would help her with the crest part. She walked off the doorstep of the home and into the streets, looking for places to tag.

This actually seemed pretty fun, and Aria didn't know what was wrong with her that made her not want to go before. Tagging buildings was right up her alley, and she was pretty good at not getting caught, so this would be easy. The first place she had went to was a fancy restaurant, as she wanted as many people to see this as possible, and a restaurant was the right way to do it. she had spray painted 2 or 3 on the windows, and it was odd because no one seemed to notice. She tried to make her first one as obvious as possible, but no one on the inside seemed to care. No matter, she would continue with her job and tag at least two more places before giving it a rest and heading back to the house. The next place she was going to was a jewelry store. this place would be more expensive, and it was perfect for tagging, as it had many light colors which would make the purple stand out. She had put it on the front of the store, and as she walked away with no one knowing it was her, it had seemed that more people noticed that time. It was an odd reaction, but the dark mage would just accept it and get to her last destination before getting her pay and getting to cause trouble elsewhere. She thought about where the last place was going to be before she came upon a great idea.


#2Aria Scylar 

Gang Tension [Quest|Aria] Empty on Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:29 am

Aria Scylar

Aria's great idea was the grocery store. The place many people go every day to get their everyday needs. It was perfect, there would be so many people seeing it, it could never go undetected. She shook the spray paint and put the template on the wall, and tagged the place as many times as she could until she ran out of paint, which wasn't long. She had been moving fast, and she was excited to see the reactions of the people going in and out of the store. Nobody would know who had done it, and Aria would go home worry free. This might have been the best plan the dark mage had thought up today, and she was happy that it happened. Any other place she could have gone wouldn't have been as active as here, and this wouldn't go unheard of. The news would spread fast to Vincenze for sure, and there was no trace of her doing the crime. He would probably think that one of the Martello's had gone out and done it themselves, and he would try to strike back at them somehow. She wasn't going to get that far into the future though, so she was just going to focus on the present and make sure that she got her job done.

She walked back to the Martello house, and when she had arrived, they had warmly welcomed her inside. When she looked at the television there it was, her work on the news. Everyone had been celebrating and Aria had just been in their home awkwardly, watching as they had their little party. They had tried to convince her to get up and party with them a few times, but she had just denied and sat in the corner until they were done. The only reason she was still there was because she had been waiting for her money, and Remy seemed to have forgotten about it. She got up and snapped her finders in front of his face, and then asking him for the money. He had acted as if he had forgotten, but she could see it on his face that he was just happy and wanted her to stay longer, but Aria didn't want the same thing. He had handed her the money she was owed and she left the house, hoping not to see them again for a while. She walked home thinking about what she was going to do later, and what she was going to do the next day. There was so much she could be doing with her life, and she could only do so much in a day. Sometimes she wondered if she could get everything she wanted in life done, or if she would go with unfinished business. Those were all things she would need to save for another time though, as right now she just wanted to relax and lay down for the rest of the day, and do something new tomorrow.


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