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Baska - All Ore Nothing

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Baska - All Ore Nothing Empty Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:16 pm

Quest: All Ore Nothing

Rank: A

Type: Bad


  • A New Mine completed
  • No Stone Unturned completed
  • Friend Ore Foe completed
  • Took It For Granite completed
  • Heart of Stone completed
  • Rock And Roll completed

Mattoro: Former foreman, he and his crew would go into the mines for the city's needs. During a cold winter, they were promised great wealth that would allow them to retire if they kept on mining. In the end, the additional money was never paid, while Mattoro lost many good men when the mine crashed. Enraged, Mattoro and the rest of the miners rebelled and formed the Cold Colliers.

Summary: After the battle against the overseers, and the revelation that Frankan was responsible, Mattoro and the Cold Colliers did some digging. It turned out that Frankan had orchestrated the entire event, bringing Giroud and Kalaus in on the plan to get rich at the cost of the miners, and then having them killed by you so that only he would own the mine entirely. Still wounded from the battle in the mine, Mattoro needs you to find Frankan, and destroy him, but to be careful as he has hired some powerful bodyguards, no doubt suspecting that Mattoro would eventually discover the truth.

Bodyguards: Mages that have been promised riches in return for keeping Frankan alive, these two siblings, a brother and a sister, employ powerful magics to get the job done, and will protect Frankan with their lives. To get to your target, you will have to take out these two. The male employs Wind Magic, while the female uses Fire Magic, often combining their magics into powerful combination spells.

Objective: Find and eliminate Frankan.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Baska City.
  • Returning to the Cold Collier’s hideout, you will find Mattoro on a makeshift hospital bed, with one of the gang members constantly checking his vitals. He isn’t critical, and will survive, but he had taken some serious damage in the previous fight. Despite this, he will force himself to sit up and give you the details of the quest, much to the frustration of his doctor.
  • After the previous fight, he employed some of his members to find out some more information about Frankan, and they have come to realise that he was the one originally responsible, and that Giroud and Kalaus were simply pawns in his game.
  • Annoyed that he trusted the man who killed so many of his friends, and frustrated that he is in no state to do anything by himself, and his gang members simply aren’t strong enough, Mattoro requests that you find Frankan and kill him. He warns that the contractor has hired the abilities of two powerful mages as bodyguards, and they will have to be killed before you have any shot at Frankan.
  • As you leave the hideout, a courier will deliver a letter addressed to you from Frankan. In the letter, you will be commended for all your efforts and should be rewarded for all the help you gave to Frankan by removing Kalaus and Giroud. He will tell you his location, so you can come and collect the reward.
  • Head over to where the letter tells you Frankan will be, and you will find him standing behind his two bodyguards, smug and not at all scared of you. In fact, he will constantly talk about his plans after you are disposed of, before ordering his two bodyguards to kill you, as he sits back and watches the fight.
  • The two mages are powerful, and clearly adept at combat and working together, with one using fire and the other wind as mages. Despite this, once you kill one of them, the other will become enraged and use every spell they possess to kill you. As you kill the first, you will notice Frankan’s face twitch slightly, but he will remain smiling.
  • Once you kill the final of the two bodyguards, Frankan’s smile will disappear altogether, and instead be replaced by a terrified expression as he gets down and begs for his life. He will tell you of a cache of money he has stored away that he will give you if you let him live. Unfortunately, in his current state, he mistakenly lets slip the location of the cache, allowing you to kill him and receive an extra reward.
  • Go to location of the cache, Frankan’s office just outside the mine itself, and collect the extra reward, before returning to Mattoro to tell him of your completion. Relieved it finally is over, after everything, he will thank you most generously and pay you for all your troubles, before laying back in the bed for the doctor to check on him.

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Bianca Fleur †
I'll take this.

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Akira Shimada
Joan has started this quest.

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Bianca Fleur †

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Akira Shimada
Joan has completed this quest.

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Signing up for this baby!

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412,500 Jewels [15% Rep, 10% guild, 20% Human, 20% belt]
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Baska - All Ore Nothing Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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Tempris has completed this quest. In the future, please remember to link any prerequisites.

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