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Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL]

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Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:05 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
She sat on a bench outside of some random shop. She didn't really tell him a spot to meet up, only that they would. It was an afterthought, perhaps a note or a plan would have been best before leaving the guild, or perhaps even walking with him. No matter, what was done, was done.

It was the main street, vendors surrounded the sidewalks and walls. Bodak was in the main clearing. She had found a few stores that interested her, none that served the purpose of decoration, unless one considered dismembered corpses decoration.

"What a pity." she would say to herself. "Maybe if I could gather the others as well, this could have been a fun day for us all."

She waited for the man that could barely hold his drink. The one that dizzily made his way to his new room. The lost boy. The one whose name she couldn't remember. Travis? Trevor? Tokka? Tel? Whatever it was, she was sure to find it in her records in her room, but for today it would have no meaning. For now they would enjoy themselves and do a bit of window shopping.

But the large backpack Bodak brought with her, would say otherwise. But only she needed to know what was inside.
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#2Tecka Majora 

Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:30 am

Tecka Majora
"We're gonna go shopping!"

Tecka said aloud mimicking his fellow guild member, although his rendition was nothing like he had remembered her to be in person. He scoffed, "Pssh, yeah we can pay with our imaginations." His tone was sarcastic and not at all pleased. Ever since he'd lost the fight, if it could even be called a fight, with his fellow guild member he wasn't in the best of moods. It wasn't even the fact that he had lost the fight. It was the cause of the result, that led to such an eventful and unforeseen outcome. He was weak.

Oak town was...well oak town as per usual. Dirt here, dirt there, and an ounce of innocence leaking through the shrouds of darkness everyone tended to be clouded in. This time around though, everything hadn't seemed so glum. The sun had a nice shine, the wind was calm, and the market was buzzing with customers and salespersons alike. Bargains, deals, sales, oddities, rarities, trinkets, and the like sold together with an everyday need at every stand, like clothes, groceries. It was like he black market of legal things, and it certainly wasn't everyday you would see your magical death-bringing sword sold next to a bakers dozen of freshly laid eggs.

Nonetheless, Tecka made his way past a great sum of stands and stores. The streets, his only way of guiding through the clutter. He wasn't necessarily in a rush but he still had someone he wanted to see, this same someone who had agreed upon going to shop. It didn't cease to amaze him, that despite how much dirt someone could do, they'd still be able to lurk among those who were clean. No matter how much darkness one has welled, there was still just enough room for them to roam the shadows within the light. The black haired young man's eyes swept from street side to street side, with no hesitation trying to separate one singular person's identity from the rest.

This continued for a couple of minutes until he'd seen her frame, and complexion in the glow of the sun. At first his eyes had even gone over her without a second thought until it registered in his brain that he'd found who he was looking for. In a circular ocular motion, his gazed came back around to her general area, spotting her on the bench outside of a store between a few stands for magic shoes.

He strolled towards her, trying his best to sneak up without startling Bodak. Once within a semi-close area, he felt as if it was time to brighten himself up, deciding to play a small prank. With the loudest voice he could muster, he shouted from the direction behind his fellow guild-mate at an attempt of frightening her and gaining her attention "YOOOOOOO, BOOOOOOOOOOOODDAAAAKK!" Though his outside voice wasn't used very often and still needed practice, the yell was good enough to get the job done- conveying depth and spontaneous volume.

After yelling he would walk around to the bench where she had been sitting, purposely looking away from the woman with a blank face before taking a seat and jokingly asking "Did you miss me?" in a much lowered tone. It was quite new and very different, that Tecka would find humor let alone create it in something outside of combat; which would explain why he wasn't very good at it. His jokes would seem very overdone or loud and boisterous to bystanders probably, his thoughts on the topic were based on his preconceived notion from what he's heard of comedy.

It clearly wasn't his strong suit, that lied more so in sarcasm and spiteful negative comments. Change wasn't so bad every once in a while.


Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:20 am

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
"I miss eating." she would answer, as if his yelling was nothing new to her. In her mind, it was babysitting a child who was all but lost. In truth, they were about the same age. But for now, Bodak held superior ranking, despite her unwillingness to even attempt to better her own skills.

She reached into the back and grabbed one of the many little sacks within. "I need a drink. You need clothing and furniture. I also need to find three dozen beeswax candles and thirteen vials of elf blood. . . And something about eggshell dust from some magical bird. " She would pull out two sacks of coins and gems, both around the size of a softball.

"It's probably best if we don't ask whys, and ask only wheres." she spoke, wondering if he was ready to go, or if something crossed his mind. He was in a different mood than before, much lighter and friendly. Either he had the best day ever, or the worst and he was trying to cover it up. Either way, Bodak didn't really care, she had a guild to reshape.

She was going to tear down the guild, wing by wing until it was in the image she desired. As it stood, there was too much left unknown and missed. There was no roster, nor clear way to designate everyone. She had to use only what she knew, and she knew less than half of the guild. The rest were out doing missions and probably didn't even know of Shura's rising. She had to prepare for that. She had to prepare for all of it.
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#4Tecka Majora 

Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:58 am

Tecka Majora

Replied Tecka. Though he'd barely known her for very long, the response was expected. He began to shrug, before continuing "I actually haven't eaten in a while either..." Suddenly, Bodak began listing off needs of both of the mages though most of the items more what she needed for whatever mysterious rituals she had planned. The thought of Phantom Lord being a cult in actuality, had sounded reasonable again, more and more so with each item the woman listed off. Just as Tecka had begun to roll his eyes at the thought of obtaining such things with no currency or valuable to exchange, its almost as if Bodak re-rolled his eyes back the opposite way. From her large bag, she unveiled two large sacks presumably with the currency the black haired young man earlier had doubted they would have.

"Aaaannd my suspicions of having joined a cult are back." he mumbled. Listening to her again, or sort of listening-he replied to the woman in short "I thought we were just gonna watch people buy things. But, of course that's not the case. So, where should we start?" Tecka stood, eyeing the nearby store's display signs for something legible that resembled any of what the duo had needed. He hadn't quite remembered what Bodak needed and hoped she would point the way for him to simply follow. If anything he planned on it being quite the adventure.

"Oh hey, guess who lost a fight recently?" he said with a peppy sarcastic tone, not expecting a response that wouldn't match his sarcasm. "By the way-I can vouch, that sort of thing doesn't happen a lot." He finished while staring into a distance away from nearby pursuers of merchandise and normal people. He hadn't wanted to look at them, anyone really. Whenever he did, they had reminded him that he wasn't special, that we was just like them. Deep down, it reminded him that he was weak.

Though possibly being the first time he'd discovered masking his emotions through humor he found it to be short lived and not truly fulfilling for others. He'd more so expected people to laugh at his pain rather than ignore it altogether.


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Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
"Phantom Lord is not a cult. However depending who you ask, I guess the Manji Clan is." She said it as a half joke, but it was true. People devoted their lives to a god they didn't believe it. It was a way to let their stress free, believing in a higher power. Though, many of them thought of it as a way to calm themselves, and only few knew that this god was a real person, collecting information. Though, the money they obtained was simply taxes paid for each job they completed. The mages got a cut, handed directly to them, and the guild got their cut. It was just how things worked out. Everyone won in the end, besides it wasn't like the others didn't do it.

"We can start with your clothing, and go from there." he would tell him the plan. They would hop from each others needs for that day, and at the end of it, it would be done. Besides, most of the stores Bodak needed to visit didn't open until after sundown. She looked around, wondering where the best place would be. Perhaps adventure would be a good start.

". . . Did you rely on magic or items?" she would ask, partly curious. The Manji had a way to always find themselves in this place. It seemed as if everyone relied on a given skill, rather than a learned one. Perhaps today would be the day she would devote her soul back to the god that granted her her own life. Maybe.

Bodak would find her answers soon enough, but after this day was done there was no time to relax. She had already tasked herself with rebuilding a part of the guild. Others were tasked with cleaning up to ease her work when they both would return that night.
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#6Aria Scylar 

Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:19 am

Aria Scylar

Aria had been in the streets of Oak today, looking through windows of the shops. She didn't really know what she was looking for, but she knew that it wasn't anything important. She had really just been out to mess with people, and she had already done that a few times. People were complaining to others about missing hats, wallets, and other things, and it was all because of her. She didn't have anything interesting to do, and some things she did on a normal basis happened to grow boring, so messing with people was kind of a treat for her. She had been watching he next victim when she had ended up tripping over a woman, which had made her fall inches away from the two people. "Oh I'm sorrrryyyyy, that was an accident." This woman had been talking with a man, and the two of them had seemed pretty interesting. Maybe she could slither her way into this conversation and learn a thing or two about these people. "Well I'm Aria, nice to meet ya," she said sticking her hand out to the woman, trying to clear up the air. This shouldn't be too tough, even though she didn't like people too much. She would have to deal with them sometime, as she was one too after all. She looked around for a second before her eyes fell on the woman again, and she had made sure to watch her every move, just in case she was a mage to and attacked her. She was going to try to be peaceful here, and it would need to stay that way if she were to make friends with these two people.


#7Tecka Majora 

Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:55 am

Tecka Majora

he listened to the woman's words, as they hadn't entirely fallen on deaf ears. With every other word he attempted a nod of semi-attentive response, but deep down he had still be a bit saddened that they wouldn't start with grabbing something to eat. When her questioning had come back around, Tecka replied swiftly, almost as if honor bound "With every bout i've undertaken, and emerged victorious-I've relied solely on the strength provided to me by my own two fists. I guess I thought that having this bit of magic too would make me even better." He paused to briefly reflect on the mistakes he'd made. "I also suppose that's why I lost. Simply underestimating my opponent."

As the last few words had exited his lips, something strange had begun to take place. A silver and black clad woman had just been strolling by and happened to trip over Bodak's shoe. Tecka hadn't truly known what to say, as this girl had dark purple hair with bright purple eyes, quite unlike anything he had every seen before. He wasn't sure whether to say something or remain quite, so he'd gone against his first mind.

"Are you okay?" he replied. The woman had seemed to be focused on Bodak, so it might've been best that he not interfere had they decided to have some kind of ceremonious greeting. He scoffed before mumbling under his breath, "Pssh, Cults."


Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:15 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
Insignificant beings.

Humans were gross, pitiful creatures. However, she had not forgotten, she too was once a human, and still now she remained.

It always seemed as if the scum of the earth, the ill that were born from petri dishes of society always found there way to the top, in the place they would never belong. "Bo-Ki." she would say in reply. It was courtesy to give her that much, since she had given her name.

"C'mon Tecka we got work to do, I'd like to get this done before we gotta go back up that damn mountain."

It wasn't that she had anything to feel towards the woman, she simply had no reason to. She was a nobody. She had no importance. She was interrupting a day of activity. She didn't matter.

But of course, that could be false. Maybe she was useful. But for now, she was in the way. One day, probably not today, she would have her moment. But until then, she was another body in the crowd, and if it came down to it, she would be another one under ground.
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#9Tecka Majora 

Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:27 am

Tecka Majora
"All right then let's hurry, before we lose daylight.

He agreed with Bodak in wanting to keep moving. He was sure that the woman they'd briefly met was okay. It's not as if the trip she had, was a fatal stumble onto a dagger or into a pit of poisonous spikes..

He began walking from where they were previously towards the nearest street vendor. The first he'd happened upon seemed to have been selling not only food but clothing as well. Also clothing that made food, clothing that was food, and food that was clothing. None of which Tecka felt as if he had the brain power to try and comprehend but all of them having an edible aspect to them increased the amount of appeal for the black haired young man. He would swiftly continue the the next vendor withiut even saying so much as a greeting to the last. This one had sold swords, nothing of interest to him. If anytbing he sould prefer to use his fists.

In his book, that was the manliest a man could get, but tecka did admit somewhere within that swords did have cool aspects about them design wise. He'd continue walking forwards, beginning to speak to Bodak without looking back. "Hey. You must be pretty strong to be able to run this guild by yourself, at least while our acting guild master is out and about. How'd you get that way? Do you even use magic?"

He'd stumble forward a few more steps before trying to sneakily tack on at the end and can we grab something to eat, any more window shopping food and i might start eating my clothes." Tecka was going for about three days so far without food, the last of it lost to a 3year old in a knife fight the other day, but even then he'd gotten off some good hits. Then getting beat by the silver haired boy the other day made him hungry and tired, and had brought back some foggy memories as well. Looking down at his dress attire he remarked aloud "I probably have a funny after taste and my clothes probably taste like soot."


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Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow

"I'm never alone. No Manji can enjoy being alone." She'd smile, "I have magic, tho, I ain't had a reason to use it yet."It was true to a point. She had her spells, and she had a good arsenal to copy from, but with her body kept indoors and out of danger, she had no reason to display her skills, or even to train. No one had interested her enough to want to invest in herself like such.

Following him, vendor to vendor even she had to admit she had a bit of hunger to satisfy. The girl would catch up, if she didn't then she had no reason to be around them. "Then let's get something quick. A bakery should be around the corner, beside it should be candles of such."

Beeswax Candles. Elf Blood. Eggshell Dust. Clothing. Furniture.

Her shopping list danced in her mind, mocking her. She would be pleased with a simple desk or folding chair for now, or even a cloth or blankets for him. A bag to house a new outfit for this poor man, along with a meal to fill their belly's.

"Is soot good?" she asked, partially serious. To her, being mortal was a new feeling, and what was edible and inedible was something she would have to rediscover.
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#11Tecka Majora 

Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:03 pm

Tecka Majora
"Good point."

Tecka replied to his bronzed skin friend's comments on her magic. He'd seen very few displays of magic, let alone his own. He felt that it wasn't mainly for combat-or rather offense but instead defense. His magic utilized a 'good defense being the best offense' or so the man who taught him had claimed, but perhaps he would be wrong in believing that. When hearing Bodak agree with the idea of grabbing food, the black haired young man's face grew a smile like a summer harvest. As they were nearing the edge of the street, soon to be around the aforementioned corner, Tecka had heard what could only be thought of as bodak's attempt at humor and to an extent it was kinda funny.

"Aha haaah" his laugh though unrealistically dull and almost dead, there was some amusement underneath the outward expression. She couldn't have been serious, no one would actually eat soot unless there happened to be some that went unnoticed on a piece of food that was being consumed shortly thereafter. Either that or they were a rather weird individual with too much time on their hands. Bodak's expression hadn't changed since her question, so Tecka replied sarcastically "Well, i've eaten worse. It's definitely not my favorite on the list of edible hazards, but it can't be worse than liquid flames." He followed his statement with a short giggle. Passing a few stands selling various varieties of candles- scented, unscented, slow burn, repellant, and many more- the duo had reached the bakery. Tecka stood with the door opened for bodak if she would choose to enter, though if not he would walk through the doorway still holding it open on the opposite end. He hadn't believed too much in chivalry or manners as they simply were a front for the baser of animalistic feelings, but sometimes Tecka had wanted to do something nice, that and the fact that bodak was paying for the food, which meant entering before she did would be near pointless.

"Any reccomendations?" He'd ask bodak while looking around the inside of the bakery.


Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:53 am

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow

Where did she come from? It wasn't a thought that crossed her mind often, if at all. She couldn't remember who she was before she died, nor did she know the real story behind the girl she now lived as. Phantom Lord simply accepted her as she was, but how long would that last until the faces of the guild changed, beside her own?

She followed behind him, taking the lead as he held the door open for her. The act itself meant nothing to her, manners did not exist to her. She didn't care for others, except a chosen few. For this boy, she would stay amused with his new upbringing.

"Choose for the both of us, as well as a snack for a later meal." she would say it with a smile, amusing her self with her own imagination. "Pick wisely however, if your choice is no better than soot, then I'll have to eat your liver to sedate my hunger."She would let out a small laugh, still not forgetting the matter at hand.

"That reminds me, it would probably be better off if we teamed up. After all, the guild is going to have to split into squads sooner or later."
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#13Tecka Majora 

Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:56 pm

Tecka Majora
"Well, when you put it that way..aha"

Her humor was coming along well, as most abstract comedians would say, 'top of the line'. Though, being that Bodak is well, bodak- he couldn't have helped but taken some part of her words to heart. They were hilarious and still Tecka felt as if his liver was some what in danger. And so specific too.."The liver?" he'd reply. "Why not the heart? I've heard you get more meat that way. Oh right, its full of feelings. Makes the taste a bit sour."

He laughed for a brief moment, before reviewing the woman's words. "A team?" The thought of it wasn't bad, what came to mind wasn't like a fully functioning train engine but rather, uncertainty in the gas tank of a moped scooter. "Us? Together? In a team?" he questioned again in disbelief. Taking his eyes from the woman, the black haired young man would turn towards the bakery counter ordering a couple of crescent shaped pastries that each had a stuffed look to them, so stuffed a smooth gelatinous secretion overflowed from inside- the sign of the pastry reading 'turn over'. "Sure, let's be on a team together." He replied, as he'd signal towards the pastry chef behind the counter that he'd want one of the oven fresh pies ordered to go. Something the duo could share later as a newly founded team.

"By the way, what flavor pie do you prefer?" Waiting for Bodak's replying he remembered he full statement from earlier, revisiting it slightly with a question "Wait, if we're a team who else would be in our group? I mean, who wouldn't but, what's required to join? And if there are going to be multiple teams, who's on the others?"


Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Fri Mar 02, 2018 2:59 am

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
"You can't get drunk off a few hearts, but maybe a liver or two . . ." she pondered the idea. Could she get drunk off a liver? She wasn't an expert on anatomy, but surely that was related to it somehow, right?

She would watch him pick out their food to eat, curious as to the taste of such a thing. She hadn't pleasured herself with a meal since her arrival, all she had to entertain herself was the warmth of an iced drink that went straight to her head, and also her face.

". . . . I'm not quite sure." she would answer, not really thinking long about the answer. "In my eyes, it would be fitting to have mages of similar rank in a team of their own similarities. After all, together we'd be taking the same basic tasks, and our power would be suited for each other. Other people like Miah and Shura i'd imagine would team up and tackle the harder stuff that only their magic could handle." she let out a smile, watching and waiting for the chef to hand them the goods. "Besides, I'm a support mage, even if I needed to use my magic, it would do me no good alone."
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#15Tecka Majora 

Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:07 am

Tecka Majora
"That makes sense."

Bodak's reply was understandable, but bits of her words left more questions than what was answered. Tecka would grab the turnovers, still slightly warmed before asking the chef for one of the muda berry pies. It was a bit of an oddity, but he had a feeling Bodak would like it. Tart because of the many smaller berries that continually shed from the host fruit's sweet and creamy center over its lifetime. That paired with "some cane sugar, egg yolks, a dash of goats milk and a crust made from the sweetest of graham crackers, essentially sweet cookies." He'd remark finishing the list of ingredients printed on the name card next to the pie. "It's perfect." He added while handing one of the turnover pastries to Bodak. "Tell me what you think." By then, after the words had left his mouth, the pastry had already been inside it, chewed calm and carefully as to savor the texture of its flaky yet crunchy external warm, and the soft and chewy insides paired with the gel-ish inside made from syrup and fruit, still piping hot in comparison to the outside that had cooled against the air.

Tecka had began breathing in short bursts, in and out swiftly mimicking how one would breath when in labor. Once he'd felt the small bite of food was chewed and cooled enough, he'd swallow it before resuming his talk with Bodak. "Much tastier than a heart, I guarantee it." He tried cracking a slight smile to convey a sort of trust to the woman.

"Support magic? I use more defensive oriented techniques, i think. I'm actually not too well versed in my magic but still, I think theres a natural strength present in everyone. I'm sure I have a talent for it, just not very obvious, yet.." he paused his rant to take another bite of the snack before continuing to walk and talk around the shop, still waiting for the pie to be packaged and handed to the pair in exchange for payment. "What magic do you use anyway? I've never heard of a magic solely for support. I've never heard of many magics, but still." The young man wasn't sure what it was about Bodak but, she'd brought out of him something he hadn't wanted to accept. Socialization, definitely, but even more so, she brought out of him a fondness for companionship.

Friendship, it was the start of one, or the continuation, depending on how one would view such a thing.


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Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
A strange thing. She reached out, letting it be placed in her hands. It was warm to the touch, something in striking contrast to the liquor she had grown accustomed to. She couldn't remember her life before, but living among Phantom Lord gave her a bit of life to live from. She grew from whatever feelings this Bodak once felt. Perhaps in her past life this was how she lived.

She bit down on the pastry, the heat and steam from within searing her tongue and her gums. But to her, this was not pain, but rather enjoyment. She would take another bite, silently, barely chewing, before quickly finishing her meal.

"So strange." she would say. She looked over at her hands and the mess that was left behind from her treat. Her eyes opened wide, trying to capture her moment of her first meal.

". . . I don't think anyone holds a heart in regards like you do. I find the stomach more pleasing. Normally you'd find traces of things like this. I've never had the real thing before . . . " She did not smile. She did not laugh. She was not one to joke.

For that was the first meal of all of this clan.

"There is a skill to be had to everyone. Not often we are born with a skill to fit us. Most of the time our magic defines us, rather than use defining, it." She would wait along side him, awkwardly, as she had eat much quicker than he.

"I believe she used to be a healer, but I was born with a magic from a great bloodline. My master gifted it onto me, and I shall carry it to my grave." It was an odd thing, honor. As was devotion. She would serve for as long as she breathed, as that was why she lived. She had her own choices and freedom, but she acted on call to her god as she was required. "I guess it was luck that this question was to me, and a not another. After all, my magic is a catalog of others. How much of magic do you know?"

And the questions began.
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#17Tecka Majora 

Phantom in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets [PL] Empty on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:07 am

Tecka Majora

He'd tell the baker, as he reached over the counter to receive the pie. Once he'd turned around, Bodak had already finished he dessert, making him feel a bit bad that she wasn't one to savor food. Just then he'd remembered that he was wrong, as someone long ago in the back of his mind reminded him of how she would consume food, quickly and without regard for anyone's opinion of it. Remembering it in full, he'd commented on that person's eating habits as well, although they said something along the lines of "I savor my food differently than you do. With haste to show appreciation to the one who cooked it with time and effort." Looking to the baker, as Tecka made way for Bodak to pay the man, the pastry chef's smile could be seen from miles away given that you'd be standing that far. It clearly made him happy that the duo, especially Bodak had enjoy his cooking as such.

"It's on the house." the large cook had regarded with a grin before walking back to his kitchen presumably. "Well then, let's leave before he changes his mind." Tecka remarked waiting on the woman to follow. As they would make their way out of the shop, Tecka continued to reply to her earlier statements "I hold a heart only as high as it can float. If it sunk and drowned in it's own blood, would that make it weak or just ironic?"

As he took a bite of his treat, he chewed and swallowed quickly before continuing "Healing magic...and a catalog? How much? I...honestly didn't think one could know many magics. I mean, I guess some people would know a multitude of magic, and deeper than that, spells- but the toll it would take on a person to be able to cast efficiently, to utilize such power mentally and physically, and spiritually for some. In theory, what you speak of sounds incredible."

Before taking another bite, Tecka blew strongly on the dessert, cooling it off as his teeth then sunk into the pastry. He'd once again chew and swallow before finishing his dialogue and the pastry "I could show you mine if you show me yours.."


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Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
Gold. Actual jewels. They were not the currency of this land, but somewhere else, they were plentiful and were such. Here, they made you rich. Bodak reached into the side pocket of her bag and dropped a handful onto the counter, not even counting. She knew it was more than enough, and she knew it was enough to probably buy the store itself. Oh. Ah...

"Can ya bring some up to Phantom Lord later tonight?" she would say, looking into the baker's face for no more than a second. He would give her a blank look, unsure of what to do, but it didn't matter to her. He could have just taken the money and never served them at their door, it was find with her. After all, if it was on the house, she wouldn't feel right accepting something for free. She would offer something, and this fee, with a small gift of service from him, would be enough to sedate that need.

She would follow her friend out of the shop, wondering where they would go for their next stop. "That means it would sink, doing its' job. Only an empty heart will float, and an empty heart is what ends lives." Those words held a bit of extra meaning to them, but to her, it was literal.

"If you don't think of failure, you never will." she would say aloud, "Everything has something to be learned. Even if I was struck down by another mage, his spell would be cataloged and I would be able to replicate it. In the case he uses a weapon, then that is another item I grow to know exists, and a wound I can test my own skills to mend."

"Don't be a fool." she would say, looking either way down the road. She settled to the right, and begun to walk that way. Candles.

"Just because I'm on your side with a magic like this, doesn't mean an enemy isn't the same of me. If you did, and if I did, I'd prefer it within Phantom Lord, where our secrets stay nothing more than a rumor."

What else did she need to buy?
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#19Tecka Majora 

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Tecka Majora
"Then we'll make it a date."

He'd say equally unaware and uncaring of whether she had plans, or even wanted to give the young man the time of day. "Not a date of romantic interest, of course." Tecka clarified. His face grew slightly red. "I'm not all that experienced in those sorts of things, so you'd be swiftly disappointed." As the pair continued down the street, there were still things that Tecka had wanted to ask but given Bodak's previous words it probably was better that anything else they'd discuss should be done in a more private location.

And still, curiosity couldn't be helped. "This power that you have..what does it feel like? You don't actually have to be responsible with it, right? That's just some old traditional saying, right?" The young man proceeded to ask, knowing that his query might not be answered- at least not right now. If strength was what he desired, he'd seek it from even the most unlikely of sources and though her description of magic seemed to tell of something that could have been wielded by the most advanced of practitioners she hadn't seemed much stronger than she was. Yet again, it was hard to remember not all forms of strength were brute, and measurable. He went further with his questioning "Actually, what does it feel like to be apart of a bloodline? To pass down something held so dear, and restricted to so few?"

Had his memory not been so...broken. Had he not been the way he was, perhaps the young man would have remembered. Maybe there would be no reason to ask questions as those, and he would instead give better solutions and answers to those like Bodak who probably can only answer the best way they know how. This information wasn't simple and fluid, it was more experienced, more for those who were curious to live than to gain another's perspective.


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Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
A date? Experience? She had forgotten what it was like, but that didn't matter. She would explore those feelings and desires another time. To her, this was her way of trying to understand her deity. By going through the same feats, she would learn how to obtain the true power.

"I'd rather know nothing, than to live a life where your mind is flooded with memories you don't remember." She saw each of those men... hideous men. What kind of woman was she before this life? Was she a woman? Who was this Bodak? What was the spirit's name?

"For the most part, no. But we have to keep the tradition and the operation of it secret. If you wanted to burn down an orphanage, that would be up to your discretion." These words were not her own. Where did they come from? Who gave her this knowledge? Did she always have it?

"The Manji? It's more than jsut a bloodline, it's a culture. While the family hails from Sin, most of the religious following is based in Dessertio, but practiced openly in Fiore. To be at the top, to be honored by those who follow it, it brings me joy, I think. Its nice to know you aren't alone."

It was by people who would understand though experience that would always ask the questions. A novice asks what, an expert asks why. Why was a bloodline superior?

And was Bodak part of this bloodline of risen spirits? She had to be. She held the power. She was no different than her-. No, that's a foolish thing to say. She could never equal that woman. . . .
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#21Tecka Majora 

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Tecka Majora
"Alone, huh?"

That's how it usually had been for Tecka as far as he could recall. His memory now like many times before, was absent and Bodak did present a valid point on the topic matter. Tecka even agreed to a certain extent but, possibly it was the result of the human condition that made him deny his happiness, in exchange for truth. Was it truly better to live without answers? Was that truly living? He began to question his own standing on the subject matter, as previously he held the human race in high regard but, perhaps there truly isn't anything perfect around them. He was changing but, whether that was for the good or not has yet to be decided.

"Where to next?" he said, as if to push their conversation forward a bit. He wanted to remain focused on the goal as much as possible before they got side tracked by some sort of surprise. There was also a feeling of desire but, for something he couldn't exactly have, or maybe he could...it was also a new feeling to Tecka. Envy. "Hey, Bodak. About this date...I need a favor." His eyes flared with desire in the form of an envious heat, which dulled when looking to Bodak for help. His pride swallowed, he continued "Can you teach me magic?"

It was only for an instant, bearing the shame of asking others for help, but there was no sufficient alternative. If Tecka was to truly obtain power, doing so alone was a horrible way to go about it, at least starting out. He hadn't had power to begin with, but if he could somehow manage to obtain something that could be nourished and grown into power, or something more powerful than what it used to be, he would be ready to travel on his own. To be strong for himself, though the strength of others wasn't all too bad...


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Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
Time. Time was enough to make any moment seem seconds, or seem like years. All it took was time to pass, for anyone to see what was truly around them. She'd look around for the shop, a place she knew about, but never entered herself.

She pointed a finger to a shop of alchemy and oddities. "There. I just need to get some candles and stuff."

It was then that his question was made, and she pondered the options. This man was nothing more than a new comer that showed his devotion to Phantom Lord. Could he also be devoted to the Manji?

That was a silly question. People did it everywhere in Fiore, why would now be any different? Perhaps it was for the reason that she had never planned to induct anyone into the following. Yeah. That's it... that had to be it.

"I'll teach you on the condition you show me every spell you know before we go home." she would say. "Not until we head out of the city, after all, we still have a few errands to run."

She didn't think about it.

She didn't have to.
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#23Tecka Majora 

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Tecka Majora
"Fine, i'll warn you though..."

In the young man's mind he hadn't truly wished to share his magic due to his opinions of its effectiveness- or rather lack there of. He was in a state of slight embarrassment that his magic hadn't been superbly powerful, and finished his prior sentence with that thought in mind, "My magic isn't the most useful to have, or i suppose it hasn't served much usefulness for myself. You might gain something useful from it however." He'd spoke of it, it was far too late, and for the most obvious of reasons as well. That being, his magic had no forms in which it could be utilized offensively. There were only spells made for defense and similar methods of magic to deter attacks.

They would approach the alchemy shop, singled out earlier by Bodak, Tecka holding the door open for her as they would enter. First glance on the external of the shop would tell you it looks like a tame enough location, business orientated and proper in sales of magical odds and ends. From the inside though, in fewer words would contrast that statement. There were things scattered everywhere, the inside had even had a visual effect or sorcery that enabled the alchemy shop to appear larger inside than it presented itself on the outside. It was an interesting effect, but it would not distract the pair from accomplishing their task. Once inside, Tecka would follow behind Bodak, commenting "Alright, you led us here. Now it's my turn to find the candles."

Expecting a nonsensical look from his female companion he'd continued "Don't worry, I have this all under control." while looking around aimlessly for candles. Perhaps he hadn't had as much control as he'd thought of the situation. He would proceed to walk up to the first thing that appeared to be a candle, but more likely was a bone that had an odd sense of thickness to it, proceeding to look back at Bodak while pointing, and making a face as if he was about to yell very loudly but had second thoughts mid action.

He had it all under control, or so he'd thought, as the duo would enjoy the rest of their day shopping before the sunlights end.


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