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Conman Coward (Varian/Solo Quest)

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Conman Coward (Varian/Solo Quest) Empty on Sat 10 Feb - 15:46

Varian stretched, he sat on a bench. A tall maple tree shaded him from the sun and his new friend Flareon was curled up next to him. Vega, as Varian had named her, was found by Varian when he had been walking late at night and decided to do some sneaking and so he snook into a building. And in that building they apparently trafficed hundreds of animals. Varian relased a few, but when he got to her, she stuck by him and helped him free all of them. He didn't figure out what she was until he went through some of the old records. Vega turned out to be quite the power house. She was able to control fire to quite the extent and had she seemed like she would be a major help later on when Varian got more into working quests. Speaking of which, Syliph wanted to keep some money on hand, so a quest seemed like the proper sequence of actions now. Stepping up Vega popped her orange head up and leapt down next to Varian. She did a stretch and yawn then strolled next to Varian, and sometimes walking inbetween his legs and causing him to trip up sometimes. With every trip, Vega laughed a tiny bit. Her laugh was a squeak that was staggered in short snippits. With a hop Vega leaped onto his shoulders. Wrapping herself around his neck like some ornate scarf, making Varian look like some pompous rich dude. Walking over to the quest board, he gained a few questining views torwards his scarf. Grabbing a pretty simple one off the board he began to walk where he was supposed to be.

According to the quest he had just retrieved, there was a pretty nasty con-man who had gotten in the way of some nice bar owner's customer. So, Varian was asked to go find this naughty con-man and beat some well deserved parental knowledge into him. Varian probably was younger than the con-man, but with his awoken strength, speed and intelligence, he could easily take out and disarm the man. Varian patted Vega, who still remained comftorably wrapped around Varian's own neck.

As he walked farther on he turned one last corner where he saw a man who seemed to have the same description as The Conman Kyle. He was short with large black hair, his face was bony and he himself ha a large beer belly dropping down from his lower stomach. Varian rushed over and grabbed the man by his collar and leaned down real close to his face, "Batra wants his money back!" Varian said coldly. Kyle raised his hands into a defensive position and pulled a pocket of money and dropped it quickly into Varians hand. "Whats with yo scarf any way?" Kyle asked. "Don't call it a scarf." Varian said. Varian took the money and left quickly and walked back to batra.

"That's fake money." Batra said. Varian cocked an eye-brow and nodded in acknowledgement. With his superior speed Varian caught up to Kyle quickly. He was heading torwards the edge of the city, With a snap of his fingers Vega burst from her position around his neck and slammed into the back of Kyle, with a bit of knockback Kyle fell forward a few feet. Afterwards Varian reached down and searched the man for the money, finding it eventually in his left back pocket. With more quick steps Varian took the money back to Batra, who was very thankful and gave Varian a reward in return. Varian nodded and left quietly, Vega inbetween his feet.

As he walked home, He popped open the white book and began to read some more about the gods and mages of Fiore. As he continued to read on he found a section on a mage named Evriel, who was known only as the figure for decades. Mainly because he was able to completely morph people's memories. Many times he made them perceive him as a dark figure. Though Evriel himself was terrified of losing his memory and so he created a mark to return memory to anyone no matter what it was that had happened to that person to make them forget. Varian was bit intrigued and so instead he began to read through the pages, amassing all the information on the ancient tomes and scrolls stored within the book itself. After he sat back in the inn room with Vega asleep on the bed he continued to pull out and read into the magical knowledge in the book. Taking a breath he began to draw the magic mark on the floor, it amassed in size and complexity as he continued to draw it.

Varian was very logical in how he put them down. His knowledge of the language these ancient tomes were written in was confusing and Varian did not have extensive knowledge of them so he was unsure of what he was truly writing. If he messed up he could summon something entirely different. The last thing he needed was to put the white book in the middle of the mark. He needed a catalyst to start the spell. Sitting at one edge of the room he began to speak in an ancient language and the book began to burn with an unholy yellow flame. Its pages began to turn rapidly and the wind in the area began to pick up, even awaking Vega in the room, who immediately got up and stood by Varian's side, taking on a defensive stance. The wind became unbearable, Varian had messed up, something dark was coming, something unbearable. A gross, mangled hand emerged from the yellow flame. As he continued to speak the mangled hand shifted forms, Varian had made some mark, a new one, he wasn't summoning something, he was making something. Varian couldn't stop the magic was flowing and the only thing he could see was a mangled beign scrambling torwards Varian, causing him to black out on the floor. Vega next to him, licking his face


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