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Oak to Baska [Foot Travel | Lacie]

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#1Michelle Hunter 

Oak to Baska [Foot Travel | Lacie] Empty Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:58 pm

Michelle Hunter
The news had travelled faster than wildfire; the capitol was under attack by Grimoire Heart. Even though Michelle was still not done with either of her given tasks at Oak, she received new orders from Benjamin, asking her to travel to the capitol and assess the damage. There was also a secondary task of infiltrating the Rune Knight quarters, if possible, and attempt to steal their patrol schedule. Michelle didn’t care much about the gang war going on in Oak; she knew she could always come back and end that task. The two gangs seldom did anything spectacular. However, she was worried she might lose track of the light dragon slayer if she took off suddenly. So, she waited until the next morning when they had decided to meet for another job and then broke the news. “Hey! I’m sorry… But I’m sure you heard about the attack on Crocus. Unfortunately, my master wants me to go check on one of his old friend there and I have to go. If you would like, you could come with me. With all that’s happening, there is sure to be some interesting work around the capitol,” she said, hoping that Lacie would agree to tag along. Once Lacie made her decision, Michelle would start walking towards the next town, Baska. From there, they could take the train to Orchidia and then walk to the capitol.


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#2Lacie Eventide 

Oak to Baska [Foot Travel | Lacie] Empty Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:28 pm

Lacie Eventide
Lacie had gone for jobs the whole day and yesterday as well and it had made her very grumpy, not so much the jobs for the Martello's but the one for this Serena whatever her surname was, Lacie didn't care. She would need more jobs to do and she was not sure why if it only was some sort of therapy to get her to do things and stay distracted.

She walked up to Michelle for the appointment to do another job, but instead of that, the young lady told her that she needed to go to Crocus. She actually wanted to stay in Oak to stay far away from Alice but considering there was this war idea going on, she was sure that Alice would still be safe in Baska or some place or at least hidden because her pregnancy would become a hindrance. "Oh why the hell not." She was rather curious herself and it sounded still very stupid with the master thing from Michelle, but she wanted to ask a few more things before she would make a final decision.

It shouldn't be all so hard but she was going back to Baska again, to take the train to Orchidia and go to Crocus on foot again, she wasn't entirely sure if it was a good idea to go to Baska but it would be ridiculous to walk around and miss the train. Time to go!


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