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Fetch me This and That [Lacie | Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Fetch me This and That [Lacie | Quest]  Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:09 pm

Lacie Eventide
Thank god it was Michelle who had showed Lacie where she would be able to find the bulletin board in Oak Town. It was well hidden, for it seemed to not carry every normal task that everyone would expect for towns, that is to say it was asking for criminals and the like, now she had figured a few ways in other towns how to get these jobs but not from a board with flyers, simply waiting for dark mages or people like her to show up and take them. It was a rather interesting way to work. The thing was that she had no idea what to pick, she rather didn’t move dead bodies aside and the idea of bumping into that strange doctor all by herself was something she didn’t look forward to either, she should ask Michelle for that who seemed to have been more freaked out about the whole ordeal than Lacie. She was just simply afraid that this doctor knew how things worked, read her mind, which made a lot of sense and perhaps recognized Alice. If he had not already recognized her own face because they were twins, you didn’t know with doctors that had a creative side and probably just forgot things. Nothing simply asked for things or well that wasn’t true but that involved the doctor his shop and she again: didn’t plan to go there alone. She wondered if she had been really dumb by saying no to Michelle, but on one hand Michelle had given her time to reconsider. The thing was that the organisation sounded exactly what she had been looking for only she didn’t plan to do someone’s binding because of the word master. If she would have to have a master, it was the person that owned her soul, simple as that.

After waiting and watching the flyers on the town’s board Lacie finally took one, it looked a bit old but perhaps the citizens of Oak, or well the ones doing jobs, didn’t feel like walking around town looking for things. She only took it because of the fact that it would give her the ability to get to know Oak better and get paid for it. Sounded like a great strategy. So she took the paper and went to sit somewhere to read it over in peace. She actually wasn’t afraid someone else would take it as it did look old and for a few seconds Lacie wondered if the quest still was necessary. She tried to repeat it in her mind; an old plant, burnt wood, large chunk of metal. She wondered how she would all take that with her but she would definitely cross that bridge when she came to that point. With a deep breath, Lacie jumped up from the bench she was sitting on and decided to start looking. As she had no idea where to start for either of the items, she decided to just walk around and keep the three things she needed in mind, in case she would bump into any of them.


#2Lacie Eventide 

Fetch me This and That [Lacie | Quest]  Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:09 pm

Lacie Eventide
When she couldn’t find anything, Lacie decided to head into the woods to find the plant, mostly because the description was very clear. So that was one item on her list that she found and only two more to go, but where would you look for burnt wood or a large chunk of metal. The thing was that the burnt wood didn’t say a specific type of wood and for a second Lacie wondered what a person would do with these items but she wasn’t that good with magic or great with creating new things that it wasn’t strange that it would slip her mind. She simply didn’t think too much about it anymore because there wouldn’t be answers anyway. She finally past a smithy where someone was making a fire with wood and she got a piece that was burnt. Well she placed both items on a save spot because she couldn’t take everything with her in a bag, the burnt wood might crumble and she obviously didn’t want that and thus she continued to find the chunk of metal, where again she had no idea where to find it and how big this would have to be. She frowned as she simply went past shops to see if they had chunks of metal, you never knew with some sort of shops, they were strange after all, she had seen a shop in Magnolia that sold all sorts of stuff and thus it was a good way to start.

As she had two of the three items, she wanted to finish this quest, she had not mind in the first place to walk around and get some information about where to find things in Oak but it was rather dull now and it would have definitely been more fun with Michelle around. She should really consider if she didn’t want to join that organisation if she just could be able to wiggle herself out of that whole principle of a master. She stepped into a third store, and noticed immediately a metal, it wasn’t that big, she could carry it, if only it wouldn’t be too heavy. She looked at the shop owner because she would definitely not pay a dime for anything that she didn’t want to buy and thus she quickly took it as the person was speaking to another customer and dropped it in her bag and after a quick look around, she simply left the store again and hurried back to her safe spot to get the other items and head to the shop that was on the last part of the quest, where the owner would be. When she came in she showed the lady the quest and she started to laugh and Lacie didn’t understand, she stared at her but the woman continued to laugh. But when she finally stopped, she told Lacie that the quest was fake and she threw some jewels for her so called effort. But it made her furious and she simply threw the stuff that she had collected, calculating so that the metal chunk would break a few things.

She simply took the jewels and left and didn’t listen to the cursing words of this Serena, because she didn’t care. She at least got paid for it, she didn’t want to complain too much about it, but perhaps it was time to find better jobs. That would leave her with one option.


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