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Interrogation Tactics [Lacie | Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Interrogation Tactics [Lacie | Quest] Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:57 pm

Lacie Eventide
With all the quests for that day done, Lacie stumbled back towards the inn where she stayed. Only at this point did she notice how tired she was from running around, moving dead bodies, moving herself far away before the explosion of a cash house and of course tagging buildings through whole Oak, what a miracle that she had not noticed before. She told herself to move her feet up high enough so she wouldn’t stumble and actually fall right in front of everyone. Even though she told herself she wouldn’t care much about others and particularly not strangers, she absolutely did. She took a deep breath and opened the door to her room in the inn. She seriously hoped they had room service, because she had not kept her salad, she had eaten that for lunch. She let herself drop on her bed and grab the menu from the little table next to the bed and looked through it, well at least they had some advertisement of bringing the food to your room so that was easy, when she finally decided what she wanted to eat, she turned to the lacrima next to the bed and filled in the little code and now all she had to do was wait for it to be delivered. In ten minutes Lacie actually had fallen asleep and she would wake up with a surprise when she heard a knock on the door.

She opened the door, paid the deliverer for her food and simply shut the door before another word was uttered and she would eat her little sandwich. She left half of it in the container because she would rather sleep some more before eating the rest. She put up an alarm for the next morning, she actually doubt she would sleep through the whole night but again she was surprised by waking up to the sound of the alarm. Which was okay, she would go into the bathroom to clean up herself and wear something clean as well as finishing the last bit of her sandwich. It was easy to not having the need to depend on people. She could just do whatever she want, and now she could just go out and meet up with the Martello family and figure out what part of a job she would have today. She took her purse and walked out of the inn after shutting her door and towards the Martello house. It was a nice morning, calm and the like, not too cold, even though she was of course wearing her fur coat because she easily got cold. Perhaps it had to do something with sitting in the snow, that had not been the best plan ever. But in the end she had learned a little bit and also about how she had hated Baska in general, not even because of her sister and her boyfriend but the town was dumb. Oak was better, but there were more things she had to do.


#2Lacie Eventide 

Interrogation Tactics [Lacie | Quest] Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:58 pm

Lacie Eventide

While she was walking towards the Martello house she noticed that Martin, who she had met also yesterday walked towards her and instead of guiding her to the building, they walked much further to another building and she looked at him, they remained outside next to a door in an alley that didn’t smell all to hygienic. She surely hoped she wouldn’t step into something that would have her go around Oak to find a cleaner. But nothing happened, Martin clearly knew what he was doing. He explained what the plan was and Lacie tried her best not to laugh, she intimidating enough for an interrogation? He handed her a balaclava, which was a bit of a puzzle with her long red hair but albeit it did work, and only using fists. Well than they would definitely need a second man because she wasn’t good at throwing punches.

But Martin Martello didn’t listen to her insecurity and pushed her into the room where she quickly adjusted her stance. She stared at the Tessio man, she didn’t feel sorry for him, the only person Lacie actually felt sorry for: was herself. She walked a few steps closer and crossed her arms in front of her chest and asked the questions that were necessary to get the answers that Martin Martello wanted. However the guy on the chair obviously kept his mouth shut. She didn’t understand why she had to do this, it didn’t work clearly, than why not get an impressive person to show up and threaten to beat the shit out of this guy. She also didn’t have much female charms to throw in with that balaclava on her face and the only thing visible was that she was wearing a skirt. But even if there wasn’t much strength there were easy ways to break a person, like breaking his nose or tossing up his fingers until they broke, so she warned him off her plan if he didn’t talk soon, but he didn’t so she knew this was going to hurt herself but hit him on the nose, in the way of actually trying to break it, and she had no idea if that worked because she heard her own knuckles crack as well but he sure got a bloody nose. Besides the noises that the guy made gave sure as hell the vibe that it did hurt and in that case it wasn’t only necessary for it to break, she was not sure if she could even do that. ”So you either going to tell me now, or I use your fingers. One by one, snap by snap.” She actually didn’t like the sound but she shouldn’t complain too much about it. The person lingered and she took a step closer to the left hand to first snap the first finger, she lingered a bit too long and she thought to see hope in the eyes of the captive but she simply said her thoughts out loud, ”Are you right handed, because than I should start there shouldn’t I?” And as he figured she was serious he started to talk. Which was rather fine compared to the sounds she would have to hear.

Once done she would walk out of the room and get a tissue to clean her hand and tell Martin the information, she took off the balaclava, got the jewels and left. Time to find other jobs to do.


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