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Accidental Demise [Quest | Phoebe ]

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#1Victor Garrett 

Accidental Demise [Quest | Phoebe ] Empty Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:50 am

Victor Garrett
The run-in with the pirate captain had proved to be pretty beneficial, while the duo did have to conduct another little mission, they were well compensated for it. Plus the blonde had finally gleaned some information on his father... At least the man isn't dead... The sea did make sure of that. he thought. He wondered how eagerly his mother waited to spot that man and yet his father took the risk of making the occasional stop in Hargeon, at least according to the pirate. Unfortunately, though, the old man did keep his Fiore visits scarce and Victor had just missed him, so Hargeon had nothing more to offer, except more annoying tasks probably.

The longer he stayed the likelier that was, especially now that he'd made a bit of a name for himself with the smugglers... He decided to share another meal with his partner, perhaps to get her to consider the idea of accompanying him. They sat by the window in a cosy looking restaurant, Vic should have known that'd be a mistake, sometimes his insight failed him. After swallowing the bite he'd forked into his mouth, he took a sip of water and initiated the conversation about the possibility of travel, he recalled she had said something about Orchidia... 'You said you wanted to visit Orchidia, it is rather close to where I'm planning to go next...' he said, taking another bite and adding. 'Crocus that is, I've heard the Capital is magnificent, we could travel together if you'd like...' he asked casually, taking his eyes off the food to look at her.


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#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe had the reigns of her body finally a bit back but as soon as she had bumped into the meeting with Victor, it was Persephone that took it over, she had seated herself in the restaurant of his choicing and placed the napkin on her lap as in to not make a mistake and drip food on her dress. She had ordered something and now took a sip of her water and looked up for the conversation. "I was invited to come to Orchidia, I'm not sure if I actually want to go." she looked out of the window, yes Persephone had no need to go and get this exorcist or elf or whatever it was to pull on her soul and get Phoebe the upperhand in this whole game, that wouldn't be fun. Despite that seeing Phoebe her family wasn't a good idea either, "I have never been to Crocus before." She turned to look back at Victor, "Now are time here was fun, are you sure you want to extend that for another period? I think it would be fun but I don't want to bother you on your search for.. whatever it is." Because she had really no idea.

She took a bite of her food, it was nice to finally be able to sit down and not get disturbed about everything that Hargeon would throw at them to not even be able to eat lunch or dinner when they wanted to. Which would be a shorter lunch than she would actually like. Phoebe her hair was drawn up in a ponytail and she was wearing a dark blue dress and some lower silver high heels matching her purse. If Persephone would say so herself; she looked magnificient and she loved how Phoebe her wardrobe had more of these things.


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#3Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Victor opened his mouth to assure the woman that he didn't really have anything planned, it was a bit of a lie, of course, he did have other things planned... But there was no need to burden her with that information. That's when he noticed Raegan strutting around outside, trying his best to look casual. Victor rolled his eyes, he almost picked up his napkin to hide his face, he was about to hiss to Phoebe to do the same, but the smuggler's eye was faster than all these plans. Victor sighed and cocked his head towards the window. 'Incoming request from that helpless smuggler again...' he muttered. 'Why can't we just have one meal in peace, Phoebe?' he teased.

Sure enough within a few minutes of the smuggler arrival, he was whispering intently to the waiter. Shortly after the man with the hat seated himself, a fumbling Rune Knight followed him in, sitting on another table and hiding his face behind a newspaper... Victor squinted to see the date on the paper... It was so old his grandmom probably read it. 'Way to go... He has some Rune Knight company.' Victor added, softly. Soon enough the waiter who had spoken to Raegan strolled over to their table. 'There you go...'

The waiter looked at them nervously and passed on a napkin along with a plate of dessert. 'The cake is on that man over there.' he said raising his finger, Victor quickly snapped 'Don't point. It's ok.' he assured. The waiter quickly dismissed himself. Victor read the note and passed it to his partner, leaning back in his chair with an eye roll.


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#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe looked up at Victor again and noticed he was like planning to say anything but didn't and she turned to look over her shoulder shortly to see Raegan come in. She rolled her eyes as she turned her face back to Victor and took up the napkin automatically, no need for Victor to say anything but instead the lady simply cleaned off her hands and looked rather unhappy about the whole situation. "I rather think we should leave Hargeon, as it seems that they can't deal without us. Victor I'm rather done with these quests, they are boring and dull, don't you think they can't do them themselves? I am sure we are capable of doing far more than just this bring deliveries from one person to the next." Which was one of the first times she actually said his name but Persephone and with that Phoebe was done walking around doing nonsense.

She took the napkin from Victor and didn't look at the waiter at all, it was ridiculous she took a pen from her silver purse and wrote that they would take care of the issue only for double payment, "Oh darling I need another water." she called out to the waiter who quickly came over her to please her, she put the napkin in his pocket, "Oh and tell the man we don't want his cake." She handed him the plate and gave the waiter a wink, she absolutely couldn't care less about what the waiter thought of them but she eyed Raegan from time to time as she tunred to Victor with a satisfied smile, she would tell him in a second. Raegan stood up and nodded to her, which gave her a small smile, as she turned to Victor, "I said we would only accept if he paid double and so he will."


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#5Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
So she drove a hard bargain too, he smiled 'Good deal there, too bad we couldn't have the cake too...' he joked as he watched the waiter wear the expression of don't-shoot-the-messenger as he returned to the smuggler. 'I can't believe that the smuggler holds so much sway, that waiter is actually so scared...' Victor scoffed, considering Raegan was so easily flustered. The note said that he wanted to get rid of the Knight, Vic wondered if wanted them to go the whole hog, he did mention something about an it being portrayed like an accident, so he probably did.

'Best we do leave after we complete this one... Just in case things turn sour, the resident investigator here, does have quite a sharp eye and he seems to care about his men a lot.' Victor said, his voice tainted with a hint of annoyance. While he wanted to leave the town in a hurry anyways, he didn't like the idea of having virtually no choice in the matter. At least this would probably compel her enough to join anyways since Phoebe did seem to be leaning that way.

With that, he dragged his chair back and got up, leaving some money and a small tip for the poor waiter. He then walked over to Phoebe's side and waited for her, so he could tuck in her chair for her, still playing the part of the chivalrous man.


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#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
"He should get to know us when we are angry.' Phoebe threw her napkin on the table and picked up the hand mirror that she had to check her lipstick before she got up as Victor stood next to her. ""I can't wait to leave, this is getting far too stupid for my liking." Persephone brushed the strains of black out of her face and walked with Victor next to her out of the building. She frowned a little, wondering how they would follow the Rune Knight and with that more or less Raegan, "I surely hope he is as dumb as he looks." she mentioned because the page was doing a poor job with the paper he used as well. "Imagine what we could all do in Crocus." She said taking a step forward and wrapping her arms around Victor but instead of really looking at him, she kept an eye on Raegan and the page before looking back, "They will leave soon." she whispered.

They should only wait a little longer as Raegan seemed to be leaving and the page only had eyes for the smuggler, really next time they should put a better professional at the job because this was going to be easy. To track the guy, she had no idea what they should do about the killing, Persephone didn't think any better of him than a monkey and there were enough of that in the world, shouldn't be all too difficult.


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#7Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Victor had already decided to leave the killing up to his friend. She was nice and all, but if it came down to his head or hers, it'd be hers. The only thing now was to convince her to do the deed. He'd bide his time, hatching the plan for the duo as the page fumbled around upon Raegan leaving. The waiter approached the Knight and asked why he hadn't ordered anything, the stupid stalking man, just whipped out his badge and said he was on duty. Victor resisted the urge to smack his forehead with his palm. As Phoebe wrapped her hands around him, he leaned to plant a causal kiss on her forehead. They both kept their eyes planted onto their target, she had a flair for these things too. Definitely a good ally to keep on his side. 'Man, that guy deserves to die...' Victor whispered softly as he guided her outside cheerfully, following the ignorant page.

From the route the Rune Knight was taking as he followed the man around, it was apparent Raegan was steering clear of anything that might get him into trouble. But when the man randomly climbed a bunch of stairs and then back down and the page actually followed suit Victor snickered. 'Wow, he's taking the Knight for a ride...' He narrowed his eyes, there had to be more to it, the smuggler was easily paranoid, but he wasn't that dumb, he must have another reason and Victor had a hypothesis, he'd just need another occurrence, to confirm it, nonetheless he offered it to his partner. 'I think Hulston is purposely trying to get him into situations where we can do our thing and... you know...' Victor left the rest unsaid, the implication was quite enough.


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#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
"Don't speak to eager. Even dumb people deserve to live." Persephone answered but she didn't believe that herself, this one really proved that humans were not different from monkeys and she walked with Victor, holding on to his hand as if they were really on a date and perhaps looked very annoyed that they were interupted. She kept her pretty face with a little frown, still wondering what was the best way, she believed that she could use the roots in town, at the moment she only assumed that Victor had made the assumption that she would be using nature magic. Her heels made the annoying clicking sound but it seemed the page was only focused on the smuggler. So badly that he didn't even notice other people on the street, bumping into them, almost thumbling down a piece of stairs and so on and Phoebe could only shake her head.

She looked up at Victor as the man spoke about what she had just come to realize, but she wanted to think that the page wasn't that dumb, "It would be nice if he did because seeing this circus act, i don't want to stay here another minute." Phoebe simply muttered as she wanted to wonder about the next step of this plan, "If he could just drop down, that would be great, saved us trouble as well." She needed a second part to her plan and if only Raegan could do that, but that would mean no money. She frowned, how would that happen.


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#9Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Victor just smirked at Phoebe's remark, her own lack of belief in her words was pretty annoyed, so he just shook his head and tightened his grip on Phoebe's hand, almost as though he was trying to convey his recognition of and reassurance of her true feelings. 'Wouldn't it?' he rhetorically asked as he watched the Rune Knight scurry behind the smuggler. His theory tested positive though, as the Smuggler raced across a busy street, fully aware of the cart that was on its way, with a fairly considerable momentum, it the Rune Knight was stupid enough to follow... Maybe Victor and Phoebe would actually get away with murder, get a reward and all for nothing too. The page actually fell for it, but he stopped for the cart, rather frustrated, creating a bit of a jam on the streets. He shoved people off and continued pursuing the smuggler.

'Off we go too...' he said, gently dragging his partner across the street too, using the commotion that the Rune Knight had created as a perfect cover for their pursuit. Now Raegan seemed to be leading the man to slightly more lonely streets, the way the Rune Knight increased his pace, it seemed he was hoping to catch some big fish, cuff the smuggler in the act or something... What an idiot. Victor thought. 'Ok we're going to have to do something soon, I think I know where this road leads, and there is a shortcut to it if we take the next left...' he said, his breathing getting a little erratic as the idea of his flawless plan took grip. 'There is manhole that's been opened for maintenance... We just... got to find a way to have him not notice that... and help him along.' he added with a wide sinister smirk.


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#10Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She nodded as she looked at Victor for a second, thank god Persephone didn't have to do this alone, it would basically stress her out to wait for an opportunity to do the page in. He looked so pathetic that she couldn't wait to rid him of this world, Nature deserved better. Especially when he left the paper just around and Persephone stared at it, she felt the need to explode about it but she didn't, her green eyes just turned big and stared at the page, if he could just randomly forget his artifact than he would not care about pieces of paper from items he bought and so on. She wanted him gone. She followed Victor in the commotion that the Rune Knight had made, man how badly did she want to throw the piece of paper at his head.

She looked back at Victor, taking away from her thoughts and the green in her eyes getting more intense, "I can help with that, but we have to be there fast, it takes a while to get this spell covering the area." Persephone said, but she let Victor lead them, still holding on to his hand as they walked rather fast, soon the sound of her heels the only sound in the street. When they arrived, she spotted the hole immediately and she closed her eyes shortly, taking a deep breath and focusing on getting the roots that were far down in this town to get up and at first cover the manhole and as well a few more pieces of the street, Even this dumb page might be suspicious if he only saw green in one spot.


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#11Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
'Getting there fast... is not a problem... You just do your thing, I'll make sure we have the time.' He said confidently and then lead her through a dank alleyway, that cut across the right angle, the could see Raegan approaching, and it'd be safe to assume the Rune Knight would follow suit. He casually leaned against a pole and noticed how Raegan walked past the duo, without showing any inkling of interest, but Vic could still see beads of sweat on his face, at least he wasn't dumb enough to give himself or anyone else away...

Victor watched with glee as the woman set her trap, the patches of grass creating an illusion of safety where there wasn't any. It was a passive route to the Page's death, they truly would be tough to catch. The only thing that one might ask questions about, was the origin of this grass... Most people didn't really pay attention to such details of course, but the detective might, The blonde would ensure they got out of here safely, but if she didn't follow suit with his plans, he was glad that the source of the magic couldn't be traced back to him. 'There he comes...' Victor warned, it was a cue for him and Phoebe to retreat into the dark alley... 'If he seems to be missing the manhole, I can trust you to... aid him a little, maybe trip him or something?' Vic asked in a hushed whisper.

The Page still held the damn paper to his face, what was he thinking, walking at that pace with his nose buried in the long-lost edition of the Fiore times? It didn't take much, Victor wasn't sure if his partner had helped move things along or not, but a splash and a thud confirmed that the Rune Knight had definitely fallen into the manhole. 'Just like potting a ball when playing pool...' he mused.


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#12Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She didn't like the way the alley looked but she wouldn't complain and she would hurry after Victor to get there in time, her magic might need a bit time as Phoebe had not really trained well with it and Persephone had no idea how much power the raven haired girl had to get everything ready. When they approached she looked at Raegan passing the two of them and set the thing in motion with her magic, she didn't know her eyes got even more green, she couldn't even see that nor focus on it as she needed to make the street more green. She was barely done when Victor pulled her back into the dark and even though she had just set something in motion, she could feel the fear trigger in Phoebe her body.

She didn't want to look if the work she had done actually did work, so she turned and hid her face albeit in Victor's chest if he would allow her to and if they were standing close enough. She heard him and she nodded, but that wasn't necessary, the sound of cracking things and the thud made it that she felt nauseous, or well Phoebe not Persephone, the Goddess couldn't care less. But she turned to look around and heave up her hand and pull it back to her body shaped like a fist, the green disappearing from the scene, which made her close her eyes and focus on the magic and nature.


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#13Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Victor cradled her head in his chest, running his fingers through her hair and softly muttered 'It's all good now...' a gentle lilt to his voice. As she removed her magic from the scene leaving no evidence, his mind gloated perfect he knew she wasn't stupid enough to get herself caught... perhaps just naive enough to take the risk. He softly ushered her as he stuck his neck out of the alleyway and shared a knowing look with Raegan who had trotted along to the other side of the road. Victor couldn't make out too well, but the man sure seemed calmer... Now the last part, to wait and confirm that the story sat right like they'd put on a show and had to wait for the reviews...

He leaned back and shuffled deeper into the alley softly ushering and cooing at Phoebe, assuming from her reaction that she had a small aversion to the idea of death, especially causing it, even passively. 'Just a little bit more, then we collect our reward and get out of here. Sure enough, a few people gathered to stare into the dark void of the manhole. 'He was that idiot who was walking around reading the damn paper!' one man said, Victor scoffed internally. More people gathered and it was evident a few of them were the ones in charge of fixing the manhole, they were probably hit hardest by this, he wondered if they'd be punished for being careless about their job... The man just shrugged.

'Ok Phoebe, we'll go to collect our reward one by one, to not gather any attention or suspicion, we've been tailed before, if they see us together at the scene we'll both be in trouble.' he explained softly, before slowly parting himself from her. 'We'll meet by the restaurant and then we can plan our journey out, ok?' he confirmed before he ventured to the other side of the alley, away from the scene of the crime to get out and find Raegan. The smuggler wordlessly coughed up the money that Phoebe had bargained for... Now to get out of this balmy town...


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#14Phoebe Rainsworth 

Accidental Demise [Quest | Phoebe ] Empty Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:29 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
It was ridiculous that there was nothing special going on but Phoebe was shaking like a leaf. Persephone mentally shook her head, fighting off the ridiculousness of the vessel, she had to change this. This girl needed to understand the ways of nature, this page might have even fallen in without her use of magic. It was pathetic no other word would cross Persephone her mind but she would let it be, Phoebe would have to get out of town herself and thus she pulled her reigns a bit back, only letting Phoebe take a gasp of her own freedom again, she would have to get used to that soon enough if Persephone needed to recover and think things through when it came to her spells and magic and other priorities.

So her eyes switched back to lilac again and Phoebe felt as if she was bursting through a bubble, the sound, the noise, hands in her hair. Victor. She didn't say, she just listened, they were hidden in the alley and she heard voices just outside the street. Not much later Victor let go of her and she looked up, thank god no tears. She nodded and watched him go, with one last look on the street next to them Phoebe left the alley as well, she deserved the money, Persephone told her that and she would wait a bit before finally going to the spot, for a second she had thought to check on the people in the street but she didn't. She couldn't.

When she stood there doubting long enough and watched the other knights show up she simply walked away, not in a way that made things more suspicious but by being a simple bystander. There was no need for screwing up this job. Felt so obscene with her silver shoes and silver purse and blue dress but she was fine. She didn't ask Raegan if Victor had been here already, she didn't say anything but took the jewels and put them in the pocket of her coat, before quickly getting her bag from the hotel and moving to the restaurant to get out of this town. Crocus might be the safest bet, who would look for them in the capital. She wanted to get out of Hargeon faster than last time. It would take a time before Phoebe would wish to return.


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