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Gang Tension [Lacie | Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Gang Tension [Lacie | Quest] Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:06 am

Lacie Eventide
Sometimes first things needed to be done first and even though Lacie wanted to be productive, which was a first, she needed to take care of herself as well, you didn’t want to be throwing around blood drops on the most secret jobs that you had and get caught. No one would be so stupid so she couldn’t do that herself, now even if she wasn’t one of the smartest, it would take a few things to make her actually dumb. She read a lot and she did got a good memory, so dumb wasn’t perhaps the right word but if she didn’t read, she sure as hell wouldn’t have known. She still felt the little sting of her broken and bloody nails as she went to look around Oak to find the right location to get it fixed. After what felt like looking for an hour, she finally spotted a nail studio a bit hidden towards the back of the other shops. Well that was okay as she could still find it and when she entered there was this woman that was even smaller than she herself but she looked good and the nails that she had looked nice, so she tried to play it off herself by having an accident while she cleaned her house, which was bullshit because this woman probably knew who lived here as they would probably be her regular customers. But she didn’t say anything about it, probably the pro life of living near Phantom Lord was that people knew how to shut their mouths.

The woman didn’t say anything else about her nails only that it must have hurt when it happened and Lacie felt glad for her sympathy, that’s when you knew you had the professionals. So she let the woman do her job and fix and heal her hands. So she could go on another job, she looked at the clock on the wall, it was close to three o’clock that gave her enough time to do another job, the thing was that it was already getting darker than she liked, she didn’t know how that worked, perhaps the sun hiding behind the mountains that were surrounding oak? She had actually never really looked around her surroundings, mistakes number one if her sister would show up with some group of people that would arrest her. She tried to relax and when everything was done she simply paid and headed out onto the streets. Where she bumped into Remy again! She almost would think that he stalked her, had she not known he had other things to do which involved different locations. Remy didn’t notice her but he did look again as if he was looking for someone to help, so instead of yelling his name, she simply walked over, ”Hey Remy, need help again?” And the young man seemed to be at least glad to see her and guided her to the Martello house where she had been before. In the hall of the Martello house, Remy explained the plan.


#2Lacie Eventide 

Gang Tension [Lacie | Quest] Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:07 am

Lacie Eventide
So there was this ridiculous gang issue that Lacie would have to support. Some people were really dumb and even though it might be considered easy money, she didn’t want to be caught in the fight between territory. So well she would see what happened, Remy showed her a list of a couple of locations that belonged under this issue of the gang, she needed to tag three buildings but there were far more on the list that she could pick. So once she could remember the list on top of her head, she would only have to see once she arrived if it was a possibility or not. She nodded to herself and took the little bag that had the spray paint and template so she could go out and show off the template from the Martello’s later. She would see Remy here later as she headed out and walked towards the first location. The first location she picked was a jewellery store, it felt more safe from some big guys than any of the other locations, well there were some exceptions as well but she first went inside to look at some amazing things but in the end just noted that she wasn’t interested because the colour was off and she didn’t like the blank diamonds. Which was a lie, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But she got enough information and walked out and to the left, to quickly spray paint the template on the building before quickly making her way out of there and to the next building on her mental list. She picked the pharmacy and the horse race site, the last one she picked especially when there was a race going on as that no one would notice her, since they were all too busy picking their money for the bet. She had no time to check her piece of art as she hid when she heard a door, but no one had noticed her. The pharmacy had gone far better than the other locations but she made sure the spray paint and the template were in the little bag again, which was hidden in her own bag. With that she could safely walk back towards the Martello’s house, making sure no one spotted her going to the hidden front door, which was easy, no one paid attention to a small red head, that was a good thing. She looked left and right and hid behind the bushes that were there and knocked on the door. Remy opened soon enough and let her in where she got the paint attributes out of her bag and handed it to him, ”I did the jeweller, the pharmacy and the horse race site.” she said and he nodded apparently happy that she did and handed her a pouch of jewels that was next to the door. ”Come back tomorrow, perhaps we have some more jobs for you. Thanks for your help Lacie.” Which she didn’t have to hear twice, she decided it was time to go eat somewhere and enjoy her night’s rest.


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