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Crash the Cash House [Lacie | Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Crash the Cash House [Lacie | Quest] Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:42 am

Lacie Eventide
She was certain that people could smell death on her but obviously that was exaggerating very much and she didn’t know what else to think about it apart from the fact that it was nonsense. She had entered a bar to wash her hands thoroughly. She ordered a drink here while climbing on the bar stool, Swineherd pub, it was a strange name but who was Lacie to complain about it. She ordered a coffee and would go on with her task of finding another job soon, at least she wanted to get some more money and perhaps think about where she should go next. She heard whispers around her, surely this pub was for dark mages as all the people here looked a bit.. interesting. Something about an attack on Crocus and she narrowed her eyes, that’s perhaps where Alice was instead of in Baska right now. There wasn’t much information, which wasn’t strange as they were here far in the west in Oak. But she might find other ways to get more information, the idea of the guild Grimoire Heart was a very interesting concept. Not that she knew too much about it, which made it a very limiting concept but since Alice had already been a part of Phantom Lord, she was sure it wasn’t a nice idea to join that. Especially if people now after what many months she had been here, still confused Lacie for her. She must have left an impression.

Lacie finished her coffee rather quickly and jumped of the stool after having paid and headed to the inn to pick up some perfume and make sure she didn’t smell like death people to herself. After that she went to find another job, surprisingly bumping into Remy again. Remy explained that his cousin Martin could use some help and he guided her to the Martello house to get some more information about the job that Remy meant. She entered the house with Remy who pointed her at a door and left himself to go upstairs, so she knocked on the door and a very muscled man showed up, so she simply said that Remy brought her here. The man invited her in to have a short conversation about the job that he had in mind for her. She had to steal jewels and put the house on fire, to which he gave her some items to make it an easier job. So much for thinking things through, she was rather satisfied about that. He handed her a map and said she was ready to go. Well that was a good idea, so she stood up and thanked him for the job and would see him soon again, so she walked out of the Martello house and looked at the map. She needed to walk for a while before she would be able to reach the cash house, it would give her some time to clear her mind and be ready for the set up.


#2Lacie Eventide 

Crash the Cash House [Lacie | Quest] Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:42 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie stared at the building which was a deserted diner. It looked really sad and she seriously hoped that every last bit of food was out of there because she was sure she couldn’t handle the smell of that. She stood in front of it, still on the main road and stared at the building, some windows were shattered, probably from kids that threw rocks or so, but that didn’t seem too safe to climb through not even for her. She walked around the building and found that there had been other break-ins as the back door was broken and hanging on its hinges. Well that made it easier, she just had to make sure the money was still there so she looked around before hurrying inside. She had no idea where to look as the Martello’s had not told her that but after walking around, figuring out that it didn’t smell like rotten food, she walked into the pantry and heard the tiles shake underneath her. She hunched down and noticed that they were loose, but she would still have to get them out of the floor, which took her a while, some broken nails, bleeding fingers and so on but in the end she managed to get the tile up and found a money pouch. She checked if there were jewels in there before standing up and kicking the tile back to where it sort of belonged. She put the jewels in her own bag and took the fire instruments out. She walked around the diner again to find a way to put it ablaze. There were the curtains and the stove was still there, so she quickly went to work, she had to get out on time herself. So she first put the curtains on fire and see how that would go, there was a lot of wood here, and since it was old, it would gather fire rather quickly, she had to run out to make sure the fire wouldn’t hit the stove before she was out.

She remained hidden for a while next to the diner area to make sure it did set on fire and as it did, more people came to watch, and so she blend into the crowd. Thank god the bleeding of her fingers had stopped. She took the pouch and spotted a Martello, she changed that pouch for her own and quickly walked away from all the people. With one look over her shoulder, she shook her head, it was stupid that people stood and watched instead of getting water mages or so. She didn’t care much, she got her jewels and it was time to see if Oak had a manicure station somewhere around or a spa. Someone needed to fix her hands. She couldn’t help but stop a couple of more times and watch how the roof couldn’t able to hold against the fire and fell in. Finally some water mages seemed to show up but it was already too late and she turned around to walk away completely this time.


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