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Clean up the Crew [Lacie | Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Clean up the Crew [Lacie | Quest] Empty on Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:36 pm

Lacie Eventide
Okay well she couldn’t count on meeting Michelle every morning at around five o’clock, it would kill her. She could do a couple of jobs all on her own. Oak gave her this feeling that she didn’t understand, perhaps it had to do with Alice being here before and most all being a part of Phantom Lord. So her perfect sister had a dark past and she wondered if she could use it against her, because that would be great. But she actually doubted it, the way Kon had spoken to her in Magnolia they seemed to be pretty close and he was probably very aware of the fact that she had been in Phantom Lord and besides that; it didn’t always mean that you did the wrong thing. She more visioned Alice as a neutral person because of that, also considering now that she was a Rune Knight. Ugh the frustration that Alice brought up every second that Lacie thought about her was so infuriating that she had no idea what else to think about it. It actually made her tired that none of her plans were working. Where the heck was their father and where the heck was Lucifer with his plan to kill her, had she sold her soul for nothing. Well she was sure that couldn’t simply happen because of the whole deal they made and she was very aware that she didn’t have her soul back. She couldn’t describe how it felt except for very empty and well it gave her sometimes no need to think about decisions at all as if her way to consider things evil and good, smart or not smart were not necessary. She felt slowed in the process of argumentation to herself. But albeit that didn’t matter as she picked the choices she want anyway, just not considering the consequences and that wasn’t that bad: after all she had no soul and if Kon and Alice got what they wanted: she would die anyway. Such a relieve in your would, but all she needed was a few more days, months perhaps a year to live in this world without god damn Alice around as well, and imagine a mini version of her. Oh that would be a disaster from hell. She took a deep breath to calm herself down, well at least with Michelle around, she didn’t feel so damn lonely. She barely knew miss Hunter but it would not matter. That would come by time and if she was a dark mage, as Lacie suspected after the questions about Alice, she would be okay with not dealing with way too personal information. The same would go for her, although she had to consider things. She definitely didn’t like the idea of a master though. She was carefree and if she would call someone her master: it must be Lucifer. He had her soul after all. She turned around in her bed, time to do a quick amount of jobs today, so she should get out of her bed in time.


#2Lacie Eventide 

Clean up the Crew [Lacie | Quest] Empty on Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:36 pm

Lacie Eventide
But instead of 5 o’clock in the morning up and running it would be around 9 o’clock in the morning when she would be out of this inn. She brushed her long orange hair in a ponytail and took up some tights and a woollen dress, man Oak was sure as hell colder than Hargeon or even Baska. It was perhaps that Baska was protected by the hills? She had no idea and it didn’t matter, she took up her fur coat and headed out on the street to get some breakfast, she wasn’t a picky eater but she surely didn’t eat enough when it came to it. She ordered a little breakfast muffin and a salad on the go, which she put in her purse for later use. She went to sit somewhere to eat the muffin and looked up to see someone looking around. It was as if he was searching for something, their eyes met shortly and she wondered if he was looking for someone for a job, ”Looking for someone to take a job?” she asked when the person got closer and he nodded and walked towards her, ”It isn’t a pretty job,” the young man started, ”I never said I was looking for pretty.” so she stood up and introduced herself softly and followed Remy to the warehouse. As she walked in she noticed that it was very silent for a warehouse where people should be but Remy quickly noticed that on her face and explained the workers were on a strike. That’s when she spotted the ten bodies inside and she pulled up her nose but simply shrugged and she looked at Remy who walked to a corner and took an axe and a bag, ”Oh.” was all she said at first but he pointed out that she would have to bring them outside to the back and he would chop them up so they would be easier disposed. She nodded and started with the first next to her, while working, Remy told her that three were next of his kin and they weren’t going to be chopped up and she simply gave a thumbs up. It felt super heavy and cold and that made it a bit awkward but Lacie didn’t say anything and simply worked on to get the bodies to where Remy had pointed out. It took her longer than she wanted and she felt dirty and sweaty but she didn’t complain because she would take the money. When she was done, Remy paid her and said she could leave as he was staying behind, and she would walk back to the centre of town to get into a bar and wash her hands, for a break she ordered a drink and she would probably get out to eat her salad and find another job soon. It would be nice to be able to leave, she didn’t feel like moving more bodies but well if it paid her, she shouldn’t complain.


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