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From Baska to Orchidia(Foot travel.)

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#1Judina † 

From Baska to Orchidia(Foot travel.) Empty Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:51 am

Judina †
It was time to be on the move yet again, as to be expected and was mentioned for her ahead of time, good thing she rested up before hand and could prepare for her travel. At least she knew the area she would be going to returning to Orchidia was not a horrible idea to be, or a horrible place in her mind either thinking about it now, she would easily return to that town any point it seemed nice and peaceful for her maybe it would do her some good to return and not travel into the unknown again.

But also had a few things to keep into her mind, which she would slowly have to piece out while she traveled onto her way their. Which one of her brother would she encounter next? are they both even okay? even with one of them in a state he is in is dangerous she did not wish death for him, just maybe locked away until he could be maybe be saved but maybe she was just too hopeful about it but her hope would be one of the few things she felt like she had left in her mind for it.

And the other was so close yet so far away it seems either in thought or with just how fate was doing to just nearly being able to speak to them again but she had to relax and just continue her work for now, she had some studying to do as well realizing she never started reading and looking into what could actually be done for the one she wants to help, She had a feeling the youngest brother was safe and okay but she wanted to be sure herself and talk to him again even if for a moment.

Looks at her things and seeing checking over, she was checking how dirty they could be, if they had any holes or not, any wrinkles they could be dealt with or not, but then realized she did not know how to iron clothing like her mother did and had a chance of messing it up or burning her clothing which in that case she would deal with it later and not burn her clothing it was not worth the troubles of risk for Judina to consider doing it in the end and would just continue what all she was doing.

But the subject of Lacie came into her mind now, staring upon the window she spent it on a bit of personal reflection, what all would she do? how could she figure out how to quietly send off a message to Alice? or anyone else, But she also had to plan and keep it into her mind to how to keep her thoughts and mind it's self acting normal after learning what she did, the shock was over yes, but now she had to plan what all to do what actions she would need to take and what not to do.

Figuring she needed to just let herself think about it later, she had something else to do worry about and keep in her main thoughts, to not get carried away, If it was brought up to her then she would have to think about it then she would but until then. Packing all of her stuff neatly into her bags and a few other things to travel on foot that she feels like she would need during her travel or things that she would just like which did not seem like much and really was not much in the end.

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