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Baska to Orchidia [Foot walk]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
It had taken her quite a while to pack everything and now that they hired a carriage, everything would be considered a lot easier. Especially after her last walk towards Baska, not everything had gone well. But the walls were starting to close in and Alice had wanted to enjoy the fresh air and be able to walk. So she was glad Lycoris had come with a solution. She looked at Jupiter and Hecate whom seemed to have rekindled their relation ship as well as they were hopping around through the cold breeze of the winter. But it didn't matter to Alice, she was glad too known that she could leave.

One foot in front of the other she started rather positive, the carriage was filled with her items and she walked on towards her home. That's how she wanted to see it anyway and it simply was, there was a lot of things to take care off and that would start immediately, but first they had to arrive, she had no doubt that would happen, it would only take a few more days. She started out rather positive but after being outside of Baska, she was already getting tired and it disappointed herself, so she asked Lycoris if she could already sit. At that moment, she missed Hecate speeding off to some herbs that she found.


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"Steady~ Steady~" The mercenary lass mused softly as she held the reigns of the carriage she had rented for Alice. Leading the horses out of the town the lass stopped the carriage beside Alice and mused softly. "If you start feeling tired, lemme know and I'll stop the horses so you can get on."

A calm smile lingered on her lips while Lycoris hummed a melody of some sort. "I guess we'll be able to get to our destination in a few days even if we take it easy." A light pat on her sheathed sword was accompanied with a sheepish grin. "Besides, I doubt we'll be dealing with anything we can't handle. However, I wonder how things will be in Orchidia." Musing out loud the girl turned her gaze at Alice and explained further. "I haven't been in Orchidia for years, the only time I was there was as a child when the mercenary crew passed through there on their way to a new assignment." A little nod of confirmation followed as she pondered about yet another matter. "How are you feeling Alice? If I recall right you're already quite a bit into your pregnancy, right?" At least if she remembered things right...

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice narrowed her eyes at Hecate, no idea what her companion was doing as she turned to Lycoris, "At the beginning of winter I was in Orchidia, shortly before we left for Worth Woodsea." We as in she and Kon, she wondered how long she should walk and if she should do anything about taking it slow, but it felt good to walk even if she felt nauseous, her legs hurt but that all didn't matter compared to the fresh air that she could feel on her skin now. That's when she heard a poof and stared at the left, where Hecate stood as a human, "Finally." She only lifted her eyebrow and looked at Lycoris, "Oh yeah. I need to sit." She climbed up if Lycoris would stop, "I need six more weeks." She would sit down and stare at Hecate who came over to the carriage.

Jupiter changed into a human and looked at Hecate. Oh boy she wasn't ready for their fight, "Okay not now, we have to move. You can walk on and talk at the same time." She ushered her two companions to go on and bicker. She could be mad at Hecate but she understood very well and she was more baffled with how her companion looked and yet, very aware of the happening thanks to Jupiter's stunt weeks ago.


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Lycoris was quick to slow down the carriage, finally reaching a full stop as she helped Alice get onto the carriage. "Seems the baby will be there soon then~" she mused softly, wondering how Kon and Alice would deal with the whole idea of parenthood, in the end being a parent came with a lot of responsibilities, didn't it? She could imagine the couple being both excited and nervous at the idea.

Yet watching Jupiter and Hecate changing into their human forms clearly made Lycoris blink in bewilderment. "Now that's a neat little trick you taught them~" The girl mused softly, clearly amused at the whole idea yet as the carriage resumed their travels she couldn't help but wonder. The secrets she had discovered in Baska suggested her brother had prepared certain 'gifts' for her, secrets he couldn't tell her about while he was still alive. But why wait so long? And even more curious: what in the world could those gifts be?

Having gone silent a thoughtful frown crossed the girl's visage while she looked from the road to Alice. "Don't worry about Kon~ I'm sure by now he is about to get ready to go hhome and celebrate. Wonder if we should get him some drinks and beverages~ Any advice there Miss --- actually Kon never told me his family name if I recall right..." a playful pout followed before she laughed heartily at the thought.

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Baska to Orchidia [Foot walk] BJeupcF
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Adelaide Sokolov
"Yes, I definitely need to keep that in mind." and get used to it already. She thought because she already felt a bit panicky, what if the baby would come too soon and he was still in Crocus and what about the wedding and ookay.. nothing she could change at the moment so it was better to not immediately freak out.

Her golden eyes lingered on her two companions who seemed to be bickering from the start, but by spotting the expressions on both their faces, she was able to see that both didn't mind the change from Hecate too much, now they could stay together again no matter what form. She turned to look back at Lycoris, "Oh I didn't it is some sort of herb that the two of them ate, giving the ability to change to human and talk." It was going to be a busy thing but she would talk with Hecate later, she was very interesting in her track of thoughts about a few things. Especially since Jupiter would simply give them to her without her asking.

She simply looked around, waiting for her to be calmed down to be able to walk a bit more because she didn't plan to simply sit here and not walk when she had the opportunity, but there were enough days, besides she still could feel the wind pulling softly on her hair and the like, it was really nice to be outside. She had always liked travelling, who knows what the future would bring. She let her thoughts go but quickly looked up after a silence between them at Lycoris, who mentioned Kon. "I bet there are drinks in the house and at the moment since we aren't married, it's Baskerville but soon to be Sokolov." She said yet a bit proud.

It would take three more days before they would arrive but with that she was able to deal with staying mostly indoors. There was a plaza with the house so she could make little walks outside when she was capable of it instead of being locked up all the time.

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